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On 08.02.2017 at 11:25 PM, Jean Ribault said:

The in-game Friends list isn't working as it should.  Once a member leaves the clan, even though still on the friends list, the radion button doesn't light up when that player is online anymore.  The player will have to be deleted from friends list and then re-invited.  I think this does the same thing when they change nations too.  Not sure if I'm the only one seeing this, since I haven't read it from anyone else.

Clan/friend list issues will be eventually fixed. Due to minor impact on gameplay they are on low priority list at the moment

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I was recording when this happened, but my recording was corrupted, and I also didn't have opportunity to F11 at the time. I will however try to describe the issue:

I was in the port battle for Castries and I boarded someone who standing almost still. I was heading straight for him, and I slowed the momentum of my ship down to boarding speed by turning my sails against the wind and depowering. I also may have used lightly bumping into him in order to further get my speed down - I may have broken my own bowsprit in the collision. In any case I started pulling his ship in for boarding. My ship kept slowing down while I was pulling and went down to less than 1 knot, still slowing down rapidly towards zero speed. But when you're pulling someone into boarding, the ship automatically puts sails down. At the same exact moment that my sails hit 0%, the pulling was completed and boarding interface came up, my ship somehow started moving again. It was like I had a freaking steam engine on my boat. With absolutely 0% sails up it accelerated almost instantly up to 2,2 knots speed and was racing away from the ship I was boarding at a close hauled angle to the wind afair. After two rounds of boarding, my ship was so far away from the boarded ship that my boarding was interrupted. Only then, when my ship was out of boarding, did my ship stop "drifting" away at an insane 2,2 knots without any sails raised.

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After the PB victory at Puerto Plata I didn't get any ship chest or paint chest. The same happened to one of my teammates after the PB for Castries.


(sorry for bad screeenshot, no ship chest or paint chest is hidden behind the capped aga info)

I also F11'd this.

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