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  1. The server has a ping, but my log in que number is just increasing..
  2. I got kicked from the game and I'm unable to log back in. Same for 11 other players spread out around Europe and Russia. We where in the middle of a PB vs AI and it was as good as won.. 😕 We are back ingame now but we are all in OW now. We got kicked out of the PB while we waited.. @Ink @admin
  3. As the port became more valuable and upgradable the clans that own them got even more locked to their valuable belongings. After a wipe/reset if these clans did not quit I can guarantee your it would be the same clans/members who rise to power once again, just under a different clan tag and maybe in a different nation. And then again someone would ask for a wipe.. If the goal is to avoid a stall in RvR what you need is to the divide the victorious nation. There has been some suggestions towards this in the past. If if you go with the carrot and a stick approach then all is good. So if the
  4. What your asking really for is nerfing the AI's boarding advantages. You should specify that in thread title or your thread will crushed
  5. This should be added in game as a readable encyclopedia we can access while sailing around! Would be brilliant for new players.
  6. @Vedmed any chance this can be fixed/updated again? I really really miss this program 😢
  7. Good suggestion, I had seriously forgot about those "Moving forests"..
  8. I have bug reported chases like this 2-3 times with the AI fleet selected. Skull symbol only visible to some, but not all players. And when we re click it then the symbol might disappear or appear. Very annoying bug. I tried to attack one just to test, and I was convinced it was a real Elite NPC because it was a hard fight I was in 3. rate and elite NPC was two 2. rates), but there was no elite NPC loot. And in hindsight if it was a real elite NPC I would probably have lost that fight.. xD
  9. My point of view: There was a big war that forced a lot of players to work their ass of playing a game! At last one side one side threw in the towel, leaving all their puppets to fend for them self with out backup. This was followed by a lot of crocodile tears in chat and on forum from the losing side and captains abandoning ships/nation in full on panik mode. The war was long and a lot of work! So many players are on a needed break from NA. In addition admin announce a rather large update/change to RvR. Normal result when ever there is a larger updates announced this a huge dip in the
  10. So if I have a Blue Very Fast ship, I can grind it to gold by doing PvP vs equal ships or more difficult opponents, I LOVE IT! But it can't be to easy! But if it possible to check stats even for the best PvP players I doubt their ships survive more than 15 battles.. Only issue I see here is f***** alt farming..
  11. Surrender must be an option, I have entered 3 battle stuck on a beach. Once they players where so far away your suggestion would have locked me in battle for 45 - 60 minutes for sure. Leaving battle should not be an option for a Loki rune. That this is an option I consider a bug!!! If loki player get more than 750 min away from player then loki player should be kicked out of battle leaving AI in command again.
  12. Trade/fleet comfort proposal (Short cut for fleet hold + empty all hold at once button in docks) Difficult to manage feet ship holds effectively in port and OW for transporting/trading when entering port to unload and load Holds are split into 4 separate windows. To open each you have to go to your ships in port and separatly click on each of your ships holds to open the hold window for that ship. Alt + click works well for main ship hold, but not for fleet ship holds. Need 4K resolution screen get good overview over warehouse inventory and ship holds for easy drag and drop with o
  13. Bartas and me where out looking for NPC fleets to farm when we stumble upon a lonely swedish who was doing the same, but with greater success right in front of us. Nothing else around so we decide to join his battle. When we enter the swedish player immediately start to run towards his port/fort and this is understandable, but the two AI ships he originally tagged are very close to him and not slow either. So they help keep him tagged while we chase him towards the fort. We are talking about this gank on TS when a clan mate decide try to use a loki rune, just to see if RNG is on our side
  14. Dynamic mechanic that enforce alliances between nations in the same "Core alliance" when it is needed. Basically merging single nations into larger alliance nations when needed. The main idea here is the logic and not the specific number values/thresholds. Base idea: Divide all the nations we have (12?) into 3 or more "core alliances", based some what on historical alliances if possible. Core alliances should only take effect / be enabled when one or more of the nations in a core alliance needs it. 1 nation in each core alliance is locked in as "big brother" and can not
  15. Ship Crafting proposal Make absolutely all ships craftable Want to make them rare = require permit that drop as RNG in loot or permit available in admiralty shop Want to make them extremely rare adjust drop chance or make the permit extremely expensive in the admiralty shop
  16. I find it very disappointing that we have ships in game that can not be crafted. The way the Implacable was added to the game is a good way imo. Why are not all ships craftable? If you want to make a ship rare then just include a permit in the recipe and adjust the RNG drop chance accordingly.
  17. Trade ships should just not count toward this mechanic imo. Should only we for warships imo. Way to many "psychos" sinking unarmed traders just to get those combat medals.
  18. I think this is a much needed change to RvR. Will it please everyone? Nope, but if this is combined with a more PvP focused hostility generation I'm very much looking forward to this! And this will replace the loss of PvP action for screeners imo. Currently most players are in the Zerg nations and therefor most of us will argument to keep "status quo" to protect their zerg nation screening advantage, but screening was always mostly grifing. At a point we had a a solution for the screening, with the exponential BR requirement needed to drag a big group of players into battle. But it was ne
  19. Normal AI should be easy imo! Skull AI give decent fight! If you decide up front not to use repair, then it is hard when in equal ships. If a loki rune joines, then it is easier! xD But normal AI should be easy. If you want more of a challenge Skull/elite NPC, Home Defence fleets and Epic events are there for increased challenge.
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