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  1. Hi All, Returning player after a long break away. There used to be an online or downloadable page/software that when you entered ship type/Wood type/Planking type the effects of those choices would populate the basic ship data such as new armour values, speeds, turn rates etc etc. I can;t remember its name and sadly no longer have a bookmark to its location. I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the file or web page so that I can theory craft builds before committing to them. Or if it is known the software is no longer current and unavailable let me know. Many Thanks
  2. I am late to this discussion and may have missed some posts. There is currently a game series called "NWS Steam and Iron" from nwswargaming.net. "Rule the Waves" is one of their games, a top down combat simulation where you run the navy of a nation (You can get sacked!) and fight fleet battles 1899 - 1925. Despite fairly basic UI and graphics the ability to choose whether you have historical ships supplied to you or to design from scratch all ships you use is awesome. There is a top down design format which allows you to place turrets, freehand draw superstructure. Decide on turret type/gun calibre, placement of turrets or barbettes etc. along with armour thicknesses to belt, deck, turrets extended deck etc etc all within design by class constraints and realistic weight limits. Then of course you got to see them sink or swim in fleet battles using those ships. It would be worthwhile the Dev's taking a look. There may even be some collaboration which may save development time. NWSwargaming.net Footnote: I'm not associated with the company or design team. I just own a copy and play their game from time to time.
  3. I am red green colour blind and if different 'options' were available then choosing colour blind as is or colour blind solid "With black text box white letters and White text box blue letters could be a simple improvement
  4. If you are going to have more fun as a different nation seems to me you just have to switch. We're all adults here (Well mostly) enjoy your game and hope you have more fun and less frustration in your new nation. Everything else tbh is just flannel
  5. Are the fleet AI really so impressive ? Not in my experience. So shouldn't cost so much. I agree 1 point rank 1, 2 point rank 2, 3 point rank 3 would be maximum I would be prepared to pay for 3 fleet perks. I know I would also regularly wince at how much I paid when in battle and shaking my head in despair when my AI act like drunken lubbers. Make the AI better and allow higher rated ships and less crew restrictions and sure spend all your points on 3 fleet perks.
  6. 1) Implement realistic ocean currents and weather/wind effects. Thus allowing players a speed boost on the open world map and creating potential 'hunting grounds' to intercept ship using such routes. 2) Dual teaming. Can anything be done to combat ruination of RVR situations by dual teaming players. 3) Seed local freeports with materials from surrounding ports, perhaps at increased base prices. This would assist smaller nations/clans to gather rarer resources that would otherwise be closed to them. (Not everyone wants an alt account) (PS Need to fix my details below, very out of date)
  7. Well said Spam. Review away, I even refreshed mine that I posted after just 5 hours of in game fun. You can only review a game on its current state, Its state is still in testing, so many reviews seem to miss that the game is still being developed. The only issue I had with the review posted was that other posts could be deleted by the OP, but thats Steam's issue not ours and Game Labs off topic flag appears to have prevented further tampering. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm still in game from time to time, but basically like many others I am waiting the launch proper. See you all then o7
  8. Looking forward to the patch. With a view to the port battles, I see the biggest problem for attention is that between decision to attack and port taken is very quick, so the community in the main will be offline and unaware so cannot take part. Adding a 7 day cool down after the fact will not reduce the en masse roll over tactics we are currently seeing. Provisions in game I think are a good thing implemented in a reasonable role. Looking forward to the decision on them.
  9. This plain and simple. Throw ships papers over the side thats about your lot. In a stern chase lasting hours maybe you could dispose of a little cargo just as naval ships could cast away guns but in game throwing your cargo away is imho griefing the player who actually bothered to pvp you. This is a PVP game right ? It took hours to fill your hold with harbour side assistance in the form of dozens maybe hundreds of extra dock workers, gantries and using your own spars as lifting frames, obviously with reduced men available (Don't forget cargo ships carried barely enough men to sail the ship) unloading was done with the extra help at port. They didn't carry porters with them. Using your own spars rigged for lifting obviously they aren;t being used as power for sailing so you would stop or be seriously slowed down.
