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  1. What about removing that ridicules OP perk and make forts/Towers harder to kill? Firing 4 balls from 2 cannons, seriously wtf!? Where are the guys always looking for more realism when you need them.. 🤣 Mortars are used for PvP in OW now, and if enemy is using line ships it can be very effective..!
  2. Have you tried to post in your nation chat: "WTT 1 Victory mark for 1000 doubloons". Some body should go for that.. xD
  3. Different suggestion: Why not modify the ship capture mechanic we have/had, so the player who killed the ship has all rights to the ship and it's contents, even if it is sunk. Only way for other friendly players to access the hold a ship you have killed is if you make it available for all. While other players who are not friendly has full access. I fear I will end up sinking a rookie who does not read chat/understand English, thinking it's an enemy alt here to steal my loot! But if it's a rookie that would not be very nice..
  4. Word! This would prompte more honorable battles and this is seriously needed. If you want to save the game, this is the way to go imo! The issue with late joiners is a real issue though.. OW normal battles close after 3 minutes. Patrol zone battles close after 30 minutes. And then we have the battles in the re enforcement zones that close after 10 minutes for enemy and stays open for the full duration for friendlies. I would say that just exclude patrol zone and reinforcment zone battles from a feature like this, or it will be exploited. Also it has to exclude AI BR when calculation
  5. Remove all defense timers during weekend, for example Friday after maintenance up to Sunday maintenance all defence timers can be ignored. Exponential increase in port timer cost after 30-60 (?) days and is connected to the nation that owns it. This could be reserved only for the most valuable resource ports. And if the port goes neutral and then is reconquered by the same nation the cost should pick up where it left to force ports to change nation of ownership.
  6. I can see the panic in your mouse moment when it vanish 😂 I hope you get i replaced mate, because that is a bummer! I have done the same when trying to rearranging my outpost on the outpost list. I used to do this a lot by entering a port with multiple ships in it, then deleted the outpost and reopen it right away on another line in my outpost list. Why you might wonder, because I have OZD issues! The last time I tried it I had been on a break for some time, so I got a bad feeling.. So I decided to jump into the most valuable ship I had in the port before I deleted it. I don't remember
  7. Not if the player in the lynx is afk, then the player die 🤣 I think a mechanic like this would be good for the game if it was limited to certain areas and to special "Hunter AIs" that where rare. The special Hunter AI would only patrol their own nations core territory. They should be OP, attack enemy players, join battles to aid their own nation players and chase enemy players IN OW up to the boarder of the AI nations territory. For the hunter AI to have an effect they must pose a real threat to enemy nation players. To achieve this we should consider giving the AIs some new tools/a
  8. The surrender mechanic counters the recently killed mechanic for those who wants to famr their alts. We have to spot and report them in combat news.Right now the recently killed mechanic is just punishing players who are out there actively looking for PvP. It is not working as intended and should be removed.
  9. I like the idea of bording at higher speed than 3 kn because I think it is realistic, but with the current bording mechanics it is just broken.. It should be harder to get in position to board another ship, pulling another ship should take much longer and the player getting pulled should not lose sailing ability and be forced to put sails down. Personally I always considered the bording mini game to be a place holder feature, but if we where not able to see what the opponent has chosen and switch in the last milliseconds then that would make a huge positive difference imo.
  10. You mean if you can sail over to the port in the battle instance, then we could just jump directly into port?
  11. Less nation to gather the players we have and then make RvR rewarding/worth while.
  12. Accident ffs! Stop slandering my good name! I'm Norwegian, we all know Norwegians are epic by default and never do anything wrong.
  13. So I'm now registering that we all fear a rating system. And this is because we strongly believe that this games player base has more bad apples in it than the world normally has. Because a lot of working applications/websites actually depend on rating systems. And all you need to do often to rate something is register an email so it basically is anonymous.. So then what if we remove the possibility to give a bad rating then..? So characters would only have a "neutral" or "good" rating, then nobody would have a "bad" rating.. You "naysayers" happy now?
  14. For me personally you could slap "BAD" or "Known spy" tag on me and it would not affect me.. Being bad is cool But I'm already in a clan and play with others I know, so I do get where your going with this. For a brand new player it could be very isolating to get this negative rating early in the game experience. But if this is main argument for not considering this, then just make the rating good or nothing. So negative ratings would just remove the good ratings, but when you get to 0 -> 0-1 = 0.
