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  1. Well me Lads, looks like were a packin up and moving to a new Server...God help us all!  Arrr...

  2. AYE! Well said mate, well said indeed. I raise my bottle of Rum in Salute to you lad!
  3. Oh how I wait for the upcoming Wipe/Patch...  It's like being in the middle of the ocean with not a breath of wind mates...

  4. 'Drink Up me Mattie's...for tomorrow we may Die"  Hoist the Black Flag and give them Hell...!  

  5. When the day is going against you Lad's...this song will bring you up to full Sail...!  Carry On!

  6. A wonderful Musical Cover for all my Fellow Pirates in Naval Action...If this does not get your Pirate Heart pumping...I don't know what will Mates...!


  7. Ye' mates better Learn this Song...Orders from Captain Smiling Jack!



  8. Congratulations Captain on earning the "Most Liked Content Award!"  See you on the Open Seas!  

  9. I know this is an old topic mates but I would like to see players have the ability to name their ships. Surly the devs could code the game in a way as to let you choose a custom name for the stern? Would add a personal touch for all the Captians !
  10. Lads! Come and set sail with your old friend Smiling Jack! Sail under the Black Flag, get 10% of me plunder, you will have all the Rum and Girls you and your crew can handle, and we will send every Frenchie, we come across to Davy Jones Locker! Yo-Ho-Ho!
  11. Well then...I better sober up the crew and get these dogs cleaning and refitting the ship...Sounds like WAR IS COMING... This is for you JobaSet...
  12. IN HONOR OF NICK...and all my Fellow Sea Dogs...


    What sort of love can a pirate have? A man whose livelihood is other men's death, whose fortune is other men's treasure. A man who is always hunting or hunted, ever running before the wind and born by the tide. A man whose only fate can be an unmarked grave in the ocean's abyss or the end of a hangman's rope. My heart is as black as the sails I pirate under, as black as the deeps of the sea. But even a black heart can love.

    Video and Music by: BrunuhVille.

    Passage by: Ignatius Mandrake.

    1. Smiling Jack

      Smiling Jack

      Wondeful Music Mates...and a powerful message to boot..Aye?


  14. I replaced my Graphics Card a few days ago...went from a EVGA Nvidia GeForce 750Ti to a XFX Radeon RX470. With the 750 Ti will full settings in-game I was around 18-20 FPS in battle, and 25-30 FPS during OW. With the XFX, my performance took a nice boost in the right direction! On full settings in-game during battle I'm hitting around 38-50 FPS and around 50-65 FPS in Open world. The Nividia had 2GB Ram @ 128.0 bit Memory Interface and the XFX is 4GB Ram @ 256.0 bit Memory Interface. (Don't overlook your memory interface...try to install a card with the highest interface possible that your system will support...and that you can afford. Will help greatly with "Bottle Necking" Note: The graphics with the GeForce 750 Ti are slower...but were smoother as with all Nvidia type cards...the ATI is rougher but not by much...would never really notice without a trained eye. Simply put, I'm happy with it...I could over-clock the card but NA and all my other games are running fine with the factory settings. Once NA is optimized I will look at it again for OC or possibly Cross Fire in they end up supporting that feature!
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