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  1. Apparently an iteration of the mechanic used in Gettysburg where you could pre-define move orders for your troops.
  2. Hmm yep, I was browsing around a bit an found this: http://www.saburchill.com/history/chapters/IR/037f.html
  3. Well if that was indeed the case, I doubt you will find reference in novels. In that case I tend to believe the history professor. However if we could find some accurate reference, maybe that's something for implementing in the game mechanics.
  4. This is it, also I can't find any data on Carronades beeing loaded with chainshot. Just some input
  5. Homeworld (remastered) anyway, I have a Star Citizen Concept Art (Terra) set as Wallpaper.
  6. I will definitely play both titles, I have every faith in Chris and CIG that they'll deliver something great, otherwise I wouldn't have spent € 300+ on ships and early access etc. Compared to that NA is a bargain but equally interesting and addictive to me 100% agree to kalnarens post
  7. Can't say that I have, I usually have the Santi's top deck locked until melee range because I kept the carronades there and it works fine.
  8. And there I didn't realize it until now... it is indeed the guys signature.
  9. The thread you are looking for is pinned at the top of the Sea Trials section
  10. I agree 100% with my fellow comrade in arms there, everything beyond that wouldn't be historicaly correct and that is what Game Labs aims at.
  11. Gettysburg for sure, the Hornblower Movie with Gregory Peck/Virginia Mayo (don't know what's the English title) for ship related.
  12. Nothing is stopping us, thing is somebody needs to take responsibility. If you charge in at the wrong time and the enemy can counter that strategy you are doomed.
  13. i5-4690K 3,5 GHz not OC'ed yet as there is no need 8 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz EVGA GTX 970 4 GB Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI W7 Home Premium ~60 fps with ultra settings, also slightly dropping in really large battles
  14. more Brits: George Rodney (of course), John Jervis, Cuthbert Collingwood, Samuel Hood... i'll let others continue
  15. I'm pretty confident that we will get the option to do some color customization sooner or later, for testing purposes I don't really care.
  16. Yep, Scandinavia was somehow left out I'm from Germany, Wiesbaden
  17. You are right, rich and/or successful captains who earned a decent amount of prize money also used it to customize their ships with gold plating on certain parts etc. So having this option would add to the immersion and realism of the game.
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