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  1. I know folks have said a Xebec trader would be nice in game. I was thinking a DLC trade ship that can be redeem pretty much any where would be great. Maybe just have it with 2lbs on front and side decks and no other guns and half the crews (125 still high) so that it won't be easy to just rage board, like other shallow trade ships. Being able to just redeem one a day will keep folks from having fleets of them too.
  2. Hello, I wanted to start to trade (even though it could be much more profitable if they fixed it...), but I cannot place Buy Contracts for trading goods in the port that drops that precise item. So I would have to keep buying them by continuously checking in the shop, and can't just place a contract to save time. I find it pretty inconvenient.. and useless. Is it a bug, or an intended mechanic? Greetings
  3. Hi devs, as the reward for delivery&cargo mission are now lowered, would it be possible to see more AI traders on the sea? Would be great if even Indiamen would sail around, so even the new player will be able to gather a decent amount of dubloons and various loot, without going throught the combat and hunting missions.
  4. My suggestion is a secound Global channel just for Trading. Not for negoshiating just WTB WTT WTS offers alowed. That would be very nice caurse all the small Talk in the Global is Pushing the Gamerelated stuff away. That would be very nice. Thank you.
  5. I placed a clan resource order in a port where I did not have an outpost and 24 hours later when I came to pick up the resources it will not allow me collect them as it states my ship will be overloaded. It does not seem to consider that I may have ships in fleet or someone else that I will trade the resources to in that port after I receive them. Basically this means that you cannot do a clan resource mission in a port where you do not have an outpost as all the resource missions give 5k of the resource and the largest hold size you can have is 4.8k. If this was the intention then it should not let you take the mission in the first place. I have just wasted my time getting my ship there to collect the resources and bringing doubloons there to place another order only to find I cannot. I have F11'ed it but again I hope this is fixed soon or we are given more outpost slots so we can setup outposts to pick up these clan resources.
  6. Introduction Building castles in the sky! I have just about 200 hours invested in this game. Most of that during the sea trials phase when there was no open world. I have spend 40-50 hours in the open world now. I have yet to actually win a PVP fight, or buy/craft a first rate. I'm not very high level.Nor have I played any other games similar to Naval Action, or worked on a dev team. Now, having said all that, here are my thoughts on what I would like this game to be in my own personal Utopia. If you agree with any of it, please comment, and maybe we will see it implemented in future. If you disagree, please keep it civil. Nations [N] I understand the desire of many people to sail under the flag of a certain nation. I love being able to fly the flag of my mother country myself, something that I'm not able to do in a lot of games. Having said that, I'm enough of a history nerd that seeing the "wrong" nations present bothers me. I'd like nations restricted to their historical starting positions. See [OW2] for ideas on nations. Having said all this, if we get a Baltic Sea "area" implemented, and the Russian nation decides to sail over and occupy Haiti, that's fine by me. Each nation should have a national government which should be made up of representatives from each of the three organizations. [See N 4-12 for organizations]The national government should have the ability to decide national policies through a voting system incorporated into the UI. This system would enable a player to make a suggestion, with a time limit for his fellow members to vote yay or nay. A majority of yays would mean the policy could go into effect on expiry of the timer. National policies - A limited list of ideas for what these could include: Raise / lower national taxes on x goods by x%. Create / cancel trade tariff of x% on x goods for x nation(s). Declare war on x nation. Sue for peace with x nation. Accept reject peace treaty / alliance with x nation. Offer alliance to x nation. Announce blockade of x nation's ports, making it illegal for citizens to trade with x nation, and making neutral ships within x distance of each port legitimate targets for citizens of blockading nation. Cancel blockade of x nation's ports. Issue warrant for player x with a reward of x for his capture. Each nation should be made up of players belonging to one of three organizations; the navy, the merchant marine or private captains. Clans should not be limited to players of a certain type, but should be able to recruit all kinds of players. The Navy - The navy should have a rank hierarchy. To rank up would need xp gained from missions issued by the ai navy, or from fighting foreign navies, much like xp are gained in-game now. Each rank would allow you to command larger ships, just like it does at the moment. I would like to see a few differences though - each rank should allow you to add more and or bigger ships to your fleet. Also, a navy player should not be able to command the largest merchant ships, and the rank requirements for merchant ships should be higher for each ship comparet to a player in the merchant marine. The ranks would also determine a players ability to initiate port battles and conquests, with larger battles reserved for the higher ranks. Battle and other groups should be limited in size by a player's rank. Players of the highest rank would be eligible for election to the national leadership. The national leadership of the navy would be responsible for setting priorities for the AI controlled national fleet, issue contracts for ship construction, and send representatives to the national government. The size of the leadership would be determined as a % of the number of players belonging to the navy and updated at intervals. AI fleet priorities - These would dictate the behavior of AI warships, and would be set by the leaders of a nations navy within the limits set by the national leadership. They could include trade protection, defensive patrols in x province, blockade duties of x ship type [warships/merchant ships] in x province. The priorities could be set as a % of each ship type assigned to the various duties. The decisions would be voted on by the navy leadership at regular intervals, and decided by a simple majority vote. AI ship construction - The navy leadership would issue contracts for warships, to be payed for using the national budget as determined by the national leadership at regular intervals. The contracts would be open for a set time, during which player crafters could build and sell ships to the navy at the set price. At the expiration of the timer the contract would be filled by AI crafters according to crafting capacity, and assuming the navy leadership set a price per ship that allows the AI crafters to make a profit. Player crafters, of course, could choose to meet orders at a loss, should they choose to do so. Player owned warships - Individual players would acquire their ships by crafting them, buying them on the open market, or buying them from the navy. Ships sold by the navy should be offered at ai determined prices, forcing the national and navy leadership to provide them at a loss, thereby making taxes and tariffs etc more relevant. The Merchant Marine - This organization should have an appropriate name in each nation. For example, the British merchant marine could be called the Honorable East India Company. Ranks in the merchant marine should govern the maximum crew and fleet size, as well as how many and what type of commercial orders can be created by a player. Merchant marine players should not be allowed to command the largest warships, and the rank requirements for warships should be higher than for players in the navy. The highest ranked players would be eligible for election to the board of directors of the merchant marine. Their responsibilities would include setting the insurance rates as a % of the value of the cargo transported by captains who desire insurance. The money made should go into a central account from which any claims would have to be filled. Merchant ship building - Merchant ships should be bought by the individual players from AI or player crafters. Merchant marine escorts- The board of directors would be responsible for issuing contracts for the construction of escort ships to be allocated to AI escort captains or sold to Merchant marine players who wish to take on that role. The ships would be payed for with money made from insurance profits, if available. Private Captains - These captains are free to play what ever role they desire in the nation. There should be no leadership for private captains, apart from the national leadership. Ship availability and crew/ fleet size should be dependent on player rank, and players should be restricted from owning the largest warships and merchant-ships. Letters of marque - These should be available for purchase by private captains, and be required in order for a player to purchase any but the smallest warships. Import / Export permits - These should be available for purchase by private captains, and be required for trade with ports outside the player's own nation. A separate document should be required for trade with each foreign nation. Sailing without a letter of marque / shipping contract - Sailing in a warship without a letter of marque would classify a player as a pirate and make him liable to be attacked by players of any nation as well as AI patrols. Sailing without an import/export permit would classify a player as a smuggler and make him liable to be attacked by a navy player of any nation as well as by AI patrols after his ship has been inspected. Outposts should be build-able by merchant