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  1. Updated to build 11, but there are changes to ship trims I haven't incorporated. If anyone wants me to, please post blueprints of any two ships in every trim. Wood does not matter. The spreadsheet does not incorporate taxes. Building output changes significantly, both for base output and level 2 / level 3 multipliers which now vary between almost every building (including the level 3 stone mine which is exactly the same as the level 2 stone mine but costs you 150k for the privilege of owning one - surely some mistake. The level 3 fir forest multiplier also looks to be an error). The spreadsheet would probably benefit from a sheet allowing you to select which level buildings you own for calculating building hours, which may now become significant. At the moment all calculated values use level 1 building outputs. Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to change this. I have not gone through checking what other changes there are, but there are plenty. Costs and LH change only moderately, and might be entirely due to small changes to lists of ingredients. As per the patch notes, weights decrease significantly, but the spreadsheet doesn't calculate hauling weights, merely lists them in the Items sheet. Have fun.
  2. Updated to 10.4 Hotfix 5. Ship crafting levels and some Marks exchanges are the only real changes since I last updated the spreadsheet. The only blueprint change is the Rattlesnake Heavy now needing 5 fewer Provisions. The Wapen has lost a letter 'p' and some base prices have changed, but nothing of any importance that I can see.
  3. Other people have posted about API MaxSpeed, but I never really looked into it myself. I'd say the first thing to do is to take a few ships and compare MaxSpeed in the API with the in-game stats sheets to see if there is a multiplication constant. You'll need to remove effects of wood, trim, upgrades, knowledge and cargo. Since every wood and trim affects speed. probably the most reliable way would be to get a pair of ships with the same wood and trim, ensure they are empty (including guns), have no filled knowledge slots and no upgrades and divide in each case the API value by the stats sheet max speed. If both numbers are the same then you're off to a good start. You can probably then factor in the wood and trim enhancements to work out what the base multiplication constant is. It'll be around 12 from what I recall. As for what this number represents, my guess is it is related to the units the game uses for distance and time. 1 knot is a nautical mile per hour but nautical miles (or minutes of latitude - it is the same thing) don't seem to tie in nicely with the x-z coordinate system the game uses for position (and therefore distance). It is also highly unlikely the game uses game-time hours for time measurement. It might use real-time seconds (or milliseconds or ticks) and then you have to allow for time acceleration, even in battle. I am sure you could while away hours trying out various combinations of units to get to a conversion factor to knots that matches the multiplication constant you've calculated. Alternatively you might find there isn't a straightforward multiplication constant to get from the API MaxSpeed value to the stats sheet speed. Perhaps there is another value in the API you need to multiply by, which is different for each ship. Perhaps it isn't in the API. Perhaps the in game stats sheet is wrong (have people checked?). As for thicknesses, I don't think these are in the API at all. For my crafting data spreadsheet, ship trim ingredients aren't in the API and I've had to work them out as best I can - but at least there seems to be a direct correlation with a value that is in the API (ShipMass); for thicknesses I cannot see anything likely, What you could do is take a pair of ships, find the ratio between thicknesses and see if there is another pair of stats in the API with the same ratio (this is what I did to find trim ingredients were based off ShipMass). Have fun!
  4. Updated to 10.4 Build updates, so far as I can see: Small ship ingredients reduced (Brig, Cutter, Lynx, Snow and Trader versions of the same - but not Pickle, Privateer, Navy Brig or Mortar Brig) Wappen von Hamburg now has a blueprint Blueprints for Ingermanland, Niagara, Rattlesnake and Rattlesnake Heavy (which were never removed, just made unavailable) how require a permit. Blueprint for Trincomalee now requires a permit Agamemnon now requires level 2 shipyard There are changes to Marks exchanges which I have not attempted to identify I have corrected the Marks Exchange sheet so blueprints now show.
  5. I recommend manually removing the obsolete blueprints: Advanced Iron Ore, Bermuda Cedar, Compass Wood, Copper Coins, Copper Ingots, Copper Ore, Live Oak, Mahogany, Pine Log, Red Wood Log and Teak Log (I may have missed some). Technically, these are still in game but either the port resource needed for the building does not exist (woods) or else AccessibleByLevel=false and there is no Admiralty exchange or other means of getting the blueprint (copper and advanced iron). This still leaves some oddities like White Oak Frame Parts. White Oak Log has never had a blueprint, so where does the 46.8 resource cost ome from? Personally I used Base Price for the seeded woods (Cedar, Caguairan, Live Oak, Mahogany, Sabicu, Teak, White Oak), but it's quite a big assumption they can actually be bought for base price.
  6. You start off with zero craft XP which severely limits the ships you can build. Fortunately one of them, the Traders Lynx, sells very well as it is not seeded in shops so can only be bought from players. For small traders you don't need to look beyond Fir/Fir Planking for the wood and trim, which makes things rather easier (and cheaper) for gathering materials. But you will need to 30 Combat Marks to buy the blueprint from the Admiralty. I created a crafting guide which is still pretty much up to date here: One thing became very clear through playing that a a lot of raw materials and low level manufactured items find their way into shops, which may well spare you needing to set up resource buildings. Be very wary of prices - shop prices are all over the place - and you will need to work out a pricing strategy for yourself early on so you can determine whether those fir logs or small carriages in the shop are a bargain or a rip off. Personally I used crafting cost plus 100 gold per labour hour, but you can choose whatever you like. You'll need to know costs (and probably labour hours) anyway, so I created a spreadsheet and cost calculator here: Oh, and don't believe anyone who tells you solo shipbuilding is hard. It is easy until you get into the realms of needing some of the rarer woods for frames and planking. The biggest difficulty by far is start up costs: You'll need 250k, maybe more, to set up outposts and buildings, and can probably add on another 100k to harvest or buy your first batch of resources before you can build your first ship. After that you can be more careful, just harvesting what you need rather than everything you can, but even so you can easily spend more than you make for the first week or two. Because of this, I'd say before you even start, make sure you can make money. Check ship prices in your capital. Check each day to see what ships have actually sold. Ask yourself can you compete with existing sellers, and can you still compete if existing sellers then lower their prices when you enter the scene? Good luck.
