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Found 4 results

  1. The following gazette is intent on publishing selected "prize court" cases pertaining "la guerre de course" as per French maritime tradition. The issues will be published without regularity, but can increase or decrease in number due to the cases sent to the gazette. When you like what you read than please give a like and participate "in character" with your replies via pm. Otherwise I would kindly request the moderators to hide all answers to keep the topic in role-play fashion and 100% clean of troll/flame posts. In case you want to give feedback pls use the pm function as well.
  2. I would like to see more battle options for when ships are successfully boarded. All dependant on a suitable amount of crew available to carry out the task, condition of the ship captured and physically reducing your current battle crew appropriately. Scuttle You remove boarding party and prisoners and sink the enemy ship with a ball through the hull. Full damage xp as if sunk with cannon fire and possible future gain from prisoners. Head bounty etc. Secure Prize An absolute minimum number of your crew on the prize to guard the subdued crew. No crew available for fighting or sailing duties. Probably basic repair to remain afloat. (In effect what we have now) Secure and sail prize away Larger prize crew, large enough to man the sails and guard prisoners. You give the prize crew a heading to sail away from battle on. Your national flag flies over the captured ships flag as ai sail to the horizon while you continue the fight and probably guard your prize as it escapes. When prize reaches a reasonable distance from the fight a message "Prize has escaped" pops up and you can disengage knowing you have done enough to gain the prize even though enemy ships are still present. Secure and man for combat. Only if captured ship has a minimum of damage(20% ?). You decide to add the prize to the combat group as an ai. you have to be able to crew it sufficiently to keep a fighting crew both on your own and the captured vessel. It acts as a hired combat vessel. Secure and exchange. You decide to move your entire crew into the new ship and leave a prize crew behind on your own.(What we have now if you 'X' capture during battle). You choose one of the above options for the ship you are moving from. *Scuttle, Secure Prize, Secure and Sail prize away, or Secure and man for combat(Your own ship becomes the ai). * Why would you scuttle and exchange I hear you ask. If your own ship was unable to survive but transferring your crew officers etc into a less damaged ship to continue the fight or flee, whilst guaranteeing the enemy could not capture your own ship. this is why you might contemplate the scuttle order.
  3. Personally I feel that the current system of your ship automatically sinking during a battle is not very historical. If you could no longer fight your ship and keep her afloat, you would lower your colours and all crew members would turn to save the ship and their lives. (Striking) If you were able to save your ship, you then had options depending on the local activity. Taken by a prize crew and captured, await end of the battle for friendly assistance, limp off of the battlefield and make course for a friendly port, Raise your ensign and renew hostilities etc. All of these occurred historically, what didn't occurr was that all vanquished ships sink, in fact very few did within the timescale of a battle. Exchange of captured crewmen follwing battle arranged by admiralty authorities etc. There have been other posts on the subject, there have I believe been some poll's in the past and without belittling any previous posts, I think we have a much larger forum population now and many many more players who could provide input. Multiple choice, you may tick as many options as you feel could be viable
  4. I have recently been reading Trafalgar by Roy Adkins - which I would highly recommend as a very detailed and deeply researched tome about this famous battle - and having been a big fan of Patrick O'Brian for many years it reminded me of the many stories of honourable behaviour that were frequent at this time in history. Many English risked and sometimes lost their lives after the Battle of Trafalgar in the storms that followed whilst trying to save prisoners and to do the right thing by their fellow humans, despite the fact that 72 hours earlier they had been attempting to blow each other to pieces. Often injured prisoners were jumped ahead of queues to see doctors. The people of Cadiz - who were the closest witnesses ashore to the battle, and who had their beaches covered in shipwrecks and bodies for weeks later - turned from being angry at the British for the damage to their navy to being in awe of their kindness and many British sailors who ended up washed ashore after the shipwrecks were given excellent care and attention. There are many more tales of honour and "doing the right thing" in this battle by all 3 sides and and all throughout this period in history. Sailors held each other with great respect. Now it certainly wasn't "1,2,3, ok. Everyone ready? Let's fight!" Hoisting false colours and tricking your enemy was an accepted part of warfare as were many underhanded deeds, however surrender was a very serious matter and the lowering of the