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  1. Working Now looks like
  2. just got down to connection just to get a timed out msg from steam
  3. Can't login is there a problem, Holding q at 30 not moving.
  4. You say that but 2 years later it still not done, just saying.
  5. yea and Fact that when you jumps ships it has no books on it at see or from port, Waste of time getting them put in right. But that is asking to much I am Sure.
  6. Not able to take cargo mission because your main ship not got room. Even if you have 3 indys in fleet. Waste of time. So you move into a Fleet ship and make it your main to get cargo, Then move back, You got to make sure you have crew even tho you never removed any just switched ships. Remember to set your books right after switching the ships from main to fleet and back again because its going to reset. Thanks Borch Not able to finish cargo mission if cargo not in main ship or harbor warehouse. More wasted time. Woot can now trade at Sea. But only from main ships. Waste of time. Can trade with other ships in same nation but cant move stuff around in fleet. WFT The asinine way You have to repair every ship in fleet. Can't Size pop ups, You can move them but you can't lock them. Makes UI messy. Time at sea don't mean crap, xp is only gained from port to port travel. Traders get shafted, yea they get xp for port to port, but never get XP for boat. Don't even get me started on Missions, just about ever aspect, Just not played enough yet to have a list. It will be coming.
  7. he has better ping than you so as soon as something changes he flips it. And yes he already know what to do if you counter his move. Every move has a 1 really good counter so odds are if something changes that is what was done and IF you have a better ping you can always out counter because you already know what is comming. To stop it make move before 7s and what ever he picks is all he gets but you can still change at last sec .
  8. Yea and in Fall, they will have actually have 2 games competing against them.
  9. People put contracts up everywhere because sometimes you get drops from NPCs and you just sell them. I buy a lot of marks on the cheap doing same thing.
  10. Thought You might have been Sick you not posted a new topic in like 2 days. This not so bad but I still think open forever missions "that are marked on map" Would be better.
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