players. Navy players should be able to build naval bases. Independent players should be able to build bases. Naval bases should have increased dock-space, but be unable to construct resource buildings such as farms. Outposts should likewise be limited to more civilian / trade focused buildings. Pirates Pirates should not be a nation. Piracy should be a legal status, as as such anyone wanting to play as a pirate should simply engage in piracy. It should not be possible to start the game as a pirate, although a new character could make himself a pirate instantly by illegally attacking a ship. Pirate havens - Pirates should not be allowed access to normal ports except through the smuggling mechanic. Instead, each island/ selected islands should have a hidden pirate cove. Players would identify these by engaging a mode in-game and sailing near / around an island for a sufficient time. Once identified, a pirate cove would be claimed by a pirate as his base, providing dock & warehouse space. Smaller versions of production buildings would be construct-able in pirate coves, reflecting the illegal nature of society in these places. I'm sure some unique ones could be imagined, making some form of profitable production possible for pirates. A cove could be shared by a number of pirates, such as a clan. Such groups would still not be considered nations though. Progression Different types of players should gain XP in different ways. I have listed the various player types above. Navy players should gain rank in the navy through earning combat XP. I see no reason to change anything about the way such XP are awarded at the moment. Navy players should earn less XP through trade. Let's say a 50% reduction, just for the sake of argument. Merchant players should earn XP through trade. Just like combat awards XP based on damage done, trade could award XP based on profits earned. Not simply on money made through selling things, but on actual profit. This would incentivize players to find profitable trade routes, as well as motivate them to sail farther afield despite the risks of piracy etc. Merchant players should earn less XP from combat. Let's say 10% of combat XP from battles where the merchant was the aggressor, and 90% from combat where the merchant was attacked by another player. After all, we don't want merchants to just linger in the safe zones! Diplomacy See [N 3] for how wars are declared, etc. Member(s) of the national leadership could be designated as a diplomat. A diplomat would use a UI function to propose/demand terms in order to agree a peace treaty. Once the dipomats have agreed terms, they would become available for ratification in the national leadership UI. All this should have real world time limits, enabling offensives, victories and losses to influence negotiations in progress. Diplomats should also be able to hammer out alliances using a similar system. Alliances should enable ships from separate nations to enter battles on the same side when fighting nations they are at war with. National leaderships should be able to define separate tarrifs for trade from allied nations. Intelligence Gathered by spies and networks established in enemy ports. Each spy/network would be able to gather only one type of intelligence. There ought to be four types of intelligence: Military, Commercial, Diplomatic and Technological. Military Intelligence- This would cover the number and type of ships based at the port as well as the number of troops and forts. Commercial Intelligence - This would cover stockpiles of goods, needs, availability and prices. Diplomatic Intelligence- This would cover any treaties, wars, orders, etc. currently in force. Technological Intelligence - This would cover the currently available technology, and perhaps give a chance to acquire same. Employing spies- Spies would be open world NPC's with skill levels and experience. They would be employable by players, nations, and companies. The employer would be charged a salary cost every day/month/year to keep the spy in his employ. Networks- A group of spies deployed in the same port by the same employer would form a network. The larger the network the more information it would be able to provide. The larger the network the easier it would be to detect. Counter-intelligence- A police chief/policemen would be other employable NPCs in the open world. They would limit the amount of intelligence enemy spies can gather, and also give a chance of capturing the spies working in a port. Ports and Capture Port capture should take place in phases. Phase one would require a declaration of war on the nation owning the port. Phase two would be a port battle as they are currently present in the game. In case the aggressor is victorious the next phase is enabled. Phase three would involve landing a force of soldiers to take control of the hinterland. The soldiers would have to be transported in on merchant ships, and there would be a timer for this activity. The troop transports would be intercept-able by defending ships. The number of soldiers necessary would be determined by the size of the target force, as well as any defending troops. If a sufficient number of troops are landed in phase three, the port is considered occupied. An occupied port contributes taxes to the occupying nation, and any buildings/ships are inaccessible to players from the original nation, except as per the smuggling mechanic. To gain permanent ownership of a port, it has to be ceded as part of an official peace treaty. This would slow down & hopefully limit zerging. Each port should have a governor. The governor would be responsible for local taxes and docking fees. He would be able to use this income to construct defenses and improvements. Possible improvements include infrastructure, such as roads which would give a bonus to any production buildings present. Housing, which would give a bonus to population growth. The governor could also invest in crop diversification, or introducing new industries, each of which would result in new production buildings becoming available. Each effort would have a real time implementation period, as well as a resource and money cost, and would have a chance of failure. Economy All ports should have a maximum capacity for buildings, determined by their population. Players should have priority in taking up this capacity, but any unoccupied capacity should be filled by AI producers. All goods should be produced in buildings either by players or AI. No goods should "drop" at any port. Goods should be transported by AI traders to meet first basic needs of ports lacking that good, and secondly luxury & production needs. Goods not produced in the Caribbean (or any other area)should need to be imported to that area from an area where such goods are available. All production buildings should be construct-able by players in ports where production of that good is possible. Production buildings should have needs. These could be basic, e.g. food for the workers, as well as advanced needs, e.g. a sugar farm would need slaves and fertilizer. These needs combined with the needs of the general population of the island would dictate prices in the local market. AI traders and small craft should follow routes designed to meet the needs of the cities. Sinking them should be a means of economic warfare, and protecting them should be important for players. The triangular trade was of enormous importance to the major powers at the time of the game. Thus I'd love to see it represented in-game. In case political correctness is a concern, slaves can be referred to as indentured labor. African indentured labor should originate in Africa, obviously, and Chinese indentured labor should be available from American ports. Historically the Chinese laborers arrived a bit later than the game period, but i suppose that can be forgiven. Players should be able to set up contracts offering loans of all kinds of money which would be repaid with interest determined by the lender. Players should be able to send trading ships on runs under AI control, to help keep important ports supplied. If a ship is lost under AI control it is destroyed. Goods transported this way would be sold to the shop in the target port, or delivered to the player's warehouse, depending on the player's choice when setting up the trade run. It should also be possible to ship owned goods from a warehouse in this way. More than one player should be able to join their AI ships together, creating convoys that sail together. It should also be possible to define the route taken by a convoy, and to drop off ships at ports passed. There should be an option to purchase insurance for any cargo. Insurance rates should depend on a player's history of successful or otherwise delivery of cargoes during his career. It should be possible for players to sell insurance to other players as well, at any rate desired. Crafting & Ships Each nation should rely mainly on ships historically employed by that nation. Blueprints for non-national ships should be more expensive to get - perhaps only obtainable through technology espionage. Upgrades should be craft-able, and dependent upon crafting level, so that only an expert crafter is able to craft the best upgrades. I do like the book system that we have now, so perhaps upgrades could be "learnt" from books, and then require a certain level to craft. Crew/Marines/Soldiers Crew should be recruit-able in ports subject to limitations of population size. Crew should be divided into categories according to skill levels - Landsmen (a small malus to re-load times, sail setting etc), Seamen (no bonus or malus), Able Seamen (a smal bonus) and priced according to their skill level. Lower leveled crew should be upgrade-able once they gain some experience. Crew should require food and water to be carried in a ship's hold. Lack of either should lead to crew deaths. Food and water should be consumed over time, limiting a ship's radius of action without replenishing these supplies from a port. Related to the above, relevant illnesses, such as scurvy, should