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  1. Please consider wiping all player nicks and clan tags. IMO it's not really a fresh start when all that old shit still stays as is imo.
  2. At release will the server max online number still be 2000, like it was 2-3 years ago? So if we get close to a decent online number then we get stuck in log on queue? And then to remedy this a portion of the player population gets relocate to another server?
  3. It is back now, but 1 hour and 15 minutes is a very long time.. πŸ˜₯
  4. I support Teutonic and Wraith, but I do not see the need tu increase the profit from trading, I would rather nerf the profitt from cargo/passenger missions. Either make cargo/passenger delivery rewards in doubloons only OR nerf the reals reward.
  5. I always open chest in the hold of a ship, so the content drop into the hold of that ship and I see what I get out of that specific chest.
  6. Multiflips are in my experience used to increase the odds for attacking pb fleet to get into pbs, by avoiding defending screening fleet. When multiflips are used against a nation that can not fill all pbs, then I agree that is a way to avoid combat. But defenders still have to decide where they defend, if they not defend a single pb, then they have an issue.. Still GB has the most players of any nation. Not long ago GB where multi flipping Spain and then Pussia. So get that finger out of my face, so grab your balls and fight! We all have ships to lose before the wipe!
  7. No, no. When you are few players, GB has a tendency to kite! When your many, much easier to get a real fight out of you guys! xD
  8. I have never checked if the repair countdown pause or if it keeps counting down while in brace. If brace do not stop the count down for next repair, but will slow down/pause the ongoing repair this should be changed immediately. Or the brace feature should just be removed. Because this can and will be exploited by those that are aware. Scenario: I'm sailing towards a brawl, all my cannons are fully loaded and I'm sailing straight towards them but the sail over will take 5-6 minutes, I start my hull repair and then brace. Knowing I will take damage to hull when I get there. That way I have
  9. I have 3 free tows per day already(to most free ports). So I found a solution around this issue to make this game playable for me.
  10. I do not think more tows is not a bad thing, but they should not be free! 1 free tow with option to buy 1 more would be nice. In most cases where I'm missing a tow to join something, it is because it is time sensitiv. So there is no real alternative for me to sail there in sted. When I use a tow normally it is for safe transport of special ship to use in a planned event. When I feel I'm missing a tow it is normally when something is happening within the next 15 minutes. For those cases it is not an option to sail a ship over in time. Having cargo shipped between outpost with out ever
  11. I would like it to include a lot of the web UI tools I use ingame. Like the ship compare for hard stats, the wind rose speed compare, basically all the stuff available at https://na-map.netlify.com/ intergrated into the game. Also like different nations ranks etc like from the NA wikipedia an maybe even the history/backround for some of the ships ingame.
  12. I disagree. 2 GB regional capitals bordering to Russia front lines just happens to have 02.00 - 05.00 defence timers. This basically prevent Russia to move forwards on these front lines. So we are locked in place. Region county = Portobelo and Port-au-Prince. Imo they are obviously used to AVOID COMBAT and that is a real exploit.
  13. Nation cooperation and organization is a skill imo. Russia has more "power" players than GB, but then again GB has the most ports and the most players, so not sure why* you guys are crying. I'm sure GB is able to pump out port bonus ships on a large scale very soon, if not already. And soon we will be fighting you guys in mostly in blue bonus ships, while you guys will be using purple and golden bonus ships. If you win you will gloat, and if you lose then you will call us cheaters/exploiters. Same shit as always, but we get content! But I did not expect Hullabaloo to be one of the guys s
  14. Taxation on crafting in a port would make a huge difference, and should have been introduced long time age. Extracting resources can be very costly, and I'm not sure what the cost involved in setting up a multi-resource crafting port, but I have a feeling it is not going to be cheap! So if it is going to be open for nation players, then it makes sense to tax the usage to help cover the cost of owning it. It should have been like this from the beginning, this would have increased the tax income on many unprofitable ports and helped many struggling clans pay for the defence timers etc. The
  15. IMO the current system has to change for something easier - period. I have absolutely no understanding why crafting ships in good woods has to be so difficult. Where is the logic!? We all need easy access to ships so we bring them out into OW and lose them. Some of us might not have realized how much grinding and RNG is involved in crafting yet, because we have abundance of ships still. If devs had wiped all our ships when they released the changes to crafting the forum would be on fire! When I got into this game in 2016 I was danish, crafting was easy and fun! Resources was just a sail a
  16. Running *should not be a valid tactic for defending your port.
  17. Defenders always has the upper hand and you just made it even harder for attackers. Wind and wind shifts has a lot of power in PBs, but defenders always has towers and forts. How usfull they are depends where attackers joins and if they are covering a circle or not. The forts and even towers (for smaller ships) can be extremely useful for defenders even if they are not covering a circle, for a place to retreat and repair. And even if a 1. rate can tank the damage from a fort for a while, a 5. rate can not. Please keep that in mind for shallow pbs. All PBs come down to controlling circles
  18. The RNG crafting is fine as it is imo. Much more fun to craft a ship now and it forces players out of the capital to craft. Also the RNG is only a bonus, there is no risk of crafting lower quality ship that fine/blue. And as mentioned the rich crafters where flooding the ship markets with fine ships, while trying to craft a golden ship. This is extremely good for the game! We have had what your suggesting in the past, and there is a reason it was dropped. The clans that has the most resources at their disposal will only craft purple and gold ships, while the casual and new players will sa
  19. Can you charge like 1000 max, I buy repairs for 4000 some times because I'm desperate.. 😭 But the main reason I pay that much is because of the wipe better to spend it than it getting wiped anyway
  20. Have ship notes for DLC ships drop like crazy often from chests! DLC ships for everyone
  21. OW duel feature would be nice, but need a 2 min counter like log out so it is not exploited to escape chasing enemies. No risk = no reward. No loss = no win. Practice was very good to practice and test ships, upgrades and battle tactics. That I miss, but the point of NA in OW conquer, so it it stops players from leaving docks, then it is not good for the game imo.
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