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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Beautiful Screenshots and Videos


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9 hours ago, Mutsu said:




And a ship that many a low tier WoWS player had the misery to grind through

Almost everybody hates the Myogi :D. But in my opinion she had a unique gameplay at T4. So personally I liked her. 😀

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1 hour ago, Vamandrac said:

Where are the screenshots located after you take them in game?

This is path on my PC:

C:\Games\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\default\game\screenshots


Don't know why I have two folders "Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts".

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I love how this design turned out. 


This is a British battlecruiser with 6 sixteen inch guns in three twin turrets.


My thought process behind this was some kind of a British Gneisenau (like wows version), except with bigger guns, because why not. 


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11 hours ago, HusariuS said:

This is path on my PC:

C:\Games\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\default\game\screenshots


Don't know why I have two folders "Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts".

Your pc is just that excited for alpha 6. Also rumours about the campaign might be coming  in alpha 7 which is a bit earlier than i thought.

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49 minutes ago, Bluishdoor76 said:


what in the tea drinking am I looking at......

Quite fat and podgy, must of ate too many crumpets, millies chicken and bloody beer.

or thats miss lumbering her- *loud thumping noises*

meme man voice: oh no.

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On 4/27/2020 at 10:39 PM, Fuems said:

I give you the BB Paris, aka the "BRRRRRTleship", boasting 13x3 9" guns.

"We're gonna be doin' one thang and one thang only - killin' cruisers"



Going to one up you here. I present the "Ultimate destroyer killer"

also 13x3 9 inch guns, but fully cross deck fire-able, giving you a 39 gun broadside.

the front gun had to be placed sideways, but rotates just fine in both directions.


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1913 Italian Battlecruiser San Gennaro. Built in response from leaked plans of the the French Battlecruiser Levrette, she has bigger 13 inch weapons compared to her counterparts 12 inch guns. She's faster by 2 knots (30 knots), but sacrifices armour protection for the speed increase, making her more susceptible to the 12 inch guns on the French ship. (I might make some lore behind these battlecruisers, got a design for Austria-Hungry as well).  




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Most people here are posting the huge, imposing Battleship designs they came up with here. I guess in most naval engagements, "Size Matters", but especially with the last update, focusing on destroyers and small ships, i tried to make fictional ships based on the real-life doctrine of some naval powers. 


This is the French "Arbalest" class torpedo boat, made in 1890s. During that time, French Admiralty was a proponent of the "Jeune Ecole", a group of French naval officers, who supported the build-up of a numerous small, torpedo oriented, fast vessels in order to counter the Royal Navy's large pre-dreadnoughts,  raid ports right across the Channel and inflict casualties to the Home Fleet with attritional raids, so the British would not completely secure their sea lines to the colonies. "Jeune Ecole" thought has influenced the early torpedo boat design, which evolved into destroyers.





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And here is my fictional Modern Russian(Soviet) destroyer, the Oktobrist Class. Soviet Russian navy was in dire situation during the 30s. Many ships were left over from the pre-WW1 era, and were in very bad conditions. Soviet navy did not havy any sea-worthy capital ships and the new naval program started in late 30s was completely stopped due the German invasion of 1941. 

Since the inital stages of Soviet Naval armament,  since the Soviet navy had a secondary role during the conflict, and due to the geography of 1940s USSR, smaller ships and destroyers were more common in Soviet Navy. Since the bulk of the Soviet forces were closed up on Baltic and Black seas, the Oktobrist was designed for fast, pinpoint hit-and-run tactics rather than "destroyer escort" in mind. For these reasons it carried somewhat heavy armament for a destroyer, but it made it a versatile and adaptable ship in green water fleets. Because of the German Invasion, few were made for Baltic and Black Sea Fleets. Baltic navy, though in limited number used Oktobrists for fast, quick sorties to raid German transports in the Baltics, bound for Finland and Sweden, and used to sink Finnish coastal barges and patrolling their base in Kronstadt. Oktobrists saw the most action in Black Sea, where their heavy armament made them feared opponents with Axis navies in the region. They were used as ASW platforms against Romanian, Italian and German subs, and engaged in duels with the Romanian navy, protecting troop convos, and as blockade runners during the Siege of Sebastopol





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IJN Harugumo:


Needed to use two funnels to accommodate empty space, A turret barely fit if you use a maximum of allowed displacement and only quintuple torpedo launcher instead of octuple.

Four Harugumo-class Destroyers from 7th Raider Squadron leaded by Captain Hayashida Masaki engaging U.S. Convoy:



Photo taken by US War correspondent (what the hello kitty he was doing there) showing one of the transport ships being damaged by IJN 7th Raider Squadron:



Photo taken by one of the sailors on IJN Usugumo:



U.S. Destroyers begin firing at IJN Destroyers:



IJN Usugumo after fire broke out and leaded to explosion in X turret magazine:



Photo taken from US War correspondent (Why is he still Alive?) showing explosion from US perspective:



Photo taken by a sailor from IJN Harugumo showing lack of X turret on Usugumo:



Soon after Usugumo received heavy damage, IJN Captain Hayashida Masaki of the 7th Raider Squadron ordered tactical retreat as main objective was accomplished by destroying 80% of U.S. Transport Ships.

While commencing a retreat, every destroyer continued firing at U.S. destroyers, one of the shells have been able to hit USS Doyle and damaged it in the same way as IJN Usugumo was.

Photo taken from USS Jake:



Aerial photo taken by PBY Catalina crew:



IJN Looses:

67 Crew (53 from IJN Usugumo)

IJN Usugumo heavily damaged.

IJN Harugumo, IJN Tsuga and IJN Kisaragi slightly damaged.


U.S. Looses:

7 Liberty-class transport ship

1 Farragut-class Destroyer USS Clemson

USS Doyle heavily damaged.

USS Jake and USS Farragut slightly damaged.

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