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  1. We, the active and labeled captains, leaders, and sailors of the Association of United Society Leaders (AUSL), do hereby present this, a Code of Conduct for the captains and sailors of Naval Action. This code, to be followed by all active members of the AUSL, as well as all those duly undersigned, here now and in the future, hereby declare this set of laws, rules, regulations, and penalties of the sea, as deliberated and considered by all acting leaders of the AUSL, and in common council of their respective members. The codes are as follows: I. Concerning behavior at sea (in-game
  2. Hear ye! Hear ye! Signed and supported this day: Tattered Flags - Johny Reb The Decatur Armada- Saintduiex Crimson Blade - Jim Bluesteel Royal Navy, Sea Lords VF - Charles Caldwell United Polish Navy - Bart Real Armada Espanola - Comandante Gomez
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