be modeled, along with preventives, such as vitamin c rich fruits. Marines should be recruit-able for navy captains subject to the same limitations as crew. Soldiers should be recruit-able by port governors for defensive purposes subject to the same limitations as crew, and the availability of defensive buildings with spare capacity. They should also be recruit-able for merchant and private captains, subject to the same limitations as crew, for the purpose of port capture. Soundtrack I would love to be able to listen to a soundtrack of period music, including both instrumental/classical music popular at the time as well as shanties and sailor's songs in general. To make this even better, the soundtrack ought to reflect your nationality, so that a British captain would hear, for example, Hearts of Oak, but a Danish captain would not. Open World (OW) Spotting distance- I would like this to depend on the mast height of your ship, as well as the mast height of the other ships in the area. A cutter would not be as easy to spot as an SOL, etc. Related to this, I would like national flags to be rendered on open world ships, and I'd like the ability to fly a false flag. Just like in history, it should be illegal to fire at another ship while flying a false flag (unless you happen to be a pirate!), and there should be penalties for doing so. This would necessitate the creation of a system like the RN's private signal, or, in modern terms, IFF. A hotkey ordering the crew to hoist the private signal would do. The other ship would then respond, or not. A nice ( and i hope) simple way to introduce some more tension! Further, it would be nice if ships sank below the horizon, or vice versa, rather than pop in and out of view range. Size- this is definitely utopian, but hear me out. I'd like the world extended to the west coast of Africa and Europe, as well as southwards along the coast of South America. This would have several benefits. Portugal could become an in-game nation. The safe zones could be moved to the European coast for most nations. See other relevant sections for more detail. Alternatively a sort of off-map boxes could be used to achieve the same effect without having to create a huge map with all the problems that entails. Such a system could also be used to link a series of smaller maps, or theaters. The Caribbean would obviously be one. The Mediterranean could be another, the Baltic a third. Perhaps the English Channel and part of the North Sea would also be a nice addition. Off map boxes - These should rely on a teleportation mechanic that charges money and is not instant. I.e. to send a ship to the Baltic from the Caribbean could cost 50,000, and take 1 hour of real time to arrive. It should be possible to teleport ships with cargo in the hold when traveling to/from off map boxes. The same mechanic could be used to travel between separate map areas. This teleport should not work directly from port to port. Rather it should create a random-ish exit point on your current map. Once you reach that exit point the UI should prompt you in the same way it does on approaching a port, and by cicking the prompt you'd initiate the teleport. The player should be prompted to return to his outpost, like after losing his ship in battle (if the time delay mechanic is implemented). Winds- I would like the wind to be more closely based on actual weather patterns. With somewhat predictable winds, players will be channeled into certain routes/choke-points where PVP combat will naturally occur. Of course, due to the speeding up of time, real world patterns would not work well in game, but something similar to them, with an element of randomization would be very nice indeed. See here for animated wind map: http://yachtibis.com/caribbean-weather/ Ship inspection - Navy players and AI patrols should be able to perform an inspection by remaining close to a ship in the open world for a certain amount of time. Only after such an inspection is carried out should any smuggler status be revealed to the inspecting fleet. Ports- Each port should have a population. The size of the population would dictate the needs of the port, which in turn would dictate prices in that port's market. Shortage- A shortage of essential goods in a port should lead to a decrease in population in that port. Workforce- the available population should dictate how many production buildings can be constructed in that port. Exploration - The Caribbean was more or less fully explored in the geographical sense by our period. Exploration should follow the idea of the historical artifact good available now. These should be sub-divided into, for example, Mayan artifacts, Voodoo dolls, etc., as well as natural history artifacts, such as new species of insects etc. These should not be available in shops, unless they have been sold to the shop by a player. Instead, there should be fetch quests along the lines of the current sealed bottle mechanic. These should come from buildings available to governors to construct in their port. These buildings would be named after, for example, The National Geographic Society, depending on the nation. They could also be generated by ship's officers, with the relevant skill. Navigation - At noon each in-game day the ships position should be marked on the map. This should be weather dependent and in-exact to a degree. AI ships should spawn at ports, and require resources to build. Hence, if I sink an AI snow, the owning port would spend enough resources to rebuild that ship as it re-spawns it. AI ships should have proper missions. Hunt merchants, escort them, protect an area, etc. AI ships on a protection mission should attack players and other ai that intrude on their turf. There should be enough AI ships in the world to keep the economy going, but not so many that players can make no difference. Not that the role of the AI ships should be to keep the ECONOMY going, so simply to spawn as random targets! NPC Characters All NPCs should have appropriate skills, and be able to acquire more through leveling up. The employing player should be allowed to control the leveling up process, but if the NPC leaves his employ and is subsequently hired by a different player, it should not be possible for the new employer to re-arrange skills already gained. NPCs should be randomly generated and become available to employ in ports according to a logical system. A national capital should have more NPC available than other ports. The numbers generated should also depend on the type of port and the population level. NPCs should be transportable, just like the trade goods representing various persons we have in-game at the moment. There should be employable officers with a portrait and name available. Each ship should have slots for an appropriate number of named NPCs, effectively replacing the perk mechanic. Officer NPCs should give bonuses in suitable areas, according to the experience level of each officer. Each officer should have a chance of death in combat, and in case of capture should have a small chance of becoming available to the capturing player. Buildings should require NPC managers, with skill levels governing the output of a building. Each NPC should have, and gain as they level up, skills relevant to their position. The skills should provide bonuses and maluses, giving the officers a sense of personality. Example skills could be natural scientist, which would generate mini-quests that give the player a chance of acquiring valuable goods such as "insert name of rare butterfly here". More examples to come. Player Characters Avatar - Each player character should be represented by an avatar. I love the art style of the game so far, and I'd really enjoy a full length portrait of my captain wearing the appropriate uniform for his nation, rank and organization. Name - I'd love for each character to have a first name, a family name and a nickname. There should be some form of personalisation or role-playing aspects to a player character. The ability to buy a home in a port, preferably with a nice piece of art to enjoy. To find a wife, even if she is nothing but a portrait. To have children once a wife is present. These children could then grow up to be NPCs in their own right. In-game Encyclopaedia I would like to see one. I would like it to contain entries on the nations in the game, the history of their presence in the area, as well as entries on ports containing a brief history and perhaps basic information such as what production buildings are available there, populations size and type, current owner, etc. Sailing I'd like to see leeway modeled in the open world. I'd like to see the open world ability to sail directly into the wind changed to more realistic behavior. PVP I can't state strongly enough the belief that artificially encouraged pvp doesn't work well in an open world game. If you want merchants for pirates to attack you need an economy with appropriate game-play loops for traders to engage in. Rewards to motivate people to take the risk of being attacked by pirates. The economy is the bedrock on which the rest of this game should rest. Damage & Repairs In addition to sail damage I'd like to see rigging damage. To repair this would necessitate a new type of consumable. Crew damage should be split up into the various crew types outlined above, and dependent on hit location. Thus, chain to the sails and rigging would be much more likely to kill topmen. Damaged and destroyed cannon don't seem to have any impact after a battle at the moment. I'd this to be changed. I'd like to see weather damage to rigging and sails, as a consequence of raising too much sail in strong winds. Missions Passenger mission. Port to port. Fishing contract. Catch x amount of fish. Issued by ports lacking in food and at risk of population shrinkage. Ships Fishing vessels. Ability to convert traders cargo space to horse/cattle transport. Add passenger capacity to all ships. Ability to convert cargo hold to troop transport I'm done for now. I reserve the right to add more ideas, should any occur to me.
