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  1. It is implementation issue, formations and formation control currently are busted beyond salvageable.
  2. Or it's random frenchman. Was their flag white?
  3. ^^^ Umm no. These 900 meters were actual maximum range for self propelled mines of the period, after that they ran out of whatever "fuel" and sank. Any torpedo can potentially be aimed at it's maximum range, even if it makes almost no sense for latest ones. More so, more advanced torpedoes have a safety mechanism, that scuttles them soon after in case of miss, specifically to avoid above mentioned scenarios. Miss a close target and hit whatever behind is one thing. Defy the laws of physics and engineering just because is another.
  4. Hmm except current system literally uses these exact models, with all their drawbacks, and only combines them automatically in dev's pre-configured order instead of allowing you to do it, diminishing already barely existing customisation? Have you even played the game?
  5. Umm... well. Am looking at it optimistically, and what i see is the team works at it in the order they've chosen, slowly but steadily. While completely ignoring any important feedback. They don't care what we players want this game to be. They decided at what it will be and only want us to bug test the concrete implementations. And this "patch" is desperate attempt to apply duck tape to a ship that's burning and sinking after being nuked. aka shut those toxic idiots up. Some more superbattleships and modern hulls, that clearly were part of already planned batch. Piece of the camp
  6. Total mess is the current ingame state of everything visibility related, and that should be reworked first. Isn't it obvious? Remember, it is alpha still, even core elements still can and must be changed as much as needed to work properly.
  7. well it is clear that mr. Skeksis either is being paid by devs to try and agitate in their favour, or is actual skeksis. Just leave it there, people. On topic. Funny to say, but the Bathtub of Toyboats (aka WoWS) actually does the visibility thing better than here. For those unfamiliar: every boat does have it's own visibility range. And while you can see all enemies spotted by your team on the map, in actual gameworld you only can see the ones within your visual range. You can blindshoot at the map markers if your guns range allows, and can even hit sometimes, but eyeballing the targe
  8. Here's a suggestion: implement "targeting accuracy" range-curve based solely on spotting and tracking stats on a given ship. It replicates current targeting accuracy up to some effective targeting range, then goes completely wild. This is supplemented by a new "Blind fire" option in-battle, that goes after "Aggressive". Now, on Aggressive ships will fire at distances up to their effective targeting range. On Blind fire, they try to fire at anything within gunnery range, if they can recieve that information from whoever is actually spotting it. (aka have radios and radios aren't disabled,
  9. Try turning all graphics settings to full max, then to full minimum, and see if there's any difference. Probably will not be.
  10. "academy" is clearly an attempt at tutorial, that was repurposed to be a filler for backers after maybe 4 to 5 first missions.
  11. o Barão Good job on this! I have a question: For me everything appears weirdly pixelated and blurry, is it some known problem with reshade? Cptbarney There is in-game interface with all the settings in nice GUI form, and i think you instantly see the effect
  12. this is Reshade, universal library that works with every unity game in existence, and some config; it is not actual mod of a level that could change the game itself. Don't get too dreamy, people.
  13. simple one, if you're going for graphically intensive games, don't buy anything under current **70 model of nVidia or equivalent. **60 will get old next year for this application, and anything under (like your 750) is old before it's sold.
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