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  1. Hello guys, I'm seeking a partner to do some mission with, i'm fairly new to this state of the game. I'm part of the verenigde provinciƫn and i'm in a cutter. I've played this game before long time ago so i know the combat basics. You can add me on steam: fig or my ingame is James Hetfield or you can drop your steam name below!
  2. Besides for the ridicilcious values of the products elite dangerous has a REALLY good system.
  3. I always repair only when i start taking water.
  4. Perfect thanks! Don't know why i didn't think of that
  5. Hello fellow sailors; i'm having the AZERTY key bindings glitch. Mainly the rudder. Since there are no new posts regarding this issue it seems like alot of people have it fixed? Would you mind linking your keyboard layout from client.exe here? Thanks Benjamin
  6. You can close this topic all you wont but it wont change the fact that the amount of people actually playing is lowering.
  7. Hello sailors, I'm here to discuss a serious matter. A month ago when i logged on at around 18pm gmt +1 there would be a player base of around 160 people on. Now there's only 50-70 player one,we can conclude that the player base is dwindeling. Naval action needs a new game mode or some new features even though its in beta. Here are some of my suggestion (I'm not very creative when it comes to these kind of stuff but i'll give it a try). The names are by no means serious. Random Ship: You get placed in to a lobby with a random ship (very straight foward) Add some more stuff in the comment section ? rules etc... Just a normal pvp game where everyone gets a random vessel. Capture the ship/Escort: A ship spawns with a treasure, the oppiste team has to capture that ship (can be an type of ship) the treasure will be captured as soon as the treasure carrying ship is destroyed by the axis. There are a limited amount amounts of every type of ship. The treasure ship will be heavily armored but will be not very mobile but will have a good amount of firepower. The allies must escort the treasure ship to a certain waypoint to win. I realise that Game-labs doesn't have a huge amount of human resource. I'm by no mean a game dev or someone who capable of it, i'm just making a suggestion. Don't take it seriously These game modes are obviously place holders for when the whole open world comes out. If you have any other ideas please mention them in a comment. Sincerely, Benjamin
  8. I'm a slipknot fan, i play the drums and bass guitar so i'm naturally in to rock and metal.Especially slipknot i have being listing to them for a while now !
  9. Thanks for the replies! I have no problem with a ship wipe as long as i can keep my victory ^^
  10. Hello fellow sailors! Is it true that sailors with the santisima unlocked will get access to openworld on the 23th of febuary? Greets, Benjamin Black Beard
  11. Also didn't enjoy using doubles. I couldn't seem to hit anything due to the 24 pounders having such low range on doubles. It feels like i have to go right up on someone to deal enough damage with doubles on the consti. But thats just me and i suck
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