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  1. So the way that you play the game is the right one - that's a bit arrogant, don't you think? Still, this post initially was about the Peace server, as neither port battles or PvP ganking exist there.
  2. And you play Naval Action because then? Everything is RNG!
  3. Ohh we could go on all night with why we play on different servers. I hate that the devs encourage to ganking, which is why I don't play on the PvP server. (and the toxic chat, in where you fit right in). I don't care about PvP'ers view on the PvE server. The best option is to merge the servers and make PvP something you turn on/off, and severely moderate the chat.
  4. It almost sounds like you want me to return to the PvP server? I'm on the PvE server where only the NPC and its loot is in focus. I'll never return to the ganking and the rule of the nation with most players.
  5. Are you a developer? I can ask for 100 versions of the same thing, hence this thread! That is the problem with this game - too many gods who know just what is right. Make a better suggestion or be more constructive.
  6. The regular one is the lowest one - so why not have a hope in getting a better version - this may also boost the purpose of reals! The game is RNG is every aspect anyways!
  7. First of - who has time for a testbed? The game is a testbed itself. I don't want to play missions - because the AI in missions is buffed to do unrealistic stuff, and is doing twice your damage. I want open world battles until there are missions shared for the whole battlegroup.
  8. Yeah but looting the same version over and over again is just boring. So you think there should only be one type ship variation too - no purple or golden ones?
  9. I'm DK-NO and I sail the Swedish and French isles and I also have a base in La Mona.
  10. I guess you need to be unemployed to have that kind of time. I am sailing in enemy waters - and still I only find one or two ships to attack in a two-hour play session - which is all I have time for, with job - family and other interests. So if the game has found the balance of NPC spawn - then this game is not for me. That might also explain why there are only 2-300 players in the game.
  11. Its so easy shooting suggestions down. So be constructive or gtfo!
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