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  1. Well I feel like I got a par of socks and not that nice microscope I dreamed about.
  2. But thats actually what I saw most of the time when I was much more active in the game. so It just dosent fit your idea about we in generally only want ganks.
  3. It is just not as simple as you want it to be. Plenty of reason thing turns in to a gank. But very few of them has to do with ppl want to have a sure fight. - I don't go fight Lig 1 vs 1, cause he just kill me 10 -10 times. I go 2 vs him. and the fight will actually be equal. . You sail out in a small group and hit a single player. Yes he gets killed, by gank. But You see the same players laying on the same hunt outside a Capitol so the enemy have a chance to get a decent group, Gank mentality? . Pb's gank mentality?
  4. Nope it hasen't. As the game is now I plays very little. So just my Herc to Nassau. Guess I go up there alone to gank ppl? Allways join the low Br, Yep clear gank mentality engrained in my behavior
  5. I just disagree. Dosen't really see players like Reverse, Hachi, Rediii ore my alltime favorite dreammakerdo gank. Do they not fight under the same RoE?
  6. Nope, that what happens when ships got expensive and you got a highly skill based game. bet they would fight him if ships was free of cost and the outcome was decided by rock, sisor and paper.
  7. You can chose with deck to use. Try hit F1-F4. Plus you don’t have to put cannons on all decks, ore you can put smaller on.
  8. Look at permit. Proberbly only the start. We end up with either you do PvP(in PZ)/RvR ore buy the proberbly new dlc ships. Ore you will have to sail a Basic cutter. But just my guess.
  9. Well can see the only ship I will be able to afford in the future is the basic cutter. Plz keep it free of cost😂
  10. Well with the new changes, would it not be possible for a guy like you to make enough combat medalions to buy ships and upgrades, without have to craft/trade?
  11. And how did you regard them just before 23 min ago? You didn't mention they where for average joe.
  12. That I doubt. He told that they had monitored them and they could see they was to easy, thats why they made them harder, when ppl then complained he clearly said they where ment to make ppl ready for PvP. Just how he clearly defends them by saying 4 man could do a 6 man. Never have he talk abouth they should be for avarage Joe. Never.
  13. What? Think you yesterday said they should be hard to prepare ppl for PvP, where did the masses come from now. You have clearly often again and again said this game is not for the masses. That you want a game for hardcore players.
  14. I haven't said anything on the group difficulty. I just linked so ppl knew what admin was refering to. But if 4 of them could take a 6 man mission, should 6 average players not be able to do the same?
  15. Well we can't know that. Why do you think devs keeping restricting more and more from ppl that don't do PvP/RvR? Simply because if you want to play this game you have do do PvP/RvR. Witch then ofc gives more PvP/RvR. There will be plenty of captains, dont worry. They know what they do.
  16. Best ships in every class will now require permits to craft them Permits can be acquired in the admiralty for Combat Medals All permits will be attainable from Captain or Gold chests for free Reason for this change is simple: the only way to make certain ships rare is to get them attainable only through certain activities important to the game. (this does not apply to Peace server as all ships are capturable there) 'Why not just take the final step and say all ships above 7 rate takes a permit. So either ppl do PvP/ RvR ore they will have a hard time to go on bigger ships?
  17. Think it was Reverse with friends. One told it to me on ts. Said it couldnt be right, since group is 3. But it was grp. But grp aperantly also is in sizes of 4. Do think he said 2 sunk and not 1. Should be the link. Starts around 2.21
  18. Don’t worry. They know what they want. It will be an epic game for those that stays. All will be fine. Mantra rather 100 guys for the right game than 1000 for the wrong one.
  19. Was group mission to easy? See you made most upgrades to marks, it the expection that it will bring more PvP to the server.
  20. @admin you increased the dificulty on group missions, where they to easy before? I also see we now basicly can’t buy upgrades for dbl. I know it makes those that drops in port more vanuable, and ofc PvP. I though doubt in will have any positive effect on ppl want to go do PvP. We proberbly will see they usual suspect. I honnest to god fear if you keep this up peach server will be bigger than war server.
  21. So you think this patch is something that brings ppl to the game and make them keep playing?
  22. Personally I don’t see It bring a healthy player base. - - The grind to sail in ships bigger than 5 rate is just not time most have, and with new damage model, you are just easy picking. - Rare Wood will just make lots of players stay in habor, when an enemy come. - New RoE will make ppl just stay in habor. - xp levling just turned bad for most players, with only low level missions and small ships in there waters. On the surface new mission looks fine, but scratch and it is not imo. Most you will have to fight bigger ships, less posible for lots of players. I do fine understand the idea behind the changes, just don’t think it will appeal to lots of players. Personally I will adapt(So no need to Call my a whinner), I just see how ppl will be less active, so why even anymore even try to organize ppl. We are supposed to be close to launch, yeth not a word from admin on how they plan to financering the game. - Just by game sales? - monthly payment? - Dlc and witch then and how will it work? Dlc might have a huge impact on how the game will work, so I would be nice to know what will happend in that area.
  23. Think we have 5 with thickness. Guess Kristmati, there can only be few left in the game. Elite french is good, but since they need book, I doubt it is on every ship. If you put french, Pino and the navy on the ship. Think ships of same class still can penetrade mast in range of 150 yard, and would need around 8-9 hits. Is my math wrong?
  24. @Anolytic will you update the guide for the last 2 exames with new video with the new damage model? Still think so fare you have made the best guide for new players.
  25. What range are you firing at? think to be sure to penetrate you have to be around 100 away, then I think 6-8 should be enough pr mast.
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