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  1. Bellona is my favorite ship I will strive to get one in the open world.
  2. We got a 4th guy into Santisima today
  3. Won't it just sink the first time it sails through a storm or turns fast?
  4. I'll unlock the Santi tomorrow probably. Hopefully by the end of this month most of us will have the Santi unlocked so we can start having some solid game nights with Naval Action
  5. Between 04:00PM and 04:00 AM
  6. Use spacebar to fire a single cannon and you can adjust your crosshair after that.
  7. There will be a lot of ports in the open world and those ports will have taverns for sailors to recreate between those voyages. Let's get some names for the devs to use. I'll periodically add entries people suggest in this post. -The Sunk'n Norwegian -The Dead Viking -The One Eyed Parrot -The Ale Barrel -The Drunken Sailor -Dog Watch -The Rusty Anchor -The Spirit Room -The Busty Wench -The Black Mongoose(in Port de Prince) -The Still and West(was around in Nelsons time and is still in Buisness in Pompey!) -The Admiral Benbow -The Shovitt Inn -The Newcastle Packet -The Homewardbounder
  8. Ivan


    They deserve their own thread
  9. OP is a bit outdated I think.
  10. Those ramjb videos are really good. Now that I've unlocked the Cerberus it is so slow and painful to go the next ship
  11. I am not saying people chose one of the two games. I am comparing them because they are bout ships and are sandbox I've pledged for both.
  12. I am talking about 1.0 i.e. NA's full release, not the alpha version right now
  13. Do the devs plan to have some kind of player statistics in the 1.0 version? Something that tells shows how much damage I've inflicted to other players and how much they have inflicted to me. How many player ships I sunk/captured and how many times my ship got sunk/captured. Also those stats can be ran for each clan. That's a great way to measure success
  14. They shut down funding goals months ago. Actually they wanted to shut them down a lot of time ago but they made a community poll and most people voted on funding goals to continue.
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