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Found 10 results

  1. Hello: I am a reasonably new player, and I have talked to a few people about joining a clan. One of the people I talked to I asked some questons about the game play, one been about port attacks. I asked why our nation was not trying to take back two ports that had been captured by another nation. the answer I got was very strange. It seems the clan that captured the ports had set the time that they could be attacked right at the same time the server restarts every day. the time they set for the attack was 05:00 to 08:00 and the sever restart is at 06:00, I may be off on those times by an hour one way or the other, however, you can see the point I am making here. Now I am sure this is nothing more then an over sight by the devs, how ever it is in my opinion a use of a glitch in the game by the clan that has captured the ports and set those times they can be attacked, I myself also consider using such a glitch as nothing less then a loser cheat. however, a simple way to fix this, is to set up the server restart on a 9 day circle. pick 9 different restart times and run a circle of 9 days, or how ever many days you like as long as it is not 7, 14, 21, and so on, that way the restart times will change on the different days of the week. Now as I said, I am a new player, so maybe the restart time was set up as it is for the loser clans that need a glitch to hold the ports they capture, and yes, I will call those clans losers and a lot more because that is what they are to use a glitch in the game like a cheat. and I hope the devs are smart enough to see this and fix it. thanks for your time. Player call sign Cyberjoe
  2. Hey everyone! Good morning! I have a question... does anyone know the exact times wen the Legends server goes up? Or arent there really exact times? Because yesterday it was almost not online... but the day before that it was the whole time online.. and now it has not bin online.. and i want to play legends , so does anyone know? ?
  3. Dear Devs, PLEASE change the running system of inter-dependent ship XP gaining, because of the following reasons (anybody else who thinks the same please add other reasons you have): 1. For me it's a massive "fun-killer" in this game to grind XP on lots of ships i don't want to sail, just to get the upgrade slots to the maximum on vessels i would really like to sail! 2. For me it's a massive "time-killer" too - Naval Action takes time, yes, but on the contrary to trading and so on, this grinding for XP feels useless and boring to me. 3. If you play Naval Action - for a certain amount of time - you have to sail in smaller ships or ships you propably won't use again later on. Everyone has (had) these time, that's ok. But the current inter-dependent XP system prolongs this period artificially in such an extreme way that it feels everything else but ok. 4. The grindig in it's current state can't be supported by historical data: Back in the days, to become captain of a ship of the frigate-class for example, noone would have had to sail every differnt kind of lower classified vessel. AND if someone has already been captain of a certain frigate he wouldn't have to sail a lower classified ship again just to be able to get the command of a frigate different to the one he sailed at his last command. Because of these reasons please abolish or at least change that system! You could change it like this for example: A. Make it easyser, better fitting to historical data and much less a grind, if you change it, so that everybody needs just to sail a random ship of one tier to be able to get every ship of the next tier to maximum upgrad slots. For example: If one sails a cutter, lynx or other 7th rate to the maximum amount of freed upgrade slots, he / she would be able to do so with every 6th rate and so on. B. If you want people to sail small ships open areas where they just could sail 7th rates because of extreme shallow waters (someone else has already mentioned this idea in the forums i think) and abolish that whole system of inter-dependent ship XP. I really like Naval Action but in this particular case i beg you: Please take ACTION to make it a LOT better!
  4. It is not an original idea, nor very popular, but... I just thinking in a way to shorten travel time: when the ship goes in a straight line just after about 3 or 5 min, the time gets a boost, increasing the speed of vessel in like x1.5 or x2.0 more than the actual rate...in case of crossing another player vessel in his line of sight or when the player change the course, the speed and time comes to the normal rate. It is not a warp, just a little boost, and will not affect the interactions in ow.
  5. Hi, I've been thinking a lot recently about ranks and all that tedium which revolves around it like endless grinds and so on. In other MMOs you usually encounter 90% PVE and 10% PvP (if at all) and there player levels make sense but in Naval Action, however, where 99% is either PvP or preparation for PvP I wonder why it is sooo necessary to grind without any story or an end-game like raids etc.. Aren't there already enough 'natural' barriers which hinder a new player from sailing a victory 10 mins after buying the game? Can't we instead of grinding to learn the game have a proper tutorial in form of a couple of missions for new players? The first missions could be something very simple like sail from A to B. The second could be tag and sink that npc. The thrid could be buy 10 hemp and sell it.. the 4th craft your own basic cutter et cetera. The final missions could be a port battle with bots. Maybe write a small little story around it and add tutorial pop ups to every mission. Also remind the player of the help tab in chat and that they could ask questions there regarding the tutorial and its missions. The current ranks could be some sort of prestige for successful PvPers. The more battles you fight the farther you increase in rank. Maybe add also special ranks for crafters and traders. A player can select the rank he wishes to show other players so that they can see how good he is in his preferred field. Basically, joining a clan would immediately throw a new player into PvP or the game instead of having to tediously grind day in, day out. Players will need money from NPC missions anyway but making it possible to theoretically do everything right from the start doesn't hurt anybody and only makes the game more enjoyable for everybody.. So why do we have ranks? I wonder why it is beneficial? I argue that the game would be more popular on steam without the grind..
  6. Pls, implement a chronometer with a reset butom in OW, so we can measure the real time in game. It is usefull to navigate and to measure the time used in long trips.
  7. It would be really helpful if we could see the server time easily, especially on OW. If it was part of the drop down menu of your ship, that would be fantastic!
  8. Ok, I'd like this settled please. What is the ratio of in-game time to real time? PLEASE!
  9. Since the Steam release almost every time i want to join the EU server i have a queue time of 15-20 minutes, not counting the 1 hour queue i had this morning after the maintenance. Knowing the sale rate of the standalone alpha i would say it would have been easy to predict this with enough time. The fact that Steam sales are closed 2 days before the release describes pretty well the situation. I hope there is a solution for this in the short term, because this is not normal at all. Even being an alpha, having to close the Steam sales 2 days after the release means there's a big issue in the administration sector of the studio. Any news from the devs about a fix for this?
  10. what time of day do you generally get to play? (local time) I myself play early morning or late at night, seeing as it's summer and too hot inside for any other time.
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