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  1. My take on the WoWs' Republique, this time equipped with 19 inch guns and a 12 gun 9 inch "secondary" battery.
  2. I really feel that the turrets themselves should be more modifiable with different choices of housing size and gun lenght and number.
  3. My wish is that you could select the type of turret housing you want for your guns: larger turret housing would take more space but it would give faster reloading, more ammo and better accuracy. This way you could put 6 inch guns into a larger turret, similar to what we see on the Jean Bart, instead of going for 8 inch guns or something. I mean, I'm not sure if there are any examples of 8 inch secondaries being used in Battleships. 8 inch shells are absolutely massive for hand loading after all.
  4. This is a pretty good looking AI ship: the secondaries aren't all over the place and so on. but it was one typical problem: the ugly barbettes. IMO. the AI should prioritize the right sized barbettes.
  5. I've been struggling to integrate three gun turrets into German hulls in a pleasant looking way -- without using four turrets, which I think is excessive. but I think I found a way. This design is a hundred thousand ton beast with Yamato's guns, combined with ten 9 inch guns in five turrets. Also, torpedo launchers on both sides, because why not; there was space for it.
  6. Germans turrets were designed differently: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/54388-why-most-german-battleships-will-only-have-dual-turrets/ You clearly can't fit a third gun into this turret design. I think the Germans should a wider turret for the three gun version. This same applies to the British 15 and 16 inch turret, which is way too small to have three guns.
  7. I really dislike the look of those three gun German turrets. They're way too narrow.
  8. Finally found a way to make a good looking Nelson-like ship.
  9. I think all of the baked in slots for turrets and funnels should have some type of props there when you don't place anything over it. For example, the super structures with funnel slots, when left empty, should have a small fleet of boats and a crane for handling them. Perhaps an empty turret slot would feature an extended bridge, just forward of the conning tower.
  10. I love how this design turned out. This is a British battlecruiser with 6 sixteen inch guns in three twin turrets. My thought process behind this was some kind of a British Gneisenau (like wows version), except with bigger guns, because why not.
  11. Get rid of barbettes as a separate placeable. Instead, have each gun turret generate its own barbette. Basically, you place the turret where