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  1. Addition to above, to not bloat it more. Customizable above-water design. - Freeboard height/number of above-waterline decks - Forecastle - Poop deck / stern cut-off (look at Hood and others) Adding more decks enhances ship's behaviour in heavy seas and crew accommodation, but hits negatively it's weight, stability (esp. with guns on top), detection ranges and cost. Lowered stern decreases reverse speed, while raised stern decks increase it. Also obviously floating castle is easier to hit.
  2. Classic, narrow hull means much more speed. Can't resist of touching this again.. and sorry for long text. If this game actually goes as far as accounting for ship's physical dimensions and hydrodynamic properties, it absolutely needs ways to control and adjust these. We not only need a beam control, but so much more. That's what hull settings there may be as bare minimum, balancing required depth with gameyness: - length - duh.. - beam - less is faster, more is more stable but slower - type of bow (clipper, bulbous, ram, etc) - has different effects in different weathers,
  3. I really hope it won't... Mobile untergames level of complexity is nowhere near what's absolutely required for this one to work.
  4. huh, solution to the damage sponge problem exactly as it's done in WOWS. Well if it works, it works, i guess in RTW damage model is even simpler. Still, i'll hope for more improvements, as better is obviously better. Formation improvement is a big thing, much appreciated! As for the rest... i say, no point in more turrets ect until the building system itself is made... existent. Honestly i don't even launch this any more, as it's of no interest with this poor mockup of editor and weird AI shipbuilder that there is now.
  5. Hey, actually soviets slopped their armour all over the place sometimes, and that armour was sloppy x) Regarding angling, my two cents. While it's true that nobody in the age of dreadnoughts tried to "angle" their ships for the reason of increased protection, it is also true that doing so WILL increase their protection, because just simple physics. Doesn't matter where the armour it and what's going on in someone's heads, if you angle that armour, it will be harder to break. Doing so likely wasn't viable in real conditions though, as keeping your ship at good relative angle to the enemy
  6. There is recoil, it's just really short in comparison to some land based guns, and often hard to see, because you know, big boom around And because it's hard to see, it's not that important actually. But won't hurt anyone if added
  7. Noticed one little inconvenience with collision avoidance. Your ships will ignore speed setting and actively brake if on collision course, even on manual ruder. Makes intentional ramming or other silly close manoeuvres very hard to impossible to do. I guess on manual rudder they also should be on manual speed.
  8. Tried this, welp, absolutely "unfair" scenario. Even more if random gen derps and creates impossibly good enemies (as in, apparently exceeding hulls' weight limits even for their ultra grade tech), while arming your battleship with t2 10" guns and no bulkheads. Not sure what purpose it may have besides "challenge". On tactics described above. Tried it like 10 times, and in all tries cruisers were much faster than the enemy BB and armed with like all the torpedoes in the entire world. Glorious boomfish fans spawning across several miles. Not sure how to "ignore" that. In fact they were s
  9. From my humble research, even early torpedo boats could carry some spare boomfishes. This one in particular stored them under the lower deck (floor of internal cabins) in the "forecastle", and had rail system from there to all the launchers. Some even earlier model apparently had fixed torpedo launcher right in the bow, near the reloads, and this storage location was just carried over to new projects.
  10. Nah, Mr. Skeksis, they don't copy anyone's code, why would they. I meant the basic concept itself, where you don't manually put together predetermined parts, but assemble a list of features and get a ship tailored to have them. Also, again, glitches are glitches. When hull seems to be too front heavy, it's just how it is. When you put a symmetrical pair of side guns and it creates a sideways offset for no reason, it's a glitch.
  11. Building compact and balanced ships with focus on quality of gunnery and survivability. Not game-y.
  12. It can be confusing when you not trying to place anything, just have placement mode still active, and cursor somewhere off ship completely, and it counts that hanging turret that's currently off screen as placed. And also causes heavy lag while moving it. Glitches are glitches, nothing to do with those hulls balancing (which sometimes weird too) * * * Thinking about it. Balancing feature itself, while looks interesting at first glance, absolutely demands that editor to be highly flexible and detailed. Otherwise it just won't work properly. If they so much care about d
  13. Weight offsets and editor in general is glitchy atm. It will count a part that's currently hanging on your cursor in placement mode as installed where cursor is it "forgets" one gun in a pair sometimes and yells offset some secondary hardpoints are bugged and create offsets many parts just don't fit even where they were on prototype RL ship and all the unreasonable limits... ...ehh, in current state the ship editor is literally just a joke and should not exist. I really hope they will make in properly, or i'll be very sad, as it's not steam and refund isn't a thing. no panic yet
  14. I literally rammed that turreted pancake to death. And left with hope that my badly leaking warbarge manages to limp home somehow. Kinda realistic, only in real battle they decided to go home before someone sank. Also those "ships" are supposed to be barely even moving, that was the case with real things. Speaking of that mission, can you imagine a double turreted Monitor steaming at 30 knots over stormy sea and still scoring hits? I've experienced that. So i can add: In some missions, random generation of enemies is way too wild and can create absolutely hilarious and overpowered UFO-boats
  15. I won it with two medium DD's stuffed with bazilion of 2" guns, one 5" and two biggest torpedo launchers each, active use of that battleship and careful command. Win condition was killing enough TB's, and one of the cruisers randomly found itself a torpedo friend in the background. Thinking back, probably torpedo boats aren't that bad, they just need a counter that was historically intended against them originally, bazilions of 2" guns. Not that it really was working irl though... Timers stay an issue still.
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