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  1. 1st round ....You Should have waited.... until he attacked you then...defended. You have way worse than 50/50 his 1st non attack is going to ass stop you ver attack with less crew. His grenades was his weak off Attack. Since he didn't throw that 1st while your were in brace. FYI remember if his 1st move of a NPC is Deck gun "While you are in Brace" Deck guns are his most powerful" (most of time lol) If he Grenades you 1st round its a 50/50 on its going to hurt ver attack.
  2. Hehe I worked with you for weeks, I remember helping you know and understand everything you needed to know to get better at. But even knowing everything about it, and how it works. You still have to practice a LOT.
  3. Got on and played Some: Not fixed yet From Start Losing board screen is jacked up can't see anything like you should. Can't even zoom in or out now. After ever battle.... If you run Windowed you must adjust screen every time so mouse will line up right. 5 min Timer lol with 10 or so popping in, then leaving because they don't want to play anyone other than NPC's. (Yea I get it so you can win the events) Your NPC's killing you and killing Crew. Even worse if you are boarding someone. Other teams NPC's taken out 15% or more(not mater the boat) crew and ruder from any angle at 500m out every match. Even worse if you are boarding some one. That is enough no reason keep going.
  4. he has better ping than you so as soon as something changes he flips it. And yes he already know what to do if you counter his move. Every move has a 1 really good counter so odds are if something changes that is what was done and IF you have a better ping you can always out counter because you already know what is comming. To stop it make move before 7s and what ever he picks is all he gets but you can still change at last sec .
  5. Everything I suggested is already in NA-OW, Duel room Fleet practice or what ever they call it. Just mod that a little and they are done. It already there and been there since the 1st thought of this game. They have to give players that don't want NPC's and have no reason to XP anymore something to do. This is a quote from another Forum more or less "I mean think about it, it is 8:50pm your time, your are in a 6th or 5th rate, you have two options can q up and wait for how long just to play NPCs maybe a few people or know you can Q up and do a big battle with real people at 9pm . If you get sunk early in match you q up with npc's and will be done before the 10pm Big battle starts." I briefly thought every half hour would work, but most big battle last longer than 30 mins. You want everyone one on constant rotation for max players. Most would jump on NA-Ow and do something until close to next big battle if it went long. But they Know when to be on for next big battle. Think Port battle every hour on hour (even 2 hours) how many people get on OW. It is very simple math if you look at it. If you are solo/grouped you are going to be able pull off about 3 matches an hour if your lucky, with no beaks. That is less than 20 min matches 3 times in a row. Extreme game play, but can be done(Lot easier with group, just a lot less XP).I have done 4 in 59 mins but not often I always need more beer or have to go P. But you can't have any running cearbearrs. But two matches a hour, with a break to Piss and get more beer, is more normal. It only takes one dummy Yahoo running to draw a match out and then you will be lucky to get 3 matches in 2 hours.
  6. Fighting NPCs will Never go away, I Know this for a fact, and understand it more now. Even if you wish to keep smoking that pipe. Just understand it will never go away. You have to give people a way to grind with some hope of winning and a feeling of accomplishment... And a Way to make money for you and them. BUT: Still looking at (best guess) total earned Xp around 6 million for 5th slot. At this point, I am Sure I am the closest person to the 5th slot and can see now see why this is so high for the making money aspect of it. So this should not be changed.... yea I said it. Not played yet so not tested Do Med cannons have Double ball or other yet? @slik @admin Can you please make it so I can save Screen shots in this beta to be saved on my steam account. Still No Sign up or Q for large battle even player made battles, once every hour or two. I ask for this in October, With NO NPC's pick a boat and wait option. I can not for the life of me understand why this has not been put in game yet. Even Ubisoft added this in, less than one week after It was suggested for what they called conquest, do to low numbers, in controlled Closed Alpha. and it was a huge hit. This game has to have something like this, like last year. It will never be a sustainable game until it has it, as a fall back option or (more likely) End game. It can not be that hard to do you already got 95% of it done in NA-OW Should have a BR limit or even BR out for each side. (Maybe) Two 1st rate ver four 4th will equal out just fine. It not mater if match is 10 ver 20 if BR is close. Max out the Ship limits here to beyond what you think is max... love to see 50 ver 50 or more of ever ship in game then adjust to what ever the server can handle but go to the extreme max. After hitting post I thought of this, I know it is more of the amount of canons that are being fired at same time that is the real true lag problem with the game. Maybe setting a limit (Cannon Count) that might help 100 ver 100 5th rates lol. Everyone wants big Battles with no NPC's. What needs to be done: With a Sign in Q, You must pick a boat 1st, then are forced to pick side with less BR. Everyone can see the ships that have been picked and what side they are on with a added up BR count, for each side. Who has not picked a ship yet. This one thing will bring everyone one together END OF STORY. That is what you want right. It really not matter what LVL you are what ship you are in, if you are having fun getting sunk every game and your team might still win. Maybe cost Silver to even join. But if you win you get gold in return win(more) or lose(not so much) I would love to see someone pick a 1st rate. Then 5 or 6 others all pick small boats ver him, it is the only way to get everyone really playing together and get rid of the nastiness of NA-OW. You could even add Random port battles(or pick a port) maps so people could use this to test for NA-OW. I would love to see NA-L become NA-OW with none of the Open World Time sink Crap... Sailing, Building, Crafting. That is more or less what Ubisoft is doing, but they only have 3 factions(easily changed for now) with bonuses to boats for faction that are holding objectives(Cites / Regions). It would be close to RVR but not really not even close. Clans Should be added Factions Should be cut down to 3 or 4 maybe 5 with a map size we/You have. Your open world/ conquest map is insanely large compared to theirs. If you do go Conquest route (for end game) Don't go crazy with it, Simple is key. Ask The people that love the game. Make them feel like they as Special.. PM them or a make a Forum for just them and hold them to highest Standers of a verbal nondisclosure, no trolling agreement or kick them out of group. What can't happen is post getting taken over by the trolls. You will never get, nor come close to real feed back that matters. From someone that complains every Damn day. I can give you a list of 100-50-30 people and most I don't like(lol joking I like everyone but the trolls). But you know who they are!!! Invite them threw a Personal Message to some secret forum or club.(That will make it is Special and personal to them) So that you can get real feed back in a real way, but they will not even bother if they have to compete with the trolls or the cry baby of the day.
  7. What ever people tell you about this game, and lot say boarding Sucks is because they don't under stand all the numbers next to all the stuff. You can win just about every fight with a NPC no matter your set up as long as your play smart may/will take you a while. Players that know what they are doing and understand the numbers, you will never win even with more upgrades ver that player, if you don't understand how it works. I had a screen shot/ Sheet.... Somewhere for Black what the number mean. SO that you always knew your melee and Firepower ver what every they threw at you for each ships would be. But I am sure that is out of date, but not hard to make one for your self for each boat. Once you understand how it works it is extremely easy to win boards ver NPC's every single time, most players that don't win, don't spend the time and don't do the work, or know someone that did. They Would rather complain about it. PM me I don't mind getting on and given you a crash course of the numbers. and give you a plan to get better but you will have to do the work your self. Boarding is not broke just people don't understand it. and many that do are tight lip about it.
  8. hahaha - bad players with large guns still lose to good players with small guns... wow that statement should bring in some feedback lol
  9. You are Never going to fix the people that don't do the work, and expect the same results as some one that did.
  10. Yea and in Fall, they will have actually have 2 games competing against them.
  11. People put contracts up everywhere because sometimes you get drops from NPCs and you just sell them. I buy a lot of marks on the cheap doing same thing.
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