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  1. Hey I tried to update my Signature...I get that I can only have 3 lines Now...but I slowly removed everthing in my Sig and Still get the warning that my Sig can not be more than 3 lines. Even if I have zero lines I still get warning. I removed all my Images and all my lines. No help ! !
  2. I too would like to get my Key..had to rest my computer and lost the game.(right in the Middle of a Good Campaign too)
  3. Hey Guys good job trying to get New things out for OW..but You Guys(DEV's) need to work on just Tweaking some of the changes you make. Instead of going from 1 Extreme to another.... TWEAK = A Small Adjustment Here is a good example: SEALED BOTTLES 1) Sealed bottles came out and most (Shipwrecks) were a good distance away from where you opened them..But usually in the same area so some enemies would camp out in these areas... By doing this you made players venture into areas that they normally would not go and promoted some PVP. ( A good thing IMO) I guess Some
  4. Will there be SLI Support for the game some day ? If I run only 1 card the fans/card runs at a much lower temp(58%) 35FPS As it is now if I run in SLI both my GTX 680 cards-Fans Run at a very high rate to keep my cards cool(70%)...But I get no Increase in FPS
  5. Maybe if you and yours had not Farmed a Glitch in the game for an extended period..a Serious OFFENSE IMO.. you all would not all be in 3rd rates and above. not to worry(or maybe you should) we are getting into larger ships soon
  6. Sorry but your the one that has NO Clue..If you did you would know No Green on Green shooting.... Tip-Next time after boarding a Ship--CAPTURE it.Sso when battle is over it will be yours..... Plain and simple
  7. 1) OW speed is already fast enough 2) If you do not want to get pulled into a fight stay out/get out of the attck ring before timer ends..simple 3) Same as above 4) just so many things wrong with that statement Ican not even start on..... 4a) If your ship is smaller than the NPC a Battle might take an hour..if same class then it varies on the Npc ship captians rank/skill and your Skill with the game.(from your comments I can tell you are new-so give it some time and you will learn to fight better)
  8. Naval P. They join a battle already going then shoot the friendly on the side they joined........ban them next time
  9. +1 Time to get a handle on this unwanted game play.....
  10. Is there not a compass and a heading on that compass in open world ?? Play more Learn more....you will get the hang of it.
  11. This just lets Pirates shoot each other and gain MASSIVE XP..... With no penalty Total Hack IMHO................
  12. For CRAFTERS you are hitting KEYS are you not ?...Plane and simple after not hitting a keystroke you get a MSG click YES then you do not get booted.... if not your out and I do not have to wait for 20 minutes to get into the server..Woot
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