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  1. Restoke the boilers, the dreadnought fleet is lifting anchor!
  2. At some point, Having Ultimate General. Napoleon would be very cool. And you could play as France, British, Austria, Prussia or Spain in different campaigns.
  3. And was all going fine after a Flash fire blew fore turrets up and it sank going flank speed, but on the other side, It managed to sink 2 pre-dreadnoughts, and my light cruiser managed to sink another while disabling(all engines and rudder, with critical flooding) a second pre-dread with a lucky long-range torpedo hit. Only one Pre-dreadnought was undamaged which sufficiently damaged my remaining Light Criser to escape. Got some cool screens though.
  4. My attempt to make something resembling SMS Goeben/Yavuz
  5. This is actually a historical one, but since both sides were trying to preserve their forces early in the war and disengaged after suffering some damage, the battle was inconclusive. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cape_Sarych Battle of Cape Sarych - November 1914 After Battlecruiser SMS Goeben and light cruiser SMS Breslau escaped to Turkey during the summer 1914. They were thinly veiled as Ottoman ships, their flags were changed and German crews just adjusted their uniforms and conducted a raid on Russian Black Sea ports, thus Ottomans entered the war. Russi
  6. It was a general bickering on my part, not directed specificly to anyone but general "ad hominem" discussions on the post. But i might have also messed up with all those quotations and I'm sorry if i mixed you up with someone else. I find it too egoistic. After all we all are here because of our free-time hobby (a very niche one at that considering naval sims). And we help/share the development of our niche hobby. I just find some of the post content very irrelevant and uninformative when it comes to people nit-picking other forum users' arguments and start a very childish discussion. Forums a
  7. Do not feed the trolll, or in this case, the murray eel! While most of us are here trying to discuss a reasonable debate, he's just trying to mess everything up and denies Alpha testers, proper communication with the DEV Team. Or we can just open a 5 - years old CoD Kid thread, and move his forum content there for him to post memes and amuse himself.
  8. One of the reasons I've supported Game-Lab since Ultimate General series was that it was an Indie studio. ++Which goes all the way back to the Darth-Mod in E:TW. Let's hope this is not going to turn into a mobile pay to play dreadnought game. On the other hand, i have a feeling that Stillfront's main interes would be Game-Labs' online content, Naval Action... which suits more to their operations. Let's all hope UA:Dreadnoughts remains an independent project for singleplayer use.
  9. It is almost the end of the Q2 of 2021 now. I think the ship designer and game mechanics are stable enough to try in a campaign setting. Can we have any updates about the development of the campaign at the moment?
  10. Best joke would be to add paddlesteamers with deafening county music using sound waves as a weapon and the new improved "iceberg" design feature.
  11. Maybe you can alos implement quick-action buttons for formations, there is another naval simulator franchise, Ironclads. It has special order buttons for both single ships or the fleet formations, as well as formation manouvres such as line abreast turns, simultaneous turns, parallel turns etc... Maybe a similar quick order interface for these formations would help to control them during formation changes or have more manual control over the fleet
  12. I would be delighted to see searchlights, pre-radar illumination (star shells, flares maybe?). Another nice addition would be the ships in your fleet signalling each other in morse code at night for manouvres, as was done in Silent Hunter 3-4. And night battles can have effects on targeting, accuracy, range etc based on these conditions and your main tower efficiency perhaps?
  13. Finally some targeting rebalances. In the previous updates, it was near impossible to target faster battle cruisers and destroyers, with bigger, slower BBs. I think this will solve most of the gameplay related issues, next design-related feature could be showing/highlighting where the armour is, or being able to choose between different armor placement concepts (all-or nothing, balanced, front heavy etc...) I hope you guys can get working on the campaign as soon as possible!
  14. I did check the Launcher settings file, if there was a resolution parameter there, that could have solved the issue, but i guess it tries to scale it automatically, Did not have any issues with other launchers, or games or apps, such as steam or uplay.
  15. I also made sure that the game itself is set to run on my screen resolution, i had no problems in the game UI itself, menu UIs and game runs perfectly but launcher UI can only be fully viewed in "fullscreen" it does not scale down when i try to minimise button on upper right.
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