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  1. Think about this, what poor sod wants to be in one of the 10 Sherman tanks that get taken out by that Tiger? Yes, you can take down larger enemys with smaller ships, but the people in the smaller ships that get taken out are out of a ship now. With the new damage patch, ships of equal power take a lot more damage because the AI has laser scopes on their cannons.
  2. I think the looting of sunk ships needs to be addressed by either having them stay afloat longer or allowing a larger radius to loot them. Ships carried longboats so that would be the reason why a larger loot radius would be technically accurate. Thanks
  3. Yes, this is a problem. It takes a long time in OW to find a target if you are solo.
  4. OK here is a typical day. Brit 5th rate sailed from Baraco to just past Carahatas then to Cayo del Sal and back to Baracoa. 2/3/19, 8:44 Am - 11:39AM Saw the following ships and engaged 2. 3rd rate +6 Brit Niagara +1 Cerberus Engaged and took as prize Niagra+1 passed to attack Cerberus Trader Brig took as prize GB pickle +12 Bellona +2 So over 2.5 hrs sailing and only 2 ships I was able to attack, a trader brig and Cerberus. 3 if you count the Niagra +1 which was seen at the same time as the Cerberus which I passed in order to attack Cerberus. Also during my time, at least 4 times people complained in Global about not being able to find NPC ships to attack.
  5. Sailed about 4 hrs around Cuba as a Brit in a 5th rate. Saw 1 ship that I could attack and have a chance at winning. Saw a few fleets but that was it.
  6. More and better missions are all well and good, thank you for that. However, you shouldn't have to take a mission in order to find an NPC ship to fight. Sometimes you just want to cruise around and find ships that may not be available to fight with missions. Having to only rely on missions limits the scope of the targets you can fight. It doesn't seem to me that it would take much time at all to increase the solo NPC spawn rate unless there is some CPU/RAM requirements that would cause issues. The other issue is the size of NPC fleets. With the server population on the PVE server so low its hard to find someone to group with, especially since you can only group with your own nation. As it stands now you cant just jump into the game for an hour unless you take a mission, if a mission is available and expect to find a ship to fight. You might, but you might not be able to find a target and that limits players who maybe dont have 4 hrs to play.
  7. Please increase the NPC spawn rate on the PVE server. Its it beyond ridiculous to have to sail for hours at time to find no target or just huge fleets. There is no reason not to do this. Thank you
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