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  1. Updated to build 11, but there are changes to ship trims I haven't incorporated. If anyone wants me to, please post blueprints of any two ships in every trim. Wood does not matter. The spreadsheet does not incorporate taxes. Building output changes significantly, both for base output and level 2 / level 3 multipliers which now vary between almost every building (including the level 3 stone mine which is exactly the same as the level 2 stone mine but costs you 150k for the privilege of owning one - surely some mistake. The level 3 fir forest multiplier also looks to be an error). The
  2. Updated to 10.4 Hotfix 5. Ship crafting levels and some Marks exchanges are the only real changes since I last updated the spreadsheet. The only blueprint change is the Rattlesnake Heavy now needing 5 fewer Provisions. The Wapen has lost a letter 'p' and some base prices have changed, but nothing of any importance that I can see.
  3. Other people have posted about API MaxSpeed, but I never really looked into it myself. I'd say the first thing to do is to take a few ships and compare MaxSpeed in the API with the in-game stats sheets to see if there is a multiplication constant. You'll need to remove effects of wood, trim, upgrades, knowledge and cargo. Since every wood and trim affects speed. probably the most reliable way would be to get a pair of ships with the same wood and trim, ensure they are empty (including guns), have no filled knowledge slots and no upgrades and divide in each case the API value by the stats sheet
  4. Updated to 10.4 Build updates, so far as I can see: Small ship ingredients reduced (Brig, Cutter, Lynx, Snow and Trader versions of the same - but not Pickle, Privateer, Navy Brig or Mortar Brig) Wappen von Hamburg now has a blueprint Blueprints for Ingermanland, Niagara, Rattlesnake and Rattlesnake Heavy (which were never removed, just made unavailable) how require a permit. Blueprint for Trincomalee now requires a permit Agamemnon now requires level 2 shipyard There are changes to Marks exchanges which I have not attempted to identify I have corre
  5. You start off with zero craft XP which severely limits the ships you can build. Fortunately one of them, the Traders Lynx, sells very well as it is not seeded in shops so can only be bought from players. For small traders you don't need to look beyond Fir/Fir Planking for the wood and trim, which makes things rather easier (and cheaper) for gathering materials. But you will need to 30 Combat Marks to buy the blueprint from the Admiralty. I created a crafting guide which is still pretty much up to date here: One thing became very clear through playing that a a lot of raw materials an
  6. 10.3 Hotfix 1: There are no changes to anything except two of the Marks exchanges, so I haven't uploaded a new file. If you want to update your own copy, the changes are: Furnishings was 50 for 300 Combat Marks; now 10 for 60 Combat Marks (still 6 marks each) Labour Contracts was 1 for 10 Conquest Marks; now was 1 for 20 Conquest Marks (cost doubles)
  7. I've given up playing but happened to see there was a patch today so I've updated the spreadsheet with new API data. I haven't checked what's changed. The 5% and !0% boxes are for sell contract fees (10% for ships, 5% for everything else). If you want to apply other markups use the yellow boxes at the top. With the layout I am using it would be a major change to add values for marks and I doubt I will change it now (I have specifically excluded Permit costs so far as the Crafting Costs and Calculator sheets are concerned, even though they have a base price in the Items sheet).. Ho
  8. The original picture shows the replica Bounty, built in 1960 and sunk in 2012. As far as I am aware, Surprise in the film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World was the replica Rose, built in 1970 and now named Surprise, and is shown in some other photographs in this thread. Lynx is also a replica, built in 2001.
  9. I've corrected an error. In the Calculation sheet, the Blueprint Quantities table did not divide ingredient quantities by the blueprint quantity. It does now.
  10. It's not my mistake, but the devs'. Base Price in the Items sheet comes straight from the API and appears to be what shop prices are derived from (though different items get different multipliers). It looks like it's meant to match the crafing cost, and for most items it does, but there are quite a number - mostly recent changes - which dont. Use the Items sheet for weights and to get an idea of shop purchase prices, but I suggest you ignore it for anything else.
  11. Updated to yesterday's unannounced patch. Small traders now need carriages. I've corrected a minor error I had in parsing the API, which may make it easier to check for changes in future as things won't go missing in the Items sheet.
  12. The 1805 excerpt is a little puzzling in making no distinction between using stars and the sun in taking lunars, which makes me think the author wasn't actually practiced in navigation. The moon moves with respect to the stars only slightly slower than the sun, at about 14.5 degrees an hour which of course is 14.5 minutes of a degree per minute of time. Yet the author seems to recommend using the sun, which he correctly states moves in respect to the moon at 30 secomds of a degree per minute of time - nearly 30 times slower, which means 30 times less accurate. It is also a more complicated cal
  13. Yes, that's correct. It was changed a couple of days ago.
  14. No, but a pocket watch is good enough for lunars. I agree with your 30 miles, by the way. But with a chronomter you wouldn't get much better than 10, and from what I can tell ships 200 years ago seem divided betrween those with chronometers, those who took lunars and those who used dead reckoning. I found it particularly curious that Captain Ahab in Moby Dick never tried to measure longitude at all, nor did he use dead reckoning. Melville was only a common sailor in the 1840s so may well not have appreciated the finer points of navigation, but in the passage where he mentions the sextant
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