  15. We have the sunken fleet event that give dead mans chest with stuff in it, we have epic events that give gold and silver chests with stuff in it and we have the sealed bottles ship wreak that guarantees to give us rare resources. I would like to see random drop of small amounts of resources and materials in all ports all over the map, that would drop every hour. So all ports can drop everything in small amounts in addition to the locked standard drop we have now. Then players can get more pleasant surprises when checking out the shops in ports and the real traders are rewarded for explori
  16. This is Ebay inspired for sure, but was triggered by one of anolytic's posts: We should be able to rate fellow nation players in our own nation with bad or good ratings. For example some text like "suspicious character" and to counter it by marking them as "Known patriot" or something like this. I personally like thing simple so I would just go with Good/Bad. This rating could get summed up and be visual by clicking the "i" on the player in OW or searching up the players nick and checking out the info. So for example when I as a spanish nation player see that I'm followed by another
  17. TIME: I did not notice that so thanks, but still that is just a save of the time needed to sail back. 90 min + 90 min + the sail there is still to much time imo. So what I'm trying achieve is to limit it to 1 battle instance = 90 min. So then setting a PB should be an event taking on average 120 minutes and that should be acceptable for most. NO DEFENDER: In case the defenders do not join this battle instance at all it should also be over and done after a set amount of time. So attackers are not forced to sit there for 90 minutes doing nothing. To give defenders a chance to rally they ne
  18. "The other guys" where scaring me with "raiding of player own ports scenarios". So I only quoted you in the hope that they would read it again. Because I see no mention of this, but my English is not so good so I misunderstand stuff often This is a pirate feature so pirate player should raise their opinions and be heard on this imo. But if you scoundrels have your sights on my captains chest and favorite ships with your suggestions, then prepare for some forum PvP!
  19. I totally agree. It is the same for cannons loaded/unloaded, sail % and hp damage. Would be very interesting only to be able to see the internal structure HP and nothing else. The missing information could be replaced by visual sightings, making the telescope more important in battle. So if we repair hull then the cannon ball hulls would be plugged up/removed. So then we know if a ship has a damaged side or not just by looking at it. But with the current repair system we need to see these thing to be able to kill each other in 90 minutes. So right now it would not make sense, but if t
  20. So in my not so humble opinion: I consider it borderline delusional to suggest stuff like this, considering the current state of the game! Even at it's peak with 2000 online players all nations where not able to cover all time zones. So a feature like this would only be reserved for the nations that can cover the entire day, and nations that are not able would lose when they had no players in the fight sitting in circles getting points/fighting. Features like that I get for game titles that has 50.000 + active players that can cover all time zones. I do not think this will ever be the case
  21. What? Where did you get that from? What? 😕 I read AI owner of ports and that they would drop trading goods. For me this = easy $$$ and the risk is just doing boring PvE. But raiders need to sail away, and with valuable loot they will be slow! So maybe other players can intercept them on the way to safe harbor!?
  22. Yes to all! Love it, but mostly because I really dislike that Pirate nation = all the other nations. A bonus might be that pirate RvR players would have to join a real nation to do RvR and the pirates would be come a real hunting nation! Awesome, but new players needs to be warned away from joining the "Disney pirate nation" if it goes full on hard core with outlaw battles! But if you actually want to limit the ships pirates can sail and exclude them from using ships of the line, then the max crew for the pirate ranks need to be reduced or the top ranks removed. Because if they can stil
  23. I love it, but I also have one issue with it. The way I read it if favors the defenders way to much because of the duration. 90 min and then another 90 minutes is to much. It should just be 1 battle imo = 90 min. 2 battles equals 3 hours, and attackers have to sail to and at least plan to sail back.. So they need to clear 4 hours for a hostility grind (*)?? That's just to much, seriously. The attackers are the creator of RvR content for defenders (and often the rest of the server) don't make attacking to hard, please! If I read this right and it is intended to replace the hostili
  24. Funny.. If we are a bit lucky, this might get fixed before you guys go on another campaign to brake the game for every one..! 😝 We only encountered one pirate player that I remember and he join us in the 2. mission. The 3. mission the Russians did alone, all spanish stayed in open world. We sat right outside your port for for 30 - 45 minutes semi afk. So if a pirate fleet where present why did you guys not attack us!? Or sail past us and join the hostility mission? Logic dictates that you where not there in force, because if pirates had the numbers you would have attacked the sp
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