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  1. I'd brought this up before, though it was probably as relative in that thread - so at the risk of redundancy, I'm still desperately hoping to see usable secondary mounts on the Hood and Nelson -styled forward and rear towers. I don't know if these specific spots were intended for small (50-76mm) secondaries or casemate mounts, but at the moment neither can be placed.
  2. On a more serious note, the super dreadnought SMS Schleswig-Holstein (and friends)
  3. I give you the BB Paris, aka the "BRRRRRTleship", boasting 13x3 9" guns. "We're gonna be doin' one thang and one thang only - killin' cruisers"
  4. I'd definitely like to see a few additional nations/factions/variations added for the final version as well. The Ottoman Empire would be a fantastic addition, and I'd suggest throwing in the big three participants of the lesser-known (but quite fascinating) South American naval race - Brazil, Argentina, and Chili. Greece, though minor, could also arguably deserve a spot. Variations on existing countries could be interesting as well. Austria-Hungary would be a great addition that could be switched over to Austria after 1918 (unless alternate history is a factor) In addition, Russia could change into the Soviet Union post-1917, and the Qing Dynasty could change into China in 1912. Not to come across like "HEY DEVS ADD ALL THE THINGS", but I imagine these details could be implemented just by throwing in some more flags. It's already established that there are many more hulls, towers, guns, funnels, etc. models currently in the works, so there should be plenty of material to make at least relatively-accurate Ottoman, Brazilian, Soviet or Qing warships. Pictured: The Brazilian dreadnought Minas Geraes (1910) and the Chilean super dreadnought Almirante Latorre (1915)
  5. My personal favorite custom build: the Modernized Dreadnought SMS Prinzess Matilda
  6. @Nick Thomadis I hate to be overly nitpicky, but some of the scaled-up / scaled-down towers and turrets are really bothering me - obviously, many of them are temporary placeholders while more models are created, but I hope that we won't see the giant-sized cruiser tower on 30's-40's Italian battleships in the release. Someone else already covered some of the secondary gun glitches on the American modern towers, but another one I've been fighting with is the falsely-detected overlaps on the British 'Hood' style towers. Somewhat minor, but you know the "devil's in the details" etc, etc. Amidst these complaints, I'd like to say how much I am loving this game, and how impressed I am with what you guys have presented so far. Alpha-5 has absolutely delivered what I hoped, and I am already looking forward to the next patch!
  7. "The man walked to the end of the dock every morning and said: Goddamn it Nick, there's supposed to be a French Super Battleship here"
  8. This is neither a high-priority, widely sought, or game critical item, but one of the first tiny details that I noticed and really stuck with me gave me an interesting idea for the campaign. This detail, which I still absolutely love, is the launching of lifeboats when a ship is sank or abandoned. If you haven't seen this (it's really easy to miss) I recommend you take a closer look next time you see a vessel go down. Anyway, getting to my point - what if some form of crew veterancy existed? Nothing overly complex, just an overall experience rating for a ship's crew as a whole. Theoretically, said rating would provide slight, but useful bonuses to maneuvering, gunnery, damage control, or engine efficiency. This could place an emphasis on the preservation (or at least careful consideration in sacrifice) of not only your ships, but their crew members. What is currently just a (cinematic?) effect of lifeboats rowing clear of the wreckage could add another element to the tactics of each engagement - rescuing or capturing stranded survivors. For the sake of budget, programming, etc, this could simply be done in a text-box message following each victorious mission: "Recover survivors? Y/N" with a small time/resource penalty for sticking around to preform search and rescue. In theory, a seasoned crew who manage to escape the sinking of their vessel could be recovered and in a few months' time be transferred to another vessel to improve it (likely with a penalty to their original stats) OR they could be captured as a form of asset-denial to rob an opponent of both resources and experience. Victories would have the additional reward of recovering veteran sailors while denying enemies' experience retention, while retreats could be even costlier. Raids and long-distance attacks would have the added risk of potentially abandoning your crewmen unfortunate enough to lose their ships and fall adrift. In addition to the mechanics, this would also add an emotional investment beyond the admiration and marvel of your proud warships - the incredibly important human elements of strength, ingenuity, discipline, and sacrifice from the men that make up their crews, and deserve a spotlight of their own. How did you feel the last time you lost a CL in a battle? Yeah, I didn't give a shit either. But perspective changes when it's 300 crew killed or missing under your command. I feel like that's how the campaign should feel. This might all be too much, or distract from the main focus of the game - perhaps it's just unnecessary and convoluted altogether, but I just had to get it off my chest. No matter what, I already adore this game in its present state, and am utterly ecstatic about what lies ahead for UA:D. Keep up the spectacular work, devs, and thank you for genuinely listening to the concerns, criticisms, hopes and crazy ideas of us fans. There really aren't enough like you out there!
  9. This experience (faster speed = faster flooding) has been mine as well, or at least seemingly so - maybe it's just skewed perspective, or we're both crazy, but at least you're not alone. While designing a BC specifically for maximum flank speed, I had an inevitable underwater breach of my tin-foil hull while in a full 41-kn sprint. The resulting rate of flooding was downright terrifying, though thankfully only for a few ass-clenching moments before the Anti-Flood III and Aux III modules worked their magic. Then all was saved! ...Until the next hit detonated my magazine. Not a fan of BCs.
  10. "Bonsoir, monsieur, et welcome to ze Hôtel de Hoche! Here vous shall find ze finest silk beds, champagne et escargot à la carte, deux 340mm cannon et dix-huit bordée pom-poms, hon hon hon!" Okay, sorry, but I seriously hike my enormous ruffled skirt up another inch for every French ironclad/monitor/pre-dreadnought I see.
  11. I'm glad someone else mentioned this, because I actually wanted to attempt the exact same build. I've been in love with the Olympia since seeing her in Philadelphia back in 2010 - my poster from the Independence Seaport Museum is still hanging on the wall adjacent to me. In addition to Olympia, the U.S.'s Great White Fleet had several fascinating and unique vessels that could potentially make for very fun base hulls in UA:D.
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