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  1. I literally just discovered this topic, there are some cool things you posted here guys. I remember I that I did a simple aircraft carrier in KSP for a role play, which was inspired by Kuznetsov I'm not sure do I still have any screenshots of it, but if Ill find it I hope you won't mind it here.
  2. That snake ship reminds me a ship ive made once in Battleships craft, and the third one... is that Union class drop-ship which miscalculated landing zone on reentry and splashed down in the water
  3. Adding an option of carrying only a single salvo of torpedo would as like 4th ammo load option would satisfy one group people without hurting anyone in the process, the issue may start with making it a rational choice gameplay wise or making AI chose to do the same. We all know how good it is to carry more, but we also know TB and DD carry a second salvo or more were less common than single salvo.
  4. Current year warfare works kinda in the same as before with the exception that regular shells are a bit more useless now. CIWS a sending a ton of led against anything within range, including missiles and potentially they could even engage larger sheels, its all about detecting targets. Ships by air are primarily engaged by anti-ship missiles which are always guided by radar or sometimes they can be targeting radar source, or go to GPS/INS coordinates and at terminal phase manually controlled by the pilot who launched them with the use of TV cameras. Essentially AA defenses got better, so the
  5. Oh yes, this kind of size battles would be difficult to make them work properly, however I would still be interested in some form of smaller supportive missions for the ground forces. but if it would came you would need to pull off something like, lets say overlord, I would actually go with auto resolve mechanism. I know how stupid AI can sometimes get with huge armies, I saw it way too many times in Campings in Wargame. Sometimes I just forget how warfare during ww1 and prior looked like
  6. Well if you look on steam for Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail you can see on photos some land battles going on, I would expect something similar in Dreadnought, or potentially even more. I remember there was one fight during WW2 near Baltic Sea where a small group of German forces was couldn't retreat fast enough and they were cutoff. They stumbled upon a guarded village which was guarded by T-34/85s when best tanks they had were 2 or 3 Tiger 1s, luckily for them they had some support from destroyer or a cruiser near coast which provide very effective artillery barrage which managed to take
  7. Well I guess we can call it a Japanese destroyer update. there are some neat parts added and hulls, but I've noticed that you've removed ability to rotate towers. I kinda get that it could be used to cheese a bit an extra barbette or two (if you lucky), but this means you can't make something what looks a bit like Ise-class or other ww1/post ww1 Japanese dreadnoughts anymore, until you add dedicated hull and towers for them of course. I really liked taking on of those Yamato superstructure like second tower and then rotating it and connecting to the main tower so they looked like a single long
  8. I am interested in finding what kind of unusual ships we can get here, please post very unusual ships here, like Ise-Class (post hybrid carrier conversion), I-400 Submarine Aircraft carriers and so on... Ise-Class I-400-class submarine M6A1 Submarine launched dive/torpedo bomber Surcouf Cruise Submarine
  9. I also tried to recreate Ise-class and I found that if you try to follow the original design, your ship will have about 40% fore weight offset. You will need to cheese it a bit in order to make it work and only on UK and German hull and turrets. Turning around smallest Main tower with barbettes allows you to place turrets accordingly to the Ise design but you have to use second tower which allows for mounting funnel and you will have to put only one. You can recreate it, but its not really accurate recreation, I hope they will add a proper hull and when they will start developing ai
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