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  1. Crankey, sorry I did not make myself clear, I meant using the same 3d model as a base for other historical ships, not creating a new one from scratch, we all know that most ships of the period had a lot of similarities... Hulls in general, for example, are very similar, some proportion tweaks here and there, can easily adapt a Victory's hull to a lot of other SOLs for shure, and I'd even bet that is already done to some extent on the game. Anyway, I still insist that nations should have something differ from each other, to justify a player choosing a nation over the other, and I think
  2. Well, that'd be a really smart way of making lots of ships, I'm shure that most ships could easily serve as a model for diferent ships from other nations...
  3. Samuel, I really do se your point, and I really like your ideas on upgrades and cannons. On the Bellona matter,things like That are what make some level of ship mirroring really important, so for instance,the Dutch would have a ship very close to the Bellona, but with small disadvantages and advantages... But why not consider the following, the Devs have been talking on something like a "Navy Career", where you sign up for the Navy, and after that you have to follow certain rules. Maybe, ship availability should be part of them, so, if you wanna buy a Constitution without being an US player,
  4. Beautiful ship, would love to sail it! Seems similar to the Renomee!
  5. I don't think has nothing to do it the game being a strategy game or not, it is only a way to make factions more unique, and to give players a reason to choose between nations, other than by simply "preferring" one or another, or because of port locations. I don't see why a player would be pissed of by it, as a lot of players already tend to capture instead of buying, just because right now ships are really expensive. I see your point about the Trincomalee, and that is really something to think about, I'm aware that not always one Nations navy would have its own design style, and
  6. I all for it... Sounds like the bast way to have pirates in game...
  7. So, I've been thinking about creating a variation in how Nations perform, based on ships and upgrades availability, the idea is the following... There would be several not rated ships available for all nations, like the smallest ones, up to the Mercury, but each nation would have their own rated ships for purchase... of course, an US player could have a british ship, but he would need to capture it... For instance, using the ships available right now as an example: The Victory, Bellona, Trincomalee and the Surprise would be only available for British players to purchase.
  8. +1, and also, I use 2 monitors, and I keep clicking the 2 monitor by mistake in battle, there shoud be a mouse lock or something, probably an easy fix!
  9. No, of course not! As soons as I found out this topic, I tried to figure out myself if that was possible! Thanks!
  10. On the fancy vs modern Ui style, I tottaly agree that the game deserves a more oldstyle UI, but I think that that can be done in a simplistic way, using the same color scheme that we have now, but with old typefaces and some more 18th centurish forms and details... the example shown above looks to fancy, time consuming to make, and visually poluted... I'll try to make some drafts on what I imagine would serve the game well, and then I'll post here for you guys... There we go, just a little example of what I'm thinking about: Same general concept and color scheme that we alread
  11. (Only now I've noticed that I've posted this on the Shipyard by mistake, instead of the History forum, I'm sorry, fell free to move it!) Not ships but they equivalent on land, some time ago I've visited the Bertioga fort in the SW cost of Brazil, took some pics, so decided to share in here, and some other pictures from the internet of general portuguese forts in Brazil... Most of them we're built in the late 16th century, but their modern design is from modifications made in the 18th century: Sadly, the remaining equipment is not in the best conditions... And
  12. Hello! I'd love to see a more oldstyle typeface on the general UI, so I've done a little edit, Here with High Tower Text for normal text and News 701 BT for the all caps text: I forgot to edit some of the text, but you guys get the point...
  13. The guy who posted this post should stop crying around... As already mentioned in this post... Even how the game is right now, it is already worth it if you like age of sail...
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