  7. Hello everyone, (sorry for google traduction) french post here: I'm wondering about the speed of patches, patches and more. I will not talk about the economic patch and simplification of the craft that is already almost 3 months late. Neither problems of balance in the game especially with the shark and the Hercules (boats that I appreciate a lot), but destroy everything in their path. I'm going to talk about the exploit of the moment which is the bottomless pit in Open Sea. How can a feature like this still be active without real feedback from developers? So, yes, we can put 24 Indiaman in a lynx trader and do 100M or more on a day. But at what cost ? -Do players experience (who works the day or who do not know the technique) who want to buy resources and when they arrive at the port they are empty because the glitchers have already been there? -Have 500M on his account and buy everything, leave nothing to others? -Take the urge to play the player who want to play normally and who are disillusioned to see that kikous breaks the system? -Less selling of ship or upgrade because people are rich and suddenly no need to sell? -Roll easily 24 indiaman live and white from New Orleans to Fort Royal and be quiet in resources? -Less trader in circulation, less gank, well ok I will not complain, but the problem is there anyway. -And I forget about it .... The list of consequences of this fault is huge in the economy and balance of the game (in my opinion). So yes I tested it's cool to do 1 trip to 10M or so. But personally no pleasure nor to play in these conditions nor to see xM on my account knowing that they have not been correctly earned. You will tell me nothing compels me to do it? So personally I did it for testing and to simplify what I do in 4 trips in 1, it has not changed the resources I buy (when I can buy). And still I took time before testing because sorry I do not spend my time exploiting the weaknesses of the game. So how to adjust and correct the system? In wipe: -The gold naturally, -The pvp mark also (avoid investment), -The upgrade (avoid investment), -All the materials white, live, teak, ... (avoid investment and less trader outstanding) In fact, a total wipe risk will prove essential if the devs want to rebalance the game and correct this error. So good a bug that lasts a day and exploit it ok. But 15 days or 1 month seriously !!! M **** e what! Either we correct or disable the function. In short, this is my opinion, which certainly will not be the taste of the player operators all day this BUG, but I'm not sure that the DEV realize the harm that it can do little.
  8. With the goal of increasing OW travel, how about a cargo option of passengers? The way I see it, these passengers could either be a straight cargo option or some form of mission. Unlike other cargo, a passenger wants to go to a specific location and is willing to pay a higher price to take him there. With different professions and values, there are different classes of passenger. Military passengers (fat Admirals) might be willing to travel on a warship. Lower class passengers would accept travel on smaller traders, but the Quality will only take passage on an Indiaman. They'd pay the highest tariffs, of course. Because the passenger requires different ports, players would be transporting them throughout the Caribbean/Gulf, generating PVP opportunities. Capturing a ship with one or more passengers would have interesting options. Set them free (get a reward (some form of book/skill)from a grateful home nation), Ransom them (big money), or kill them. If you kill them, you'll receive some form of reward suitable to an evil bastard, but you will be marked for a period of time and other players gain more PVP for killing you.
  9. As we all know very well one of the oceans biggest mysteries (Aside from that of the Mariana Trench) are man made structures that for reasons unknown are abandoned and left to rot. In naval action it would be pretty spooky. Just imagine your on a one hour sail to do a trading run and in the distance you spot a vessel... her sails are furled and there don't appear to be any men in the rigging or on her deck, so you bring your ship close to her to investigate, even as you draw closer you begin to notice that the deck is in near perfect consition, cables, blocks and restraints are all where they need to be. doors and hatches are properly secured and there's still materials out on the deck. her anchor is on board yet there isnt a single sign of life. further investigation shows that she was hawling an immense load of spanish gold coins, enough to make damn near any man rich yet there isnt a single body on board, long boats are still here and the captain cabin is untouched, with the only thing missing being a captains log... From these encounters you could come across Tbrigs, Indiamen, trincomalees, basically any ship with the bigger ships being much more rare and more likely to have signs of damage making them unsalvageable (Which means if you found a Bellona drifting in perfect condition it would be the open world equivalent of a gold crafted very sturdy L' Ocean. im thinking this could be done like having wrecks at sea, except you don't get bottles to locate them, they're just out there in the deep ocean (Atlantic, the gulf, etc) drifting along waiting for someone to find them. say there's only an allowed instance of 20 or 50 in the server to prevent lag and keep the occurence rare and creepy. people could gain goods, crafting parts or perhaps an entirely serperate ship from these encounters. I came up with this idea on sort of a whim but I hope to see actual reactions from the community this time around unlike my last post...
  10. Prolog Recently i got more into trading and one thing that annoys me most is waiting. Waiting for the other guy to finally reach the port where the trading will happen. Sure it would be possible to place a contract but sometimes we dont want to trade goods for money. Its not possible to trade goods for goods other than player to player trade. Therefore I suggest: Suggestion: Players can place contracts for a specific person with goods for goods trade option. Here is one example: @rediii wants to buy 300 pve marks for 10 pvp. We both agree and set La Tortue as trading location. He is still occupied and needs 20 min to reach La Tortue. Currently i would have to wait 20min. 20 mins are not enough time to start a fight or whatever. Its wasted time for me. But with the specific contract that works like a player to player trade but without being there at the same time there is no wasted time anymore. How it works: I place a contract and enter rediiis name. The trading window could look like this: Now i can leave port and do whatever and my time is not wasted i can deliver content to other players. Rediii now has xy amount of time (maybe 1 maintenance cycle) to claim the contract by paying with 10 pvp marks. This contract would simulate a middleman. He would ofc receive a fee ( tax generation for the port) It could be a fix fee because calculation of the tradevalue will be hard when no money is involved. Fee contains rating of trading good and their amount. Its simulates a middleman and rented warehousespace (numbers presented are just examples) Rules of the Player to Player Contract: Its like the current contracts with some additions. Its possible to withdraw before the other person claims the contract. If the contract isnt concluded in the timeframe (my suggestion was 1 maintenance cycle) the Item returns to the owner + fee has to be paid. When contract is placed the player named in the contract receives a Mail with all contract details, when contract is cancelled the player receives a message as well Both players have to pay a fee fee could depends on item category and amount (kind of similar to the old delivery system) Pros: less time waiting more time to be content in ow quality of life improvement Improves port value items still have to be hauled in OW no Scam what you see is what you get Uncertain: easier alt trading but alts would contribute towards portowners (more tax) Cons: Annyoing other players by canceling the contract
  11. I sent an email however as of late I have not been getting responses through that medium of communication, so instead for the sake of certainty and public dispute I'll be putting this idea up on the forums and see if anyone agrees. I've been thinking of this for quite sometime and have decided that since it'll be easier than having to create an entirely new ship and instead the devs will be using assets that they already have on hand and will have to make minimal adjustments to it (Depending on the way they implement it). Instead of the "Wapen Von Hamburg" there would be a new cargo ship renamed the "Reichtum Von Hamburg" this is of course fictional but it would be a reasonably accurate ship, the Wapen Von Hamburg is the closest thing we have to a galleon and in reality it was a ship built to escort trade fleets during Hamburg's time of economic prominence however it only did this twice, now wouldn't it make sense that this ship could theoretically be refitted and improved to be a cargo ship? It has a VERY wide body (Thus more cargo space) and sits considerably high in the water, by "Refitted" i dont mean a permanent upgrade or anything like that, I mean a completely different ship blueprint that would instead be named "Reichtum Von Hamburg" which in english means "Wealth" or "Riches of Hamburg" which is a fitting name for a cargo ship. At this point the name and fictional history and physical build of the ship seem to make sense, now how would the devs go about implementiing it? i see a few ways of doing this with the easiest way being this... 1. Recycle old Wapen Von Hamburg model in it's entirety with a few exceptions, I would have the gun ports on the two bottom decks closed or removed completely and keep the top two decks as defensive armaments while keeping the paint job and physical attributes. Or if you'd like to go balls to the walls you could keep the model but remove the bottom two decks worth of gun ports completely, remove the decorative gold whales and change the stern decorations to something more fitting for a merchant ship. Then you'd want to change the entire ship to a Bark brown color and insert a Green stripe where the gold stripe is (Which would signify currency/wealth) to keep a sense of individuality on the ship. Now of course with this ship would be a whole new set of stats to go with it and I have put some thought into this comparing the Wapen Von Hamburg's current stats to the Indiaman and Here's a very basic set I've come up with, all of this is up for scrutiny. Class: 4 Decks: 2, limits [6 - 9] Cannons per side: 11 Maximum Speed (Default): 10.00 Turn rate (Default): 2.4 Sides (Default L/R): 4800/4800 Thickness (Default): 55 KEEP IN MIND ALL OF THIS IS UP FOR DEBATE Bow (Default): 1150 Thickness (Default): 28 Stern (Default): 580 Thickness (Default) 25 Hull (Deafult): 2650 Sails (Default): 4500 Rudder (Default): 126 Pump (Default): 245 Crew: 415 (min. 260) <--- I was unsure about this one, Indiaman has 380 and Wapen has 470 and I really didn't know a way to put more crew on it than the indiaman but significantly less than the regular wapen. Hold: 32 slots, Max weight: 6000.0 <--- You'd need to change the Mark weight from 5000 to 10000, still not sure though if this is high or low enough. I really hope the development team takes this to heart because I would really love to see a ship similiar to that of the 17th century "Treasure Galleons" in the game, Galleons were a huge part of naval history (With race built galleons being the main composition of the british fleet during the early 17th century) and to have this huge bulk that players could use to transport even more goods and would be an interesting enemy in battle.