  7. 10.3 Hotfix 1: There are no changes to anything except two of the Marks exchanges, so I haven't uploaded a new file. If you want to update your own copy, the changes are: Furnishings was 50 for 300 Combat Marks; now 10 for 60 Combat Marks (still 6 marks each) Labour Contracts was 1 for 10 Conquest Marks; now was 1 for 20 Conquest Marks (cost doubles)
  8. I've given up playing but happened to see there was a patch today so I've updated the spreadsheet with new API data. I haven't checked what's changed. The 5% and !0% boxes are for sell contract fees (10% for ships, 5% for everything else). If you want to apply other markups use the yellow boxes at the top. With the layout I am using it would be a major change to add values for marks and I doubt I will change it now (I have specifically excluded Permit costs so far as the Crafting Costs and Calculator sheets are concerned, even though they have a base price in the Items sheet).. However the spreadsheet I created for my own use before the wipe did allow this (and to add actual purchase prices for any item to use instead of crafting costs) but was harder to use. If I find time I'll maybe see if it can be adapted for the post wipe game, and put into a more user-friendly format..But don't hold your breath.
  9. The original picture shows the replica Bounty, built in 1960 and sunk in 2012. As far as I am aware, Surprise in the film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World was the replica Rose, built in 1970 and now named Surprise, and is shown in some other photographs in this thread. Lynx is also a replica, built in 2001.
  10. While I wouldn't complain if the AI stopped buying and selling craftable goods, I don't think this in itself is the problem nor do I think it would work without a number of other game modifications. At the moment NPCs mostly drop craftable items as loot - even coins and tobacco are craftable - and of course they drop guns, repairs and rum too. What is to happen to this stuff? Should NPCs not drop repairs and rum? 'No' is my answer, and I am sure that of many other players. Furthermore, Sell contracts have three problems: You can only place 10 of them at a time (i have not tested this since the wipe, but this was the limit on Testbed) You have to return to the port to claim the gold. This isn't much of a problem for dedicated crafters like myself who have outposts in our trade ports, but is horrible if all you want to do is dump loot (NPC or from PvP) in a remote port - and it has to be a friendly port too. If you already have a sell contract and want to list more of that item you first have to cancel the original contract, which means paying another set of listing fees for items you already had on sale. It seems the devs have tried to overcome these - for repairs at least - by quietly encouraging players to use the shop NPCs for buying and selling. You have been caught up in this, but the problem isn't the mechanism, it is the price. If you had been selling hull repairs in a free town for instance, you would not have complained because your listing would doubtless be much cheaper than what the NPC would ask. The problem is the NPC prices rum too cheaply.
  11. I've corrected an error. In the Calculation sheet, the Blueprint Quantities table did not divide ingredient quantities by the blueprint quantity. It does now.
  12. It's not my mistake, but the devs'. Base Price in the Items sheet comes straight from the API and appears to be what shop prices are derived from (though different items get different multipliers). It looks like it's meant to match the crafing cost, and for most items it does, but there are quite a number - mostly recent changes - which dont. Use the Items sheet for weights and to get an idea of shop purchase prices, but I suggest you ignore it for anything else.
  13. I don't think the Trader Tool lies, as such. I use it a lot - mostly only to find woods and for offloading coins and tobacco now as I hate trading - but it needs some interpretation (A might not mean there is any on sale; Buy prices are meaningless if there is nothing on sale, 'Sell' prices are liable to change and the information is a little out of date). But the OP's problem was not with the trader tool - I doubt he looked at it for if he had he might have seen the risk of being undercut.
  14. It does. I'm not in game right now to check, but this is widespread for raw materials in producer ports and also seems to be the case for some other items where you haven't adjusted base prices when BPs have changed: charcoal, fir logs, planks and frame timbers, tar and wooden fittings (did you double the cost of harvesting fir logs at some point in the past? Or perhaps its a hangover from Pine). A number of other items have base price below cost, but these have higher multipliers for shop prices so appear to work okay : barrels, carriages, rigging parts, rudder parts. a few other items have Base Price below cost but the differences are small so the shop doesn't undersell. The cost to produce rum is 33. You may be looking at old BPs. I think NPC traders not acting as players may be one of the problems ... for trade goods, at any rate. Players place buy contracts for a certain quantity Q. When another player comes along with goods to sell, they can sell quantity Q to the buy contract, and if they have any more to sell there may be another buy contract sitting below that at a lower price. They keep on going till there are no buy contracts left. But NPCs don't place buy contracts so you can sell them an amount up to the transaction limit (if there is one) whether they need the item or not. Furthermore, when selling to player buy contracts the goods disappear from the market. When selling to the shop they don't. Price crashes suggest you do have quantities associated with consumption, but even though Willemstad for instance might only want 200 Yorkshire puddings (it makes me sad that all their hens and cows must have died ), they will happily buy 20000 should someone happen to bring them along. Of course, you don't want this happening for useful things like rum and repairs (and on the whole I agree with what you write about rum, except I think both prices and markups are ... not what they could be, shall I say?). One of the problems with the economy is you are trying to shoehorn Yorkshire puddings and Rum into the same system. You have wisely chosen something different for guns. Perhaps you need something different for other craftable goods as well.
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