  10. OP has a valid argument that 'something' could be done to cause nations to consider carefully over-reaching their areas of influence and 'supply lines'. An influence counter or similar per port that slowly ticks down through lack of use/supply per real day etc. Perhaps as a nation each port costs 'x' support. the further away from a friendly major port the higher that maintenance ? Definitely something that can be chewed over
  11. I agree 50% Marines to crew is not historical for naval ships. Do we need to consider still, additional crew/boarders for letter of marque and if we still have them pirate vessels ? Each rate of naval ship and I believe your rank entitled you to a compliment of marines and suitable ranked marine officers. As the rate of ship increased so too did the compliment and rank of its officers. However the ability, morale and musketry of a crew and its marines could be varying in quality. Without extensive training and exercising all of these skills would be green. I would like to see numbers remain historical within the game and allow quality options or 'special orders' to give players the ability to decide what modifiers they can apply. For numbers you really have to consider as has already been mentioned above, that ships fitted out for long cruises simply did not have extra room within the hulls to carry dozens or more of extra men, be they marines or sailors. At least not without it effecting the fighting ability of the ship. (Deck space given over to extra crew or marines, could only be made by removing cannon)
  12. Current system tweak maybe ? In relation to the drop rate, Why not make this a visible % the crafter can see on his screen, and increase the % chance a little every time he crafts a triggering vessel without it dropping. Future system maybe ? Target BP research points for specific BP is known and public knowledge. Every ship crafted adds a value to a research pool held for the player and visible on his crafting screen. The pool is held for each rate. (Advanced versions crafted may add extra points especially if maxed out on upgrade slots.) Player can utilize other rate research points at reduced effect when researching a new BP. (Greater the rate difference - smaller the value) Minimum research points from a particular rate for each BP is known and public knowledge. (avoids crafting 6th rates all your career then eventually qualifying to craft a 1st rate) Practice So the player has a list of research points he's acquired for each rate of ship. The player knows how many research points he needs for a particular BP The player knows the minimum research points he needs from a specific research pool. The player selects his new target BP Minimal research points from a specific rate are allocated and the player chooses which research points he will use to complete the total either same rate or a combination of same and other rate pools. (Slider system from differing rate tally's) Player unlocks the new BP permanently Trade-able BP ? Once researched the player can produce additional Trade-able/sell-able BP that will construct 1 vessel. Seller must craft these using research points (x amount) and coins. Receiving crafter must expend suitable rate research points to use the BP for a 1 off build, but does not gain the BP unlock.(Smaller research tally required) Minimal research points from a specific rate are allocated and the player chooses which research points he will use to complete the total. (Slider system from differing rate tally's) Player crafts a 1 off ship.
  13. Add the PURSER warrant officer to the ship build, an automatic addition in the form of a warrant officer responsible for supplying the ships crew with goods , clothing and food throughout the commission. Forget completely (For the moment) about ongoing provision requirements per crew size, voyage length, miles sailed, time in game etc etc. The devs want to bring in the extra econ feature and ship build component so why muddy the waters for the moment with the why's and the wherefores. In game terms now When commissioning a ship (With its extra provision costs and associated econ work), the ship comes supplied with a Warrant officer in the officer slot in the form of the Purser or "the clerk of Burser" an older term. (In latter and army terms a quartermaster). For the moment this is a none moving, none impact icon but gives credance to the changes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purser In future game terms We can all persue finer ongoing provision requirements at a later stage of the test period, If all this does is create lots of small boat fishing fleets to be witnessed around harbour and coasts that may or may not be player sailed, and may or may not be interactible is immaterial. On clear and mucky weather fishing fleets were a common sight near towns and villages and will add some flavour to the open world views. (Just as a matter of interest, fishing boats were considered neutral and not to be attacked by any nation)
  14. I am uncertain there is benefit at this time adding to a ships initial build cost, unless adding provisions into initial ship cost is a way of getting it into the game for future tweaks and maintenance features. My personal view would be to add a moneysink at each port you land at to top-up supplies for your vessel/crew size depending on the length of voyage(In game time) between port visits. I dislike an afk/real time timer method, as casual players with limited time in game to earn funds will be adversely effected especially if crew morale and fitness are also effected. Whilst i applaud any advance the devs can make in the game, adding an extra build component which increases the complexity of the resource gathering part of the game isn't in my opinion a game changer when other areas would perhaps feel a greater benefit from the devs hours. Just my humble opinion.
  15. I like the implimentaion of active viable crews and look forward to testing. For prizes I would like to see a couple of options. Option 1, Ship stays with you as an AI vessel with its minimal crew, therefore unable to do more than recieve an escape order should a new battle start before arriving in an outpost. You own ship crew level being reduced accordingly until entering port. If the prize is lost so then is your prize crew. Option 2, Ship is sent to an outpost of your choice as an independant AI vessel on the OW map. Your ships crew is reduced accordingly until you can retrieve your crew from the same outpost. The AI ship would act as a trader in trying to escape an enemy vessel should it be encountered in PVP en route to its target port. If the prize is lost so then is your prize crew. Crew replacement, medical officers, crewmen with minor injuries return to compliment inside battle victory screen, crewmen with major injuries return to active duty on return to a port. Pressed men/volunteers from enemy fleets (You may get a minimal of volunteers from enemy fleets). My preference is to follow historical policy. Each nation would 'pool' its foreign captive seamen and officers. It would then exchange prisoners often with the value of 1 nations seamen being worth more than another, but perhaps a simpler 1 for 1 system could be used and a small transaction fee to cover passage etc. For ship morale I would like to see this implimented into the battle mechanics above and beyond the current usage in boarding. Morale is a fickle thing, and different events within the battle as well as perhaps officer skills/quality should stimulate positive and negative effects on morale numbers as a battle develops. For example, Ship reaching the point where 100% crew are needed for survival should automatically strike if enemy ships are more of a threat locally than saviours (Say 400 yards) especially if under fire. Fleet strength over-all vs local superiority of enemy and friendly ships. Damage taken, crew losses, Officer bonuses, crew quality bonuses etc etc.
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