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  1. @admin it would be cool to know what the figures all represent
  2. I would also pose the question as to why at 5:13 Minitao appeared to shield Flegendebaren and neither fired on the other. ...and then they escape together at 8:18 after sailing in parallel. Looks like collusion.
  3. If someone is going out PVPing, they already have the perks setup. They will be no harder to beat because they will already have that set-up Really all this suggestion saves is the tedium of resetting perks when you are in trading mode or fighting mode. (plus the 500 dubs it costs to do the reset)
  4. Suggestion: More perk points. Perk XP above current levels should be huge and slow to get, but should still accumulate and allow very (very) experienced players to have additional perk points Rationale provides an additional layer of game play for extremely experienced players IRL if I was very very experienced why wouldn't I have good relationships with port authorities as well as being equipped militarily
  5. ...because in the real world there was no such thing as senior officers or captains on trade vessels? Or even able seamen, it was all run by landsmen?
  6. Absolutely in support of this - especially number 9.
  7. Yes that can happen. The cases I am referring to is where a single player buys up several of my ships and they are from an unknown clan or no clan, then the ships show up for sale elsewhere. I had a practice formerly of putting trincs up at 100k or less, to encourage active play, but that is what was happening to them. Also Wasa's at 1m or less (when they were worth making) same thing. So I've been putting trincs up at high prices now, and just today at least one clan-mate bought a ship I had off the AH, at full price, which is not what i wanted to happen, but sometimes people don't ask
  8. People tend to have a preferred selection of items they make, just because of sourcing materials and the cost of blueprints etc. The rationale behind getting a higher level item is precisely because you have developed expertise in making that item. It does not make sense, for example, to reward someone with a elite pirate rig on their first attempt, but if they have made many of that item, it makes sense that every now and again, as a craftsman, they would turn out a really good one. It's not grinding IMo, because it is not a goal that anyone is working towards, for example i don't churn
  9. I am just suggesting a small RNG, not enough to upset the market for the books etc needed to manually craft an elite item.
  10. If you attack someone in front of your own fort, your fort will not assist you. They will only assist if the other party attacks you. That said, when attacking AI fleets etc it can still be useful to do so in front of forts because the AI can get distracted by the fort.
  11. Yes I agree Yoha, I was speaking somewhat tongue-in-cheek. What I was referring to is the situation (which I have been in) where I have posted ships at low prices to the AH in order to encourage people to not have to worry about losing a ship, and get out there and be active, only to have an other-nation alt buy up all of them and then have them appear in LT for sale, or in the case of a purple wasa, back when such things were worth selling, having it touted on global chat and sold for 2-3 times what I posted it at. It has caused me to stop putting bargain ships on the AH now. other
  12. I have thought of another reason why for this. At the moment a plague of alts is free to roam and feast on the bounty of our various stores and auction houses. No problem if people like to do that, but restricting to friendly clans would be a way to cut them out of at least some parts of the economy and leave it for the actual nation players.
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