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  1. I'll throw in my boat for once. has a bonus of being actually decent combatant in that game.
  2. Everything is internally triangles in fact. Computers use the basic geometry, a plane is defined by 3 points -> tris everywhere.
  3. Anything will do if it'll bring actual development and meaningful progress at long last.
  4. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Yes. Still experiencing? Yes. Will it be fixed? Judging by the way development went in last.. years... Never.
  5. ..excuse my curiosity, but mr. Skeksis, are you paid for doing what you do perhaps?
  6. sadly ships here are disproportional and ugly (real shame for a navy focused game..) but overall nice idea
  7. "Oh yeah our navy's pride was sunk by a flash fire, repeatedly" (c) Beatty That's not a problem. the real academy's problem is wild random with in most cases average enemy power being set well above what player is given.
  8. Dev team apparently thinks that all this game needs now is more modern superbattleship hulls, campaign and to make sure that it plays more like wows (aka bow tanking, 2" pistols sinking battleships, etc). Fleet AI isn't prioritised and in fact those described problems do exist and still weren't looked at, as well as some others. I don't play it for same reason. It's only playable with singular ship divisions, basically under manual control over every single one.
  9. Don't mix simple visuals with under-the-hood mechanics, you can easily add more sinking animations at any point with any system and they don't prevent or limit anything but your desire for the spectacle. They won't change the gameplay.
  10. That's just WoWS / classic arcade games mechanic, nothing insane, but so meh for a game this is advertised to be. I like these ideas a lot. 100% structural damage is "everything that's worth breaking is broken" to me, not "the ship is suddenly a hole now". Also, If i'm not mistaken, structural damage in RTW made flooding gradually more dangerous and fighting it gradually harder, so more damaged a ship is, more likely it to start flooding and more unlikely to not sink from it. So they always die to sinking in the end.
  11. A reply, yay. I try not to be rude. le point 1: "game "Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts" is still under heavy development, the team is growing further and delivers patches" internally? Things do obviously improve, but only by some aspects of whatever was in earliest versions working better, project didn't really develop. Since i first time saw the game nearly nothing *functional* has changed, and of what did nothing was really needed. Only hulls and small number tweaking. And yep, what we have (and supposedly will get in final) is still inferior to what we are promised by current advert
  12. Doing "realistic" armor most of the time and true all-or-nothing (0 on extended parts) sometimes. Hasn't had any major issues with this. Looks like there's some more under the hood besides just hitboxes. All those multipliers do work somehow. That being said i also prefer "realistic" distances and not yoloing bow first right into enemy's face.
  13. Not really, it should be only 5 gigantic bricks
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