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Found 4 results

  1. A great beautiful model that almost no one uses because of its stats. Which is a pitty. The ship is the easiest one to leak (even with no heeling), it has 2 upper decks of useless cannons (i dont equip 4th deck for example), it is not fast neither tanky. For months, I havent seen it in a OW fleet battle or port battle. It is quite simple, the Pavel is not appealing to use. Please @admin, make it at least good on something.
  2. Unfortunately the St. Pavel at its current state is one of the most useless boats in game. I would love to see the St. Pavel rebalanced to give it some purpose. Whats wrong? Even though I like its balanced crew and high turnrate it is way slower than a buccentaure, has less broadside weight with a usless weather deck having only 6pds/24pdrs carros which cant penetrate much at this class. Not to mention the quarter castle, and it has no front chasers. It is by far the worst 2nd rate (maybe even worse than 3rd rates?) It is easy to leak, cannot even compete with a 3rd in a 1v1, has no role in portbattle or OW PvP. How to improve it? My suggestion would be to keep the good handling and crew balance, keep its lower broadside weightbrates but make it the fastest 2nd rate (somewhere half way inbetween buc/cristian and bellona) and give it some front chasers. Maybe upgrade the 6pdrs to 9pdrs or 24pdrs to 42 pdrs carro. To make the quarter castle more intersting give it 68pdr carros? This would make the Pavel a good hunting boat compared to it's bigger and more powerful brothers. What do you think?
  3. I found an interesting piece of information regarding the Wapen on this wikipedia article about the ship that is sadly only available in german: "Das Schiff wurde nach dem Verkauf zum bewaffneten Handelsschiff umgebaut und war in dieser Funktion nachweislich noch bis 1757 tätig." - "After being sold the ship was refitted as armed trader and verifiably served in this role until 1757." This means the Wapen von Hamburg III actually saw service as trader for 20 years compared to only 2 years serving as Konvoischiff ( warship used only for escort duty ) - the role it was first built for. I think a increase in hold capacity aswell as a very minor speed buff would help making this beautiful ship more viable in OW without actually making it stronger in combat. Currently it only has 748 hold while even the tiny trader snow has 900 and with its crippling low speed and small guns it isn't viable in OW at all, facing faster frigates and much harder hitting and more durable Bellonas with the same speed. Increasing cargo hold to at least 1200 and maybe speed by 0.2 knots to make it a heavily armed semi trader could give the Wapen a role in the OW and would also be historically accurate. The Wapen should however not be able to enter enemy ports like normal traders. I think this might be the best way to make one of the oldest ships in game viable / popular without having to make it competitive with more modern and advanced warships. @admin
  4. I miss sailing the Pavel. Its popularity has had some ups and downs in this game, but now its almost useless and needs a buff. The Bellona has more speed and better turn rate and chasers, while the Bucentaure has more firepower and around the same speed. So imo the St. Pavel is missing "magic mojo" to make it a viable option. It used to be fast, powerfull and have very good turnrate. I miss sailing it and I miss seeing other players sailing it as well. It is a seriusly good looking ship! Here I read that the Saint Pavel had 18 pd on the 3. deck: https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=21416 I'm not sure how historical correct the info is, but if we could get the 6 pd cannons on the 3. deck replaced with 18 pd it would become much more powerfull. Add a speed buff or turn rate buff and the Pavel is back! I think..
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