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1 hour ago, Capn Rocko said:

I would like to see regional bonuses come back. Last time it was tested, entire regions were captured in 1 port battle. Now several nations could potentially own ports in a certain region. Will elite clans control the best ports? Maybe, but I would argue that there are 5+ clans spread out among different nations that can compete with each other if they wanted to. If more meaning was brought to RvR (and more port battles occurring), maybe you would see less monopolies. 

Yup and as long as they put the good trims in regions with 5+ ports will create zones of rvr and trading around the region which in theory would be awesome

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On 10/4/2018 at 4:18 PM, Bubba Smith said:

My last 5 ships came out :

3 nothing special 3/5. 

1 strong rig and 1 sturdy. 



Your problem is that you see a basic ship as useless. They are not. They are about 10%less combat effective as a 4-5 or 5-5. Relative to their prices and the resources wasted to make them they are useless. They are a really good gold/mat sink for economy imo. 

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increase rarity of resources or decrease spawn/harvest rate. Make special refit kits e.g. strong hull refit kit requires x amount of lo, wo + iron ingots, you craft it, it weighs x tons to transfer to where the shipyard is. 3slot is 100% resources, 4 slot is 200% resources, 5 slot is 300% resources. 


This would make us craft more  5 slot 3rd rates as losing/crafting 5 slot first rate would be so expensive.

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7 hours ago, Fluffy Fishy said:

I miss the old system, sure it had faults but you could basically craft what you wanted in the way you wanted it. Players should be able to craft and sail the ship that suits them most. I'd happily do away with the RNG and just have flat ships so everyone is equal and it becomes more skill based again. The current system that relies too much on giving your ship the best bonuses you can stinks and destroys balance because changing a ships stats up to around 30% is near impossible to balance properly.

It would be cool to see some kind of system of diminishing returns going on where it becomes increasingly expensive to create a marginally better ship, and as the more you squeeze out of it the lower the gains but it should be controlled by the crafter, giving a proper sense of quality vs quantity that was there historically.

Crafting notes kind of made sense, to make them work better they just needed to be non tradable so you were forced to make them yourself and spend hours on making them, the idea that you can spend more hours on a ship to make it better makes total sense in a MMO world, and if you stagger them by saying something like 0 notes for a basic ship, 2 notes for green, 5 notes for blue, 10 notes for purple and 16 notes for gold it would probably balance fairly well, you'd have access to the ships you wanted.

One of the main issues with the game economy right now is its missing equilibriums and consumer surplus, it would benefit the game so much to allow players to make more market lead choices as they do in real life, crafting needs these aspects to be a fulfilling task, rather than what it is at the moment which is just asymmetrical RNG favouring middle of nowhere ports, ports that take you away from the community and make the experience more grind ridden as a whole and therefore the game experience worse, in the hope it promotes RVR, which it doesn't.

This is what I'm driving at. I like the idea of generating Notes for the different qualities.  The bar for how many notes or special permits required could be eventually controlled by admiralty in a commodity driven economical environment so, what that means is; for example-  if too many Gold or excellent ships are coming out then the cost or value could be increased. Conversely, if not enough are crafted price/cost may be lowered.  A control similar to the present permit system only those notes/permits will apply within each given catagorical group as Fluffy already alluded to. 

The aforementioned changes, I really believe, will simulate a demand within the economy and give crafters an additional interesting dimension to build ships with.  It will also give clans and members something to work toward and add a very positive new direction to the game. 

Thanks for your ideas and comments. 


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