colours was an unbreakable pact that your would put up no more of a fight. So this brought to mind the lack of any such behaviour in gaming and then to whether trying to encourage such behaviour would prove to be a benefit this game. An example might be a 1st Rate coming across an enemy frigate. The frigate attempts to flee, but after a time it's obvious that they are going to be overhauled and strike their colours down. Would it be good to encourage the player of the first rate to allow the player and crew to live? To take the ship in tow and return it for a bounty (this was common practice in the British Navy and most sailors joined for the "prize money") rather than smash it to pieces because a 1st Rate can "pwn" a frigate any time it likes. If a player does take part in dishonourable behaviour should this be noted, and if enough is accrued then they are no longer able to fight for countries who demand honourable behaviour. If it drops low enough then the player is essentially thought of as a pirate and can only visit locations safe for ships of that type. Some players may choose to do this but rather than being a pirate the day they click the "Be a pirate!" button, they have to earn their dishonourable reputation. There is then also the option to try and earn back their reputation at a later date. I would like to think that it could be used to make ganking less common - or certainly ganking where a player is blown from the water with no chance of surrender. This would mean that surviving a fight, even with the loss of your ship, would need to be a better outcome in game terms than total destruction but I suggest that this needs to be implemented anyway to keep the game with a hint of realism. Most games today are played in a totally unrealistic manner not only because death has no cost, but also because surrender or escape has no benefit - why would you not fight till you die? This is a very unrealistic situation in any game, but especially for a game based on a time when most battles ended with a ship striking it's colours to the victor, the crew being taken prisoner and frequently ending up back home at a later date. It also adds a whole new strategic edge to PvP combat. You're no longer waiting for the enemy ship to run out of hit points, or crew numbers, or cannons, or masts or another digital indication of capability - you're waiting for the person on the other side of the monitor to call "I quit!". Some will do it soon, some will do it late, some will not do it at all, and some will wish they'd done it sooner, but that brings a lot more tension to a conflict waiting for an unknown event based on a human personality than on waiting for an arbitrary statistic to drop below a value. Obviously as a game mechanic it would need thorough testing - having someone dishonoured because their opponent waited until they had almost no hull left and then struck their colours whilst the fatal volley was in the air would not do! But with careful thought and testing I believe that rules could be added that would show captains as honourable or not and this would then have an effect on other situations as outlined above. Any thoughts? Firstly, should the act of surrender be encouraged by in-game mechanisms? Or without those, should it just be a "fight to the death" game with ships? What would be considered honourable and what wouldn't? This could be expanded beyond historical honour to encourage good game play, or just be the general acts of honour at the time. And an afterthought as I typed this: Assuming that surrender is a good option for the losing party. If prizes had a heavy incentive and could be taken and towed or follow along behind (generally pretty slowly if they were full of holes) then it could give rise to some very exciting nation battles and counter battles. e.g. 4 English Frigates attack 2 French frigates. This ends with the French striking their colours and leaves the English with 1 badly damaged frigate of their own and 2 prizes to tow. As they try to return to an English port with their gains, a counter force of French ships intercept them and set about retrieving their countryman's ships and taking the English ships as their own prizes. Obviously as a game mechanic having your ship in limbo wouldn't be very much fun so I would expect the player to be able to re-spawn suffering whatever penalties the game inflicts for the loss of your ship (which as I've stated above is hopefully less than if it is sunk and the crew are all killed), but maybe if your country can retake it and return it to a friendly port then whatever penalty was suffered for it's loss is removed/returned. Maybe if you were attacked near your home port you could lead the counter assault yourself! But probably gathering some friends to take along this time. I think this could be a really exciting part of the game for those who have country/faction based guilds. A counter attack would become the chance to not only get revenge but to remove your own loss and take your enemy as a prize instead. Edit: I've change the title to Honour and Prize Taking as I seem to have wandered in to both territories as this post evolved. I think both are valid on their own but I also think they both have merit in being an incentive for players to act in a way that reflects the period.
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