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  1. found a bug where I was unable to exit the shipyard back to the menu, either with the arrow or with the esc menu option
  2. Yes please, this would be a great way to test designs without having to rely on the AI
  3. It's been a long time coming. Very excited to check it out when I get off work tonight.
  4. Fingers crossed this Monday is the one
  5. If the main focus of the game was 1860s-1920s then no, but as of now there seems to be a heavier emphasis on ww2 era and beyond super battleships more than the dreadnought and before era. If you're going to focus on late game then yes I think you need subs and cvs to balance, but at the rate things are going.... well
  6. Very excited about more flexibility in placements. Also looking forward to configurable beam and draughts in the future!
  7. That's very exciting news to hear. I hope one of those patches will bring with it the ability to save and even organize player ship designs.
  8. Maybe it's a concern about texture and model detail quality. The game limits the zoom level to where it would still look good to avoid showing any less detailed parts while zooming in
  9. I think this was already brought up but I noticed some ships in divisions were stuck in a collision loop
  10. I'm not sure if this will be addressed later on, but I think that turrets of a common caliber should work together as a all big gun model rather than separately. For example I have quad 16 inch with superfiring triple 16 inch guns over them, but currently in game, rather than working together they work as separate groups. For example the quads would lock on to a target but the triples would not.
  11. The delay isn't too surprising since that's the nature of the current times. The devs have been pretty good about listening to feedback and pushing updates, and I hope to continue to see that. I am honestly okay if the campaign is pushed back more to have it be more fully fleshed out at release rather than be rushed and half finished. It would be nice to see saving in custom battles and the ability to design different ships and enemy ships as well. Currently I would personally put that above the campaign even in my wishlist.
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