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  1. Ivan

    Storm Cloud Armada

    Bellona is my favorite ship I will strive to get one in the open world.
  2. Ivan

    Storm Cloud Armada

    We got a 4th guy into Santisima today
  3. Won't it just sink the first time it sails through a storm or turns fast?
  4. Sandbox game, boarding and capturing mechanics.
  5. Of the current ships which one do you like most? I just unlocked the Santisima but I must say I am in love with the Bellona. It's fast and maneuverable and it packs a serious punch. Hopefully it has enough cargo space for trading
  6. Ivan

    Storm Cloud Armada

    I'll unlock the Santi tomorrow probably. Hopefully by the end of this month most of us will have the Santi unlocked so we can start having some solid game nights with Naval Action
  7. Ivan

    Exploration gameplay

    Looks greeat admin. Can't wait to find a tarantula
  8. Ivan

    When do you play?

    Between 04:00PM and 04:00 AM
  9. Ivan

    Storm Cloud Armada

    We'd be glad to have you
  10. Ivan

    Storm Cloud Armada

    Use spacebar to fire a single cannon and you can adjust your crosshair after that.
  11. There will be a lot of ports in the open world and those ports will have taverns for sailors to recreate between those voyages. Let's get some names for the devs to use. I'll periodically add entries people suggest in this post. -The Sunk'n Norwegian -The Dead Viking -The One Eyed Parrot -The Ale Barrel -The Drunken Sailor -Dog Watch -The Rusty Anchor -The Spirit Room -The Busty Wench -The Black Mongoose(in Port de Prince) -The Still and West(was around in Nelsons time and is still in Buisness in Pompey!) -The Admiral Benbow -The Shovitt Inn -The Newcastle Packet -The Homewardbounder -The Stump and Parrot -Keyside -Ocean View -Ritz Cafe -Lampost -Leeside -Harbor View -Navigator -Hideaway Pub -Coach and six -Coach and four -King's Head -The Crown -Marryat's -Forester's -O'Brian's -Pope's -The Royal Crown -Portsmouth Inn -The Casino -Rising Tide -Mix -Svedka Ice Bar -Skyline Lounge -RedFrog Pub -Wipeout Bar -Wheelhouse Bar -Cellar Masters -Cruise critic -The Hung Drawn And Quartered -The Jolly Taxpayer -The Nobody Inn Bunch Of Carrots -The Quiet Woman The Cat And Custard Pot -The Three Legged Mare -The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn -The Q Inn -Poosie Nansie’s -The Swan With Two Necks -The Case Is Altered -The Skiving Scholar -The Pyrotechnists Arms -I Am The Only Running Footman -The Drunken Duck -The Bull And Spectacles -The Gate Hangs Well -The Goat And Compasses -The Legend Of Oily Johnnies -Brown Edge -My Father’s Moustache -The Bucket Of Blood -The Broken Drum -Willy's Roundabout -The Carlisle Sound -The Three Sheets House -The Stowed Anchor -Jack Stagger's -The Toppled Yardarm -The Wet Cannon -Ben Gunn's Remise -The Rumrunner -Rutger's Alehouse -Hangman's Hatch -The Squalid Squid -Bonnie Prince Charlie's -The Hammered Ale Dutch names: -De Zeven Zonden (The Seven sins) -De Zeerover (The "sea-robber" ~= casual word for pirate) -Het Groot Genot (literally "the large enjoyment") -De Hoorn des Overvloeds (The Horn of Plenty / Cornucopia) -De Vliegvis (the flying fish) -Moeders mooiste ("mommy's prettiest...") -De Dronken Draak (The Drunk Dragon) Scottish names: -Black Bull -The Beehive Inn -The White Hart Inn -Last Drop -Maggie Dickson's Pub -Biddy Mulligans -The Fiddler's Arms -The Grassmarket Bar -Bobby's Bar -Oz Bar -The Bow Bar -Finnegan's Wake
  12. How comprehensive is crafting going to be? Will you let players craft/harvest every tradable item that the economy has? Will players be able to craft complex items that require multiple products to create?
  13. Ivan


    They deserve their own thread
  14. Ivan

    UI explained

    OP is a bit outdated I think.
  15. Ivan

    Storm Cloud Armada

    Those ramjb videos are really good. Now that I've unlocked the Cerberus it is so slow and painful to go the next ship