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  1. Ryga

    Black Sails ship plans

    Maybe this will help: http://black-sails.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Ships .
  2. Beautiful! And pre 1700, kudos!
  3. Ryga

    Ship request - 2nd rate

    No dutch ships allowed or something?
  4. Excellent stuff, keep it coming.
  5. Ah they must have changed that then. Point still stands though, 4 ships beyond 1800, 0 pre 1700.
  6. If they say 1600-1830 hard limit though 1690-1790 preferred then tell me why they already added 4 post 1800 ships (excluding 2 of 1799) and non before 1700?
  7. A beauty. Also still can't believe 17th century ships like this one are considered too old, if they are too old the constitution is too new. Damned double standards.
  8. Ryga

    how were lower gunports sealed against weather?

    Hey I wasn't the tour guide mate . and also it was a ship from 1628 so idk..
  9. Ryga

    how were lower gunports sealed against weather?

    Well when I was at the bataviawarf near Lelystad we took this tour and the tour guide had this whole story of how deck was laid at an angle from middle to sides. Like this the water would go to the sides and leak down to the hold, whereafter it would get pumped out. That is atleast what I got from it.
  10. Ryga

    'Black Pear*' Jack Sparrow's Ship (With Plans)

    True I sometimes even get full matches in jets now, never seen that before.
  11. Too bad it wasn't the Eendracht from the anglo-dutch wars.
  12. I could remove Nelson as greatest admiral of this nation with england in my thread if you like. Fun fact: After the battle of Augusta when Michiel de Ruyter died the french actually did salutation shots in honor of him. Such was his fame, even in that time. I don't know if many other admirals got that.