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  1. Another thing I'd like to see added to the game is the ability to have more warehouse space. I'm a crafter, and find that eventually I run out of space, even in a fully expanded warehouse. Could there be an option to buy another warehouse? It could be accessed through a drop down menu, or a pop up window like the one that comes up when we click "deliveries". Personally, I think having them open in a window would be better because we could drag things back and forth between them as needed. As it stands right now, a successful, or aggressive captain can quickly run out of room in his/her wareho
  2. I would propose a change to the AI order window we use in battles. The currant commands available to us are limiting, and I think this would allow more flexability, and less frustration. If improvement to the AI's actions in battle could be made, so much the better! With the way things run now, I tell my fleet ships to demast, and then watch them shoot up the hull on the target ship with cannon balls. Shouldn't the fleet ships be using ball and chain when told to demast? So, here are my ideas on what would be a better set of commands. 1. Change Destroy to Ball, which would tell the fleet
  3. 1st, I apologize if this in the wrong part of the forums. I am having an issue for the last 3 days now. I can't get the game to launch properly. I click play, and it takes me through the start up screens just fine, but every time I choose PvE, it just sits on the "player selection" screen until eventually it gives up and goes to a "log in" screen as if the game has crashed. Friends that I was taking to in Team Speak and were in game when I tried to log in said that the members list for our clan said I was in game, but it won't go to the "entering port" loading screen. I can load both PvP serve
  4. Why are marines not counted as crew during battle? They are soldiers right? Wouldn't they be familiar with cannons, and help out until the call for boarding went out? But ok, lets say they are not familiar with cannons, wouldn't they be up on deck shooting their muskets at any crew visible on the enemy ship? Couldn't they at least help with crew losses? It just doesn't seem right that they would just stand around until needed to board the enemy vessel. Could this be looked into, to see if a change might be possible?
  5. https://gyazo.com/75a2675ae8712d7951182d56c3c1c23f Can anything be done about this!?? Pull into port to sell, and all i get is this? All we can do is assume that the port is full. We can't tell if its full, or if this guys sell order is blocking our chance to sell to the market! I've seen this in many different ports, with different items. Could it be an attempt to mess up our economy? To prevent us from selling our stuff? To me, it would be nice if a sellers contract didn't block how much the port had of an item, and (if its not full) allow us to make the sale! Despite this rant...
  6. How about captains we could hire for fleet ships? Perhaps they could require experience in order to level up, or get perks which would make them better? Or, the ability to hire more officers, and assign them to the fleet ships instead of captains, while keeping any perks given them? In any navy that i am aware of, higher ranking captains have several lower ranked officers serve under them, and allowing players to mix perks could make battles more interesting/challenging.
  7. I believe better descriptions are needed in game, and in patch notes. I see a lot of players asking what a ship upgrade actually does, or how the latest change actully effects the game and i confess the descriptions sometimes confuse me as well. I think this may cause some players to leave the game, since some just don't want to take the time to puzzle things out. As for the patch notes, I've read many posts asking pretty much the same thing, what are these special events??? As a crafter, I am interested in obtaining these BPs, and I am concerned. Will these events be at specific dates/times,
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