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  1. Strange, some times 2 out of 3 get dragged. Sometime only 1 out of 3. When you hover "join alone", the group members that are close enough to join the mission shows up bellow, like it is supposed to do when you hover "Join as group". But if you click join alone, you join alone xD Anyone been able to get 3 out of 3 players into the mission?
  2. I do not care about the rank XP grind, is nothing compared to the knowledge slot grind. Please do not reset the knowledge slots! 😥
  3. According to Geforce Experience I'm using driver version 417.71 on a RTX 2080, and I have no issues. I noticed the reported issues in another thread and I decided to avoid updating the drivers.
  4. Prussia, Russia or Sverige., all mainly active during EU prime time. If you are a us time zone player you should consider US nation or pirates I think, but US time zone players would be better to give recommendations regarding this.
  5. I'm so against this and at the same time I know it is the right way forward.. 😂
  6. You can buy everything from other players. But seriously we had gray, green, blue, purple and yellow upgrades before, that level was replaced by a larger selection of upgrades with different specs. If you have fewer upgrades in different versions or if you just have a lot more of them with different specs , it is the same.
  7. We had this, it got removed. I do not miss it.
  8. When I drink bear and play NA I do a lot of friendly fire with color blind mode on, so I'm not allowed to use it anymore 😭
  9. France, Spain and GB have 2 safe zone areas far from their Capital -Vera Cruz, New Orleans and Belize.
  10. I totally agree to OP, and not just because of this: I would really like it if the St. Pavel got bigger cannons and a flat 1kn speed boost.
  11. I recommend a healthy mix so you do not get bored with the game (I have played this game for 2+ years now). Throw in some trade runs for real income also, then you have the alternative to buy stuff you want also
  12. I like the OP suggestion, but I would not mind having 30 days where we all started from scratch That would give the new players the possibility to catch up and those of us that don't want to do the cutter grind could just take a break. The real fight in NA after a wipe is the nations capabilities to organize it self. Secure ports for ship production, setup supply chains, level up the crafters to make line ships first and all this just to be competitive in RvR. Right after wipe I belive it is so competitive between nations/clans that getting ahead by any means possible mentality set in
  13. There are enough ways imo. Join a RvR clan and participate in RvR, do epic events (line ship permits drop often from golden chests), buy the ships from crafters or buy the victory marks from other players. I'm so annoyed because ever single player is in his/her own clan and they want access to it all on their own. If that is possible, then it will be to easy to exploit and then it is worthless. I personally struggle with getting enough doubloons so I will trade victory marks for doubloons, but only to players that assists in my nations RvR efforts. And it will not be cheap either..
  14. The golden chest should drop more of the good stuff, no doubt. British gunners alone is not bad drop for sinking a random ship in OW, but this should not drop from a golden chest. Stuff like this is not worth risking 6x 1. rates. Only elite/master/rare permanent upgrades should drop from gold chests imo along with rare books. I like getting the ship notes, but getting permits for line ships is not valuable enough. Imo gold chest should not drop permits, only drop ship notes for all ship classes. Getting a Victory note insted of a permit would be a massive improvement! And there should
  15. @Pit Pinsel , do you accept these terms? I could personally not afford 50K doubloons once, but I hope you guys can settle on an more affordable sum if it is needed.. @Captain Reverse If Pit Pinsel is a man of his words, and you guys can agree on the terms, can you post when it is planned and link to stream here?
  16. I have played this game for 2+ years, first time I ever experienced that in a battle instance. In OW I have seen it happen, but I never tried to do it in a battle.
  17. We would still need to craft the line ships and those are much more resource hungry than the lower rates. So this could be interesting to test. Easier access to decent ships for all might not be so bad for this game. But it would be useful to see what build an AI ship is in the battle, before you decide to bring it with you out of the battle. Just like we can with player ships..
  18. Addition to sealed bottle: Rare chance at single player epic event - "Rumors of enemy activity" (working title) This rumor could drop in cargo while sailing and fishing just like sealed bottles, but I would prefere that that it was "dropped" when entering a port. So each time you enter a port there is a tiny chance you can pick up a "rumor". A a message box could appear when entering the port giving basic description of the report and letting the player chose to accept it or not. The report could describe a rumored enemy captain (AI generated name), from X nation and his ship great succ
  19. Remove the cost for crew, repairs and rum and I'm willing to spit in my hand!
  20. Regarding not making gold, I get that. I use 2 alt account for trading/printing reals and it is a boring pain spiced by my traders getting slaughtered from time to time.. What happend to letting PvE be an alternative way for reals income? So players like trading, other hate it.. I like to mix up so I do not get bored. Repair issue: In all capitals there could just be an unlimited amount of repairs/rum for sails at 5x the cost of making it. That would immediately sort the repair issue out in capitals at least xD
  21. Nitpicking: I would like to replace "rank X" with "X. rate", add the word "ship" and remove the word "Max". So "Max allowed class: Rank 3 (or lower) => Allowed ship class: 2. rate (or lower) So integrated with OP suggestion it would look like: Allowed ship class: 2. rate - 7. rate. I really do not like to see "(s)" in "Target(s): 1x rank 3". So if it where up to me it would just be "Target: 25x 1. rates". So I would en up with this considering my OCD/misspelling and the OP suggestion: Target: 3x 3. rates.
  22. I'm not fan of the Le Requin boarding tactics, but I'm still sorry you had to endure those comments. That is just not okay
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