  12. Hi I was in MT and had just used a labour contract. I Tp'd from Mortimer Town to Grindstone and a message suddenly appeared saying: "you have been banned from trade chat, reason:" but no reason was given, window was just blank. When I landed in Grindstone my trade chat window was no longer present. ???
  13. The cost (tax) of placing a buy bid is a significant fraction of the purchase price (default 10%). I dunno about anyone else but I get pretty peeved by the +1 bidding that goes on. So if I bid 300 for 500 logs some cheapskate comes along and bids 301gold, and another 302 and another 303 and so on. For me to outbid I have to ditch 15,000 gold and bid again. This is nonsense. Let's have a coded rule that requires any new highest bid to be at least 10% higher than the existing highest bid price. So for example, in the case of an existing bid of 300 gold any buying bid would have to be at least (300+10%) 330 gold, any outbid of that (330+10%) 363 gold and so on. Conversely bidders will be able to bid at 299 and get in line. I hope that will discourage multiple bid snipes. I would also like to see any under-bid that is withdrawn, which has achieved no purchase quantity, have the bid money and tax refunded in total. I am not aware of any bid system where a bid tax is paid of 10% which is not returned, in full, if no sale is made due to a winning overbid by someone else; mind you the world is a bigger place than my back yard; It just seems wrong and pathetic. Buster (Fair Trade Committee)
  14. Recently thinking about neglected aspects of NA, I suddenly realized that one of my dearest activities is completely missing in the poll: Smuggling Maybe it's a spleen only of me, maybe it's because a smuggler is severly hampered in game: He can't set contracts in enemy ports. For myself i tried to circumvent this problem by making deals with players from other nations or using alts. The latter one is cumbersome and the first one more difficult since we can't open a private chat with enemy players in ow any more and you always have the risk of loosing your trading partner. But I don't want to open the regular market for enemy smugglers, some ports like Esteros or Cartagena would immediately loose their status and attractivity for conquer. Instead of this i would suggest the implementation of a second market with special rules: The Black Market. Rules: - accessible only with smuggler flag or for "indigenous" nationals - instead of 10% tax a 20% gang fee /clan fee as base - no automatic dropping of goods, purely player driven The last point would lead to the mechanic that the smuggler would set for example a contract for buying teak logs and has to wait for a player to sell him some. If the price is high enough, that's a good deal for the selling national player who could buy directly on the regular market and the smuggler gets access to rare goods - for a price, of course. But with the current prices for some goods in the capitals there's still some profit for the smuggler possible. tl;dr: Implement a player-driven Black Market with higher tax for smugglers and other shady folks.
  15. The game is of course a wargame and the battles and fighting are at the moment the most important part. However i think that that a lot of people would like to see both the economic side and the port handling side be improved so that the game can also cater to people who do not want to fight continuously or like me lack the skills of fighting 1v1. I want to explain the things that I would like to see for ports and this is just my personal opinion. I do believe that the interface of the ports and the management system of the ports should be increased. Also i would like to see that a clan leader who is now responsible for the port, can delegate this responsibilty to a port administrator (call it whatever you want probably per nation there are some fancy titles) This administrator would then be responsible for the running of the port and at the moment that isnt really a lot because there are not so any things that you can actually do with a port therefor i would like to suggest some options that could be implemented and that would stimulate also a bit the trade between ports. The administrator would have access to the port warehouse a bit like a clan leader would have access to the clan warehouse. This would be used for storing the goods that you would need for running the port and its defenses. Like a normal warehouse this can be expanded to store more goods and a different variety of goods. Later will become clear what types of goods i am thinking about and why it would be important to have these goods always in the warehouse. This would not be like your own warehouse where goods are stored but this would be more for storing the goods that are consumed every day. Forts are probably one of the main features of a port. A well defended port is harder to take and every port should start with 2 basic round towers that are next to the town. The administrator would then be able to add additional forts on places he believes are suitable for the defenses of the port. I would like to see it like with a shipyard that you will have to upgrade the forts that you build. Fort level 1: Basic round fort as we know it right now. To build it you will need to have stone, oak, muskets, provisions, iron, canons and a certain amount of gold. This fort could be placed anywhere on the map but depending on the location this can be upgraded to a bigger fort. Fort would also have to be maintained every day and would require a certain amount of the materials that are used for building it as well as gold for daily maintenance. Also after a port battle the damage would have to be repaired a bit in the same way that we have to repair our ships after a battle. This would also be necessary for the larger forts that follow but of course the bigger the fort the higher the maintenance. Fort level 2: This would be the basic suare fort like we know it now. This would only be available if you have allready a round fort in place and could only be placed on certain areas of the map to account for the underground etc etc. I would limit the amount to 2 forts of this type per port to avoid a port being cluttered by forts. Fort level 3: This would be the highest upgrade and i would call it a bastion. These would the upgrade for the level 2 fort and there could only be 1 of these forts per harbour. The places where these forts could be built should be limited due to there extended size. the most important change for these forts would be heavier guns and also mortars to defend the harbour. It would be important for the administrator to always keep the resources available to maintain the forts because if certain resources are not the there the fort will start to decay. This will be shown in the port battle as a damaged fort allready and therefor will take less hits before being destroyed. Same thing would go if the administrator does not repair the forts after a port battle they would still be damaged. Forts should only count as 300 points maximum in a port battle, no matter how many are destroyed, this to avoid too much emphasis being put on destroying only the forts and not fighting a battle with ships. The BR of a port battle should also depend on the size of the forts there are. A shollow water port with only 2 square forts should only get like 750 BR where a deep water port with 4 round forts, a square fort and a bastion would be 9600 BR or more, and maybe with other multipliers like county capital to go to 11000 BR. The prices for the maintenance should be set high enough that only the most valuable ports or the ports that a clan really wants to keep out of a strategic perspective, would have the biggest forts. A useless port would then also show up on the map as useless due to its BR. Trade should also be steered by the administrator and a bit more then it is now. instead of the random dropping of goods per port the administrator should be able to attract traders or trading companies from different nations. He can then choose for instance to have a dutch trading company of level 1, 2 or 3 in his port and the highest level would then drop the rare dutch goods like Grietje van Dijk. I am just giving an example. However if the dutch trading company does not make enough money of course they will not come with the rare resources and they will not drop. This would stimulate the trade between different ports. Of course having a trader in your harbour would also mean that he needs to be supplied with certain goods which would increase the import and export of a harbour. Natural resources that drop in a port can of course not be changed by the administrator, or only in a way that it is now. the benefits of an extended harbour management system would be increased trade, less gold in rotation, other gameplay options, port battles would be more important, important ports would be harder to take not like at the moment where ports are constantly flipped and changing hands. It would also give the nations an option for a long time investment in a port and would make the loss of one of those ports really hurt.
