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  1. There is a pirate port near so he could have had a mission that he was passing and entered to escape you guys.
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    Last few days, every time I log in there is a log in waiting que. It is not very long, but this is new! Yesterday I got kick out of the game while in a battle. I noticed lags 20 secounds before I got kicked. Steam friends, Discord and Teamspeak worked fine. I ended up in log in que number 259! Another player in the same battle got que position 459. So this happend to a lot of players! Took me almost 2 minutes before I got back into the battle/game. I did not F11, because I was busy in battle just worried about surviving xD
  3. I need to surrender or I will stop using them. When I use Loki and join in a ship that is demasted, severely decrewed or close to sinking, then I surrender to speed things up. Usually if I'm able I sail towards the enemy player and surrender. I just want to leave as soon as possible, but I want the player to have easy access to sink/loot the ship. The main issue imo for loki rune is players joining and just sailing away. This is a real issue, so in all OW PvE battle I now rake/chain the AI just in case xD Why anyone would do this I do not understand, except for in hostility missions. An
  4. I can not separate your suggestion from the skill book slots..
  5. Hey! So what about including a drop chance for season wood in the sealed bottles/ship wreaks?
  6. I read it, but who knows if I understood it or not. Admin/INK are gods in NA, but they are not perfect. I do not believe Lars Kjaer would post if it was just BS. Maybe was an issue that got fixed in last patch. Who knows, but what is the harm with verifying?
  7. I'll try to test that with a single Indiman with 60 crew. If Privateer fleet consider my BR lower than a normal 5. rate BR, so equal to 6. and 7. rates. Maybe I don't get tagged.. xD
  8. Huh, I did! Redoutable has more DPS, more HP, more thickness and more crew. As a hunter the Bellona is better because speed and wind profile, so it has an advantage if it has to chase or escape, angle and sterncamp. So in a 1vs1 it is arguable better or at least it is a balanced fight, but in a 10 vs 10 this will not be the case with equal skills. Then consider you can redeam the Redoutable in season wood, that buffs a lot of stats and reduces the speed advantage of the Bellona considerably. That is not the Redoutables fault, but the fact that most Bellonas are normal wood while most Redoutabl
  9. Someone mentioned Diana, and that they will consider it! Wo-ho! Edit: Implacable is also not bad.. Who does not like bugs!?
  10. Wait a minute here (don't you crazy gods destroy the ECO now!)! You created the perfect marked for this ship by implementing seasoned wood the way you did (massive time investment to craft/get those), in combination with permit, large amount of woods needed for frame/planking and doubloon requirement for all line ships. All of those require massive grinding and it hurts to lose those ships, even if it is just pixels because time invested. I bought the Redoubtable for 4 main reasons I can redeem it in seasoned wood! I consider the Redoutable the best 3. rate (right now/yesterda
  11. Suggestion: RvR needs a reward boost imo and I believe that redeemable woods chest would be very good reward for RvR players. So after defending/attacking successfully players get a wood chest as a redeemable. The wood chest are not that hard to come by anyway if your willing to grind PvE, so it is not to good/much. Current reward and why it's not enough: The victory marks (VM) we get today is not that useful for players in a immediate and individual way. In the beginning VM where extremely valuable for clan/nation to upgrade/invest in ports. Now on the other hand most nations are do
  12. Fort/Tower buff - made mortar brigs useless And the 3 circle system in PBs
  13. If you remove the in game economy then traders stop trading, the trader hunters stop sailing because they can not find traders, the PvP'ers get less action in OW and stop going out into OW. So this forces me to: 1+
  14. What do I need to do to get a Diana permit (preferred) or Diana ship note? Is it possible to acquire it by in game means at all? I'm almost losing sleep over this massive mystery! 😓 As far as I'm aware we can not craft it, the BP does not drop as loot, the ship note does not drop as loot and it is not available as a DLC ship in store either..! I see players post pictures of having Diana('s!!!!) as redeemable, but I have not seen one of these ships in OW since before the last wipe. If it is intended to be the most super rare ship in the game and only available when the devs "personall
  15. What!? You on a test server or do you have them on the War server?
  16. When a Loki Rune join hostility missions it can be extremely counter productive when they decide to just sail away. IMO that is grefing! I experienced this in a hostility mission the other day, right befor we encountered you leaving after doing a hostility mission your self. That is PvE btw so your OP is not correct
  17. It is not difficult to fight/sink them, it is very very easy. The problem is to sink them before they enter the circle. They do not turn and fight us, they just aim and sail straight for the circle. My ship I did 12,7 kn in battle (not optimal wind direction for my Renommee and it is not speed built). AI was sailing away from me, fast! So I will claim that they did 13 + knot in battle for sure. For a LGV that is loaded to do 13+ kn in battle, is it not speed built/buffed? I'm using a speed built ship next time, but please consider making them them slower and/or reduce the points they
  18. Don had a 14,5+ kn Renommee and was not gaining, I was in a te/wo Renommme and even with the wind we had no chance to intercept all before they entered the circle. Next time I bring fir/fir.
  19. You want us to follow you over to the Swedish nation? 😘
  20. On the PvP server, NPC PB should be disabled imo. The NPC PB feature is broken, they are not fighting they just sail to enter circles with OP speed. It is not fun, it is not really that rewarding, just a waist of time that result in us losing a port with a lot of investments = massive cost to rebuild.
  21. I like that the reward is connected to the activity in a port, this is good and it forced us to do port raids on ports where there are players. But the low reward targets should just not show up at all imo. When players see those they think Port Raids are a unrewarding joke! The fact that you have to sail around and check multiple ports in hope of finding a good port raid missions is super annoying. Why can't all possible port raids be listed in all regional capitals and there be some filter in place so the unrewarding port raids just does not show up. That would make this an easier featu
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