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  1. I agree, and please consider to make the wheel turn with the rudder as well. That would be awsome!
  2. All players benefit from the capture of ports and the allianse we now have. I don't know if they are being bought off to sabotage our alliance with Sverige or if they are just a bunch of selfish players, but the fact is that these guys are not cooperating with the rest of the nation. I think some sort of punishment is in order and it would actually be realistic!
  3. I'm looking forward to see the name of the greedy bastards with insane contract prices. Hope it's not players i know..
  4. I would like to get more materials out of braking up ships and increased chance at getting a blueprint for the ship you brake up. If you take something a part 10-15 times, you are be able to put it back together..
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