  16. I'd like to suggest three things: 1) Remove all crafting mats from ports inside reinforcement zones. Atm there's no possibility to wage econ warfare on especially DK/NG and Sweden due to the large number of ports/mats inside the reinforcement zones. 2) Make trading goods great again! I fully back the latest increase in combat mission awards, it makes a posible alternative to trading, but trading as a result is no longer profitable. My two-fold suggestion is either increase profit margins or reduce item weight on trading mats (i.e. making every trip more profitable by bulk quantities). This would make traders/crafters leave the reinforcementzones and econ warfare viable again. Another way could be to remove the reinforcementzones and just make missions close instantly.
  17. The Suggestion is Simple. Right now Trade happens almost 100% Local. With no Info on other Ports available. Now how could we improve that without breaking immersion. The Answer is by addint Trade Posts and Taverns. 1. Trade Posts Trade Posts would allow us to Post Buy and Sell Offers not only in the Local Port but in a certain Range of Ports around that Port. Of course the Tradepost would demand a Share of the Profit for Spreading the Offer around. And even if the Order is visible in other Ports the Goods still need to be bought to the Port where the Order came from. 2. Taverns Taverns would allow us to get gossip from the Sailors that travel around. We could see what Surrounding Ports have in their Stores. It might also be used for Missions and Events later. And even as a bit of an Player News source for example if a Large Fleet Battle took place this might pop up in the Infos for a Port 3. How it works. There is two choices. Either use regular NPC Trade Routes. So the other Ports get the News when NPC Ships travel by to update them. Which gives alot of Immersion as Info would spread along trade routes realistically making info more outdated the further away you get and also allows to interdict info. Or we go with a Simple Timer based on Distance. In which Info Spreads The lazy variant so go say ^^ What will this do? Most of all it will increase Player Trade. If I see that someone in Port A wants to buy 1000 Iron for 600 Gold each and that in Port B someone sells 1000 Iron for 400 Gold each. I can Buy it and Ship it thus getting a Reward and get Economy Running. It also allows Players to find Ships and Stuff without docking in each port. If I know from the Tavern that 10 minutes ago there was still 60 long barrel Cannons in Port X and I need these I can go there directly instead of randomly searching for a place to get Long Cannons. This as well greatly promotes Economy Even better. This could include info like 10 minutes ago an Enemy Fleet was roaming the Area or that someone attacked Traders there etc. Making it easier to find PvP or avoid it when you want to Transport big stuff ^^ Finally it would greatly add towards making the world feel alife
  18. There is currently no place for the EU server where people not involved in inner diplomatic circles can know the newest diplomatic developments, so I thought I just start this thread until something better will be set up. As you will see, its pratically a copy of the Global servers thread by Teutonic. I have no connections or information channels yet since Im pretty new to the game, so please inform me here or ingame about any wrong information or new developments. I will try to get more involved going forward, but if somebody already good connected wants to take over this thread, he or she is very welcome! Altough I know there are already agreements, I've set default War? until I get otherwise notified. If there are crucial specifications to the respective agreement, please inform me so that I can clarify the description. I will try to update this thread accordingly as regularly as I can. Also, please feel free discuss the feasability of the following format! As I said its just copy and pasted. Format will be as follows: War -- A significant proportion of clans (either per number or size) has officially declared war against the other nation, with a clear wargoal (f.e. to take certain ports). Hostile -- There hasn't been any official statements/declarations of war, but there are frequent attacks and conquests. Neutral -- There are neither (regular) hostilities, nor any additional agreements made. Agreements -- Trade agreements, NAPs, NIPs, Port Agreements, or other limited agreements will define this slot. Description will specify the agreements content. Alliance -- An Alliance is made when a significant proportion of clans (either per number or size) within a nation are in agreement. Greyed Out -- means there is additional confirmation needed. Clans Agreements: If a Clan wishes to have agreements be made public, they may do so, otherwise nothing is official. Ideally, each agreement-info-comment is described by the respective nations, clans and specifications involved. See the SAPA-post. I'll give a short description á la Format above and will then link your comment so anybody interested can look at the details of different involved parties, etc. Maybe this way we can pass by the problem, that diplomacy is essentially Clan-based. Politics/Diplomacy United States of America Verenigde-Provincien : Neutral Espana: SAPA[c] France: War? Great Britain: War? Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Neutral Pirates: SAPA[c] Verenigde-Provincien United States: Neutral Espana: Hostile France: Neutral Great Britain: Trade Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Neutral Pirates: Hostile Espana Verenigde-Provincien: Hostile United States: SAPA[c] France: Neutral Great Britain: Hostile Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Neutral Pirates: SAPA[c] France Verenigde-Provincien: Hostile Espana: Neutral United States: War? Great Britain: War? Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: War Pirates: War? Great Britain Verenigde-Provincien: Trade Espana: Hostile France: War? United States: War? Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Hostile Pirates: War? Denmark-Norge Verenigde-Provincien: Hostile Espana: Hostile France: Hostile Great Britain: Hostile United States: Hostile Sverige: Hostile Pirates: Hostile Sverige Verenigde-Provincien: Neutral Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Hostile Denmark-Norge: Hostile United States: Neutral Pirates: Neutral Pirates Verenigde-Provincien : Hostile Espana: SAPA[c] France: Hostile Great Britain: Hostile Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Hostile United States: SAPA[c] Regards! Merijn Van Roij
  19. Bonsoir/bonjour à tous et à toutes, Premièrement, je tiens à me présenter pour ceux qui ne me connaissent pas. Je suis un joueur de Naval action depuis fin 2015 et bien que je fus obligé de faire une pause pendant quelques mois durant l'année passée, j'ai pu suivre sont évolution via différents sites d'actualité et via certains amis qui jouaient toujours. J'ai dans un premier temps joué dans la nation français puis depuis peu chez les pirates. Je précise que je suis un joueur majoritairement PvE et surtout Trade mais j'insiste sur le fait que cela ne m'empèche pas de temps à autre d'aider mes camarades de clan lors de raid occasionnels ou de PB ( je précises que je joue désormais Pirate et donc que c'est normal si vous ne m'avez pas vu dans les batailles FR). Je penses donc pouvoir dire que je comprends chaque points de vues concernant les différents types de jeu, avec certaines limites toutefois. Je viens donc à vous pour discuter principalement de mon expérience en temps que trader et des défauts du jeu que j'ai pu constater, et enfin pour proposer mes idées pour faire évoluer le jeu. Ayant principalement joué en temps que trader, j'ai beaucoup voyagé. Que ce soit dans les eaux françaises lors de mes débuts, mais aussi de plus en plus loin afin de trouver les meilleurs prix. J'ai parfois fais des trajets de plusieurs heures pour obtenir un profit qui soit réellement intéressants. Jusqu'ici, vous me direz que c'est normal et que ça ne serait pas logique que ce soit à la porte d'à côté qu'on puisse obtenir des gros profits. Je suis d'accord et comme beaucoup le savent, les prix d'achat et de vente dépendent des besoin des ports mais aussi de la rareté de l'item en question. Chaque région produisant tel ou tel type de ressources, il est normal que les régions adjacentes se procurent facilement ces même ressources, et donc par définition que les prix de ventes soient sensiblement équivalents au prix d'achat de la région d'origine. De plus, un joueur qui prend donc le temps de voyager d'un port producteur à un port consommateur gagnera probablement beaucoup, bien entendu à la condition qu'il voyage sans encombres jusqu'à ce port consommateur. Ces port consommateur sont bien souvent les capitales, ceci implique donc d'aller relativement loin (bien souvent à l'étranger) pour ensuite revenir et approvisionner la capitale. Ceci est normal et ce n'est pas ce qui me dérange. Ce qui me dérange, c'est que par rapport au temps passé à voyager dans des eaux dangereuses pour au finale gagner un bénéfice équivalent à 30 minutes de jeu PvP/PvE c'est relativement ennuyant et démotivant... Qu'on soit bien d'accord, le fait d'avoir une escorte limitera les risques, certes, mais il ne feront pas gagner plus d'argent et cela mobilisera plusieurs joueurs et donc ceux-ci