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On 6/12/2018 at 3:22 PM, Sovereign said:

The one thing that bewilders me like nothing else and I, many others and even admin asked is... why would anyone play on the PvP server only to want PvE shielded from PvP when that already exists on a complete other server?

I think new players should start on the PvE server and get the option to switch to the PvP server with a fixed amount of gold, repairs and ships but no items. There would be a warning and everything before they can switch to the PvP server. 

This way new players can start in a completely safe environment but switch to the PvP server whenever they please with no way back and limited assets. We can finally be done with the "But new players get ganked at the capital and it kills the game" BS and players will have to choose what they want to play: PvE or PvP with the option of unprotected PvE.

This is the reason we have two servers. No more moaning from any side.



The Answer to that is rather Simple.

Because RPK and Ganking is not PvP

What most Normal Players think of when Joining a PvP Game. Is Epic Battles and Duels. Which in Open World might not be entirely Fair at all times.

But will be Fair in at least half the cases.


There is a Two Choices


Simply Remove all Grinding and Leveling.

Everyone Immediately has Access to Competetive Equipment.

This way everyone can Fight and will have a Chance in a Fight.

PvE Players will Stay away from the Start and you will get PvP Players.


Divide the Map into Zones.

PvE Players stay in the Safe Zones where they Run the Economy and where Newer Players can Level.

And PvP Players go into the Contested Zones where you can get Harbours and Booty from Enemy Players by Fighting a War.



This Game Unfortunately does neither.

There is a Tremendous Grind. So PvPers Run away from the Game.

Moreover it takes long before you get anything Decent that actually Stands a Chance against other Players.

Meaning most Newer Players just get Bashed and Leave the Game right away.

But there is no real Zones anymore either.

So PvE Players which would usually run the Economy thus easing the Grind for PvP Players.

Do not Exist.

They all left because they got Bashed out by the RPKs and Gankers.



We tend to always Sort People into PvP and PvE Players entirely.

But Truth is barely anyone is 100% of either.

Most PvE Players Join PvP Server because they actually like PvP.

But not 24/7 and not when they are Driving around a Small Frigate and the Enemy is Driving around with 2 Constitutions and 2 Ships of the Line.


Right now This Game is a Complete and Utter Failure.

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9 hours ago, Sunleader said:

Right now This Game is a Complete and Utter Failure



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