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  1. i will be first one to ask What about ship designer?
  2. Hey, at least this thing looks like actual ship ^^
  3. Well that's a good analysis, yes. but, not quite sure on what?
  4. Have patience people. On current very early stage, filling the game with "content" aka hulls etc is a low priority. First thing to be done is logic itself, and this can be done with literal untextured cubes for models if needed. Team already went far ahead with adding what we have now, and i'd rather like to see them using it to refine and fix the core now, instead of spreading forces on adding more useless models...
  5. Welcome to the club of designer dissapointment, take your tea and feel comfy.
  6. How cool it would be if visible models of ships corresponded to their current identification status starting with vaguely ship shaped brick and slowly refining over time with some generalised elements, until popping in with full detail. But eh. No rush, let's wait till most critical parts are done before pestering the devs with all these small wishes.
  7. quantity over quality, eh? Well may work, if you add everything you can imagine as separate parts, but that's a LOT of models. Would still be better to make the designer logic more flexible.
  8. Yep, missed this. A map / plotting table mode would be helpful. it could partially or fully replace the freecam for that "realism" feel as well. May be optional.
  9. it's Universal law of spam. It says: no matter what it is, if you have big enough numbers of it, it'll overwhelm everything that doesn't have those numbers. If battleship grade big booms could spew out 20 rounds per minute, no cruiser would exist. But they can't. And small cannons can do hundreds. Now look at modern navy armament)
  10. That's interesting links, thanks for sharing. Now physical limit on power output makes sense, though i don't know what it really would be. Yet, in this game's mechanics messing with shaft numbers and prop sizes would be overcomplication and apparently will require to overwrite some of existing logic (i believe currently there's no such thing as number of propellers, and probably the way how engine power translates into speed is also not what we would expect). Properly balancing engine weight vs power and max weight/power per hull/class should be enough.
  11. there was at least one very funny boat with 6 shafts, well, you should know) but from a campaign, and this game's perspective, all you need is to balance those values to make moar powah more expensive. Not more. this thing with shafts and limits looks more like speculation unless you have some reliable sources
  12. Id' say wait, because currently, above mentioned limitless design possibility is a lie.
  13. getting above 20 knots, or 10 knots, isn't much easier.
  14. what about your 116000 shp vs 84000 of real Algérie? Maybe it's engines are too light? (hello 32-knot dreadnoughts from 1920) and many other things as well... well thing is, every real ship could be vastly different than other ships of same era, it's not like everyone used exactly same engines, guns, armor, etc. It is impossible to generalize that tech in a way that will fit every single individual ship ever built. If it fits some, it will be off for others.
  15. This just once again shows that we need a rework of how hulls work and editor in general, yep. You have this problem, because you don't have a generic "cruiser" to arm and equip as you need, but you have a (crude) copy of some certain ship, already configured to have what that prototype ship had, and all you can do is recreate that particular ship (which is in most cases impossible due to crude model).
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