n'y gagneront rien. Je conçois que je parles du serveur PvP et beaucoup m'en feront la remarque en me disant gentillement ( ou pas ) d'aller voir sur le serveur PvE pour faire mon trade tranquillement. Je répondrai à ces messieurs qu'il est certes, nettement moins risqué d'aller en eaux étrangères sur le serveur PvE, cependant comme beaucoup le savent ce serveur n'est habité qu'en moyenne d'environ 150 joueurs et que le système économique est le même sur chaque serveur, du moins, on y trouve les même problèmes. Ceci implique très peu de demande et donc pas d'intérêt. Imaginez vous pouvoir finaliser un contrat seulement une fois tous les 36 du mois. J'ajouterai que je ne souhaites pas éviter le PvP, mais plutôt rendre le commerce intéressant et surtout VALABLE comparé au PvP. Le fait qu'un trader ne gagne que très peu comparé à un joueurs PvP implique que peu de monde exploite le commerce dans le sens pur du terme. Celui ci ne sert donc qu'à faire joli et parfois à subvenir au besoin d'un joueur qui n'aurai pas encore construit un bâtiment de production. Pour finir, ceci implique que les navires de trade sont majoritairement utilisés dans le but de convoyer des ressources d'un avant poste possédant un bâtiment de production, vers l'endroit où les joueurs sont basés. Vient ensuite le 2ème problème. Celui ci concerne les ressources n'ayant aucun port de production, où que ce soit. Je parles par exemple du White Oak Log(WOL), du Crooked Cedar, etc... qui sont des ressources qui apparaissent chaque heure en petite quantité dans peu de ports. Je trouves que le fait que ces ressources soient disponible de façon très limitée est normal. Cependant les joueurs qui, connaissant la rareté de ces items, vont placer un avant-poste dans ces fameux ports ( comme Kemps Bay pour le WOL ) et vont en permanence placer un contrat sur la ressource. Ceci implique qu'en très peu de temps on se retrouves avec une espèce de bataille de contrats avec comme seul gagnant celui qui sera le plus actif pour garder son contrat au prix d'achat le plus élevé en espérant être l'heureux gagnant de l'heure de production. J'ai pu constater que lors de la reprise du serveur après le dernier wipe, le WOL était à environ 70 par unité à Kemps Bay. Désormais, il y a en permanence une dizaine de contrats et le prix ne cesse de grimper. Aujourd'hui le prix atteignait les 200 par unité environ pour le WOL et plus de 28 000 pour le Crooked Cedar. Jusqu'où est-ce qu'on va aller si ça reste comme ça? Gardons en tête que ces ressources, tout le monde en aura toujours besoin et donc par définition que le prix continuera d'augmenter avec le temps si rien ne change. Je comprends que l'objectif est de rendre cette ressource difficile à acquérir, cependant avec ce système ces ressources sont difficiles à acquérir uniquement pour les joueurs ayant le moins d'argent. Donc pour faire simple, si un joueurs veut avoir de l'argent pour acquérir ces ressources, il faut qu'il oublie le trade, ou bien qu'il soit motivé dur comme fer pour passer des heures de voyages pour au final gagner un profit médiocre. Bien souvent les joueurs ne sont pas obstinés à ce point là est ils décident donc de mettre de côté le trade. J'aimerai maintenant exposer mes idées afin d'améliorer le système économique du serveur. -Diminuer légèrement le profit des batailles PvP/PvE tout en augmentant la possibilité de trouver quelques matériaux dans les soutes des IA, ceci pour inciter les joueurs à par exemple vendre ces ressources aux trader à un prix correcte, et ensuite que ces traders puissent aller les vendre là ou c'est intéressant. -Augmenter le nombre des villes consommatrices en fonction des demandes historiques mais aussi des besoins de base. Par exemple, toute ville est susceptible de consommer du rhum en quantité suffisante. Il en va de même pour du poisson et autres ressources alimentaires, mais aussi parfois pour des ressources moins communes. -Augmenter légèrement les profits possibles en commerçant afin d'inciter les joueurs à s'intéresser au trade et non pas uniquement au PvP/PvE. -Mettre un malus important lors de l'annulation d'un contrat non terminé/non rempli. Ceci impliquerait que les joueurs hésiteront avant de retirer un contrat pour en replacer un autre seulement 1 gold au dessus des autres. Toutefois, il faudrait limiter la quantité de ressources qu'un contrat peut contenir ( quantité définie en fonction de l'item ) et aussi augmenter légèrement la production des ports afin que ces contrats ne prennent pas trop longtemps pour être rempli et qu'il ne monopolisent pas toute la production pendant des jours. Je suis ouvert à tout commentaire constructif et objectif. Je traduirai ce sujet en anglais afin de le poster dans la partie Suggestion du forum, en fonction des avis des joueurs francophones. Hawk158, Pirate contrebandier.
  20. So I should start by stating that I haven't gone as in depth as some other more veteran players here, I'm sure you can tell by my amount of posts. My play time isn't that absurdly high either, but I have listened to as many players as I could and though I don't know a tremendous amount about the game, I thought of some things that hopefully veteran gamers could either expand on, run with, or completely shut down. Either way, it's a learning experience for me. I've noticed that this game is focused on OW PvP and Port battles (I think that awesome and it drew me to this game on the first place), but what I'm also noticing is a lot of grind. Now I've grounded a lot, I don't mind grinding for a good cause, as long as I can see a reward in the not so distant future. The major problem I'm seeing is that grinding is on EVERY front in this game. Gold, Character XP, Ship XP, Crafting XP, PvE Marks, PvP Marks, Conquest Marks, I mean even mission runs, delivery missions, and Trading runs! This whole thing seems very disconnected with each other. PvP seems to be completely counter to Trading. Why can't we come up with a different solution? Bear with me as I break with down as best as I can, and my suggestions that I think could help the game, traders, PvPers, Roleplayers, and RvR. First and foremost: Trading Trading should be the lifeblood of any major empire, it dictates the market for its Captains and its military might! Why not have all ports consume goods? Use this to push traders to transport more goods of a particular type towards specific places. This already occurs to some ports in the game, but what happens if you make it all ports? What happens if the price of the goods reflect this. What would happen if after a while, those ports weren't getting their shipments of goods? Maybe a small bonus to grinding out hostility in that area(small bump)? Maybe less powerful AI fleets would appear. As time goes on, the less and less shipments that get through, the more damage it does to the port (accumulating negatives). Either way, it's a benefit to those who would possibly want to nab that port. What happens if that port is well supplied however? The traders are doing their jobs? Maybe a small negative (just hamper) to would be hostility hits. More powerful AI fleets? Maybe a cheaper crew cost, since they're in a wealthy area and there's a surplus of sailors or scallywags? Why not have all ports producing goods? I mean every hour on the hour, more resources or goods show up. Have them be on sale for more than what a player can make, as to preserve the need for buildings, but when an AI trader comes into port, have them at least have a higher chance to carry that ports produced items out. Both of these could work into a wicked PvP mechanic. Port Raids Blockading a port should hamper it, Raiding a port should strip it of most stockpiled resources that the port was using to survive. While I think, having players items be stolen could be realistic, I would think having the trading goods, food, and port products from its own production be a much easier hit on the economy. PvP Bounty missions/Letters of Marque I detest these marks, absolutely hate them as they only benefit those that are already playing in PvP, so they can obtain better ships. (It's like how WoW was with Grand Marshal gear way back when. It's pretty easy to pummel down a guy with green or blue gear when you have epic gear.) I actually liked it how it was before the patch in that aspect. Wars should be decided by two things; Battles of men and the battles of Wealth. With Dura being 1, I fail to see the need for this as another grindfest. But if the game has determined to keep them, maybe using a bounty system on specific Nationalities might better help the choking bottleneck of these items. You could even add letters of Marque by clans to hire other nationalities to attack specific ports or nations. Having PvPers earn more than what they earn now. Crafting Let players cap unranked ships. This will not only help them get out of the monotonous grind for gold when they start, but get them into a ship they can PvP with. Likewise, they can deconstruct them and use that to help them push their Crafting XP. They become more useful in PvP AND they start having a goal to become investors in crafting, pushing the economy more! I know I'm not a veteran, nor do I post much, but I do want to make this game better, and I want to bring in more people. But I can see why some are getting slightly aggravated with everything right now and why some are reluctant to join. Thanks for your time.
