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  1. Hi I am not currently playing so the latest changes might affect things, especially the soon-removal of doubloons from ships. Shipbuilding used to be profitable, but the 3rd rate market was destroyed by the arrival of the redoubtable DLC (Don't get me wrong, love the redoubtable). I imagine the arrival of the Victory DLC is having the same effect on the 1st rate market. The most widely purchased ship in the game used to be the trinc, that is about to get blown away by the new free DLC coming. So I would say, on balance, if you have not already invested in a shipyard, you are better off joining a clan with established crafters, and buying or trading for your ships, which will soon be available for just reals, no doubloons required (many will still require permits, which can be farmed for or bought for reals). Unless you have a particular desire to be a ship-builder for reasons other than profit. Cheers
  2. Excuse my ignorance, but if you did not sink or capture any ships, how can you tell what woods/grade the ship is?
  3. Thanks for the free Trinc, but I admit my expectations were a bit higher for a $50 equivalent gift. Speaking only for myself, I would not pay $50 to get a DLC Trinc, which is one of the easiest crafting ships to get in-game. That said, I realize you did not have to give us anything at all, so thank you.
  4. You have pointed out e issue with democracy. Only people who give a damn are taken into account. If you want support, perhaps get your 'inactive' group to support you?
  5. I had the pleasure of having 3 carro snows on the ass of my redoubtable for an hour or so until they ran off hurling insults. They had turned up in the capital zone seeking easy targets while avoiding the Imperial fleet (of course). I found it impossible to counter them, they were simply to nimble to bring into the arc of shot. They chain dis-mastered me at least twice maybe three times (i'm talking canoe). The only reason I did not sink is because of the inherent godliness of the Redoubtable. I've thought about it since and i think if I am ever in that situation again a possible tactic is to sail backwards. Not sure it would turn out any better but somehow I feel like it might make their camping a bit harder, and a SOL travelling backwards is a lot more maneuverable. That's my plan anyhow.
  6. TYVM, just the ticket, thank you
  7. This comment surprised me so i logged into peace sever and check out population. Consensus is it peaks at between 350 and 500 but sites around 200. So since the War server is running at 1000-1200 peaks I'm not sure what the above comment can be based on
  8. @admin it would be cool to know what the figures all represent
  9. My main objection to this would be that it would permit players to level 'in safety' and then move to the PVP server at high rank without really having earned it. You could argue than most people level on the PVP server using PVE anyway, and they do, but at least they are in danger while they do it. I don't think people should be able to move nations either so easily. IMO, if you move nations fine, keep your goods, but you should lose your rank. Your rank is a commission you hold from your sovereign, not a personal possession. If people want to turn their coat, they should start out again, or at least take a substantial rank penalty, which would reflect reality.
  10. I would also pose the question as to why at 5:13 Minitao appeared to shield Flegendebaren and neither fired on the other. ...and then they escape together at 8:18 after sailing in parallel. Looks like collusion.
  11. The AI are actually very very predictable, which is why they are buffed, because otherwise it would be a face roll to beat them. Yes there are some basic skill elements (manual sails, refuse your stern, watch their timing and angle to defeat their broadside being a few) but it is not 'elite' skill, it is the basics which take a small while to learn when new, but don't require preternatural reflexes or a mind like a steel trap. I thoroughly recommend new players join an established clan and PARTICIPATE and LEARN, also the internet is a great resource. Check out some of Michael Sharp's videos on youtube.
  12. Because without a friends list I could create an alt in your nation and make wonderful ships, that's why we have a friends list.
  13. You are raising this in multiple topics in the forums. I don't know what your particular situation is, but speaking generally, we have become accustomed on the internet (and when living in big cities) to treating people around us with disdain, because it doesn't matter. Burn one person, move on. But as any small towner will attest, in small communities we need to learn to get along. We do not have an absolute right to the respect and goodwill of people around us, we have to show it to get it. That's how to get on a friends list.
  14. I'd be more inclined to lend an ear to danish complaints if every Danish player you run into wasn't either a whiner or a ganker, so no, no sympathy from me.
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