  21. Have a seat. Get yourself drink of water from the scuttled butt. Here... add a bit of something stronger from this bottle. You only got a few minutes break so I'll be quick. I am your Harbor Master. I keep my eyes and ears open for scuttlebutt from the ports in these waters. I used to have agents everywhere and we'd share what we learned. Yep, back then... the right sources and the right customers... those odd bits of news used to earn us quite a tidy sum on the side. But alas, your ole Harbor Master ain't as young as he used to be and many of my agents are sailing different waters. The Admiralty is controlling information these days. Them in Europe want to keep us down... keep all the profits for themselves and their ilk. I need some new agents. So, lad, keep a weather eye not just to the clouds, but watch the ports and markets. Let your ole Harbor Master here know what you see and you may just find yourself drawing more than your Captain's pay and the miserly "rewards" that the King deems fit to give you. But one quick warning... You know how gossip is. Information grows old like those fish in your hold or maybe the agent who is sharing it has less than honorable intentions. So don't blame your friend the Harbor Master if it doesn't pan out or you get burned. I don't know if I can trust every one of my new agents. Har! I don't even know if I can trust YOU! ___________________________________________________ REAL LIFE: scuttlebutt: noun rumor; gossip English origin from the scuttled water butt (barrel) providing drinking water on the deck of a ship; Sailors would traditionally exchange gossip when they gathered at the scuttlebutt for a drink of water. I have created an online bulletin board called Scuttlebutt from the Harbor Master to make up for what I feel is currently a shortcoming in the tools at our disposal within the game. The developers just rescinded their decision to stop global chat. [Thank you, @admin] However, other than real-time chat we do not have any other in-game or centralized mechanism to share information or conduct global trade. The game's trading tool, updated just once a day at maintenance, is inadequate. The Game Labs forum or Steam forum could be set up to facilitate this, but they are currently not organized for that task and are preoccupied with discussions of development issues. Chat helps but it's not "sticky" and is often quite cluttered. I would love it if this new site becomes superfluous because of in-game tools but in the meantime, here you go. I hope we all find the scuttlebutt useful providing opportunities for roleplay. Basically, I envision this site to at least temporarily take the place of what one might see, hear, and read on the docks and in the taverns of our fictional Naval Action world. I am using the free bulletin board host ProBoards but have paid so none of us have to look at ads. Right now, you do not have to register to read or post but I highly suspect I will need to require registration in the future to add just a bit of accountability. I do encourage you to register anyway so that readers have a way to respond privately via PM to your posts. If you're making a commerce offer, you may also gain more trust being registered. I would encourage folks to use their primary in-game Captain's name and enter their game server and country in their member profile too. I can neither vouch for, nor would I if I could, the validity of other members posts. This will be a place for role-play. I can say that the Harbor Master character will never deliberately mislead you. I can't make the same promise for my in-game Captain Farrago. Please post feedback on the success or failures of deals or information. Without an in-game reputation system for players, your posted feedback will help others weigh the value of the scuttlebutt. Please be aware that by participating on this board you are agreeing to the Terms of Service of the site host ProBoards. I, as currently the sole moderator of the Scuttlebutt bulletin board, will be the judge of whether your participation violates these ToS. Otherwise, I'm no prude and don't want to play arbiter of good taste. Role-play is fine. If the player character is a scalawag, it's okay to say so. However, personal attacks on the real life person will be shut down. Any questions, problems, or suggestions... contact the Harbor Master on Scuttlebutt from the Harbor Master or me, Farrago, right here. If you find it useful, please share this site with other players of Naval Action.
  22. Is there any relation between what AI traders are carrying and the ports they are near? If not, @admin, there should be. AI traders seem to mainly be making short hauls. It would make sense if they were carrying goods consumed or produced at the nearby ports. I apologize if this is already in game and I just haven't noticed it.
  23. This might only work in conjunction with a reputation system, but what if players could craft and trade Letters of Marque. They would temporarily assign the creating nation's flag (with its restrictions on who is an enemy) to the player holding the letter. There are a few options how this might be interesting: 1. Only Nats could make them and only Pirates could get them. 2. Or since alliances are being "turned off" perhaps one Nation could give it to another Nation's player. They would not be free to make and presumably whoever accepts the letter will want some sort of payment as well. A player could only hold one letter at a time I'm sure there are other ways this could play out but it seems like it would have positive impact for low pop nations while avoiding alliance entanglements and provide a mechanism for pirates to do some privateering. Please discuss.
  24. I'm hoping this thread can stay constructive. Please don't bother to use this as a place to whine about how much you hate the idea of a PVE zone in the Gulf coexisting on the same server as PVP. Unless the Devs change their minds, it's going to happen and unless there are things we don't know about its implementation, it is going to cause some pain points. Hopefully we as a community of PVP and PVEers can make some constructive suggestions about how to minimize these pain points. @admin if there is something we just don't understand about implementation, please clarify. BTW, I'm not saying I like all these "solutions" but I'm putting them out there for discussion. Community, please add pain points you see and possible solutions as well, Pain Point: Admin has indicated that players will be able to freely move between PVP and PVE. Also free ports will not exist in PVE zone. Still, assuming all resources can be obtained in the PVE zone, ship construction and resource accumulation can be accomplished in relative safety either by PVP players in the PVE zone or by ALTS specifically created for the purpose. Possible full or partial solutions: 1. Disable the ability to have ALTS or at least make it a huge pain to switch back and forth between characters. While I like this idea, I doubt it would get any traction. 2. Disble the ability to teleport characters and/or tow ships between the two zones. 3. Make some classes of ships or necessary mats not craftable in PVE zone. 4. Sink 'em as they come out. While it may sound like ithe border will be a target rich environment, the (roughly) north-south boundary between zones covers a lot of ocean. Solution: Choke points. For example in order to change your status from PVE to PVP you have to visit a friendly port in the PVP zone in order to "obtain your orders" or whatever we want to call it. Making folks exit the PVE zone through the straight of Florida might be another idea. What other problems do you see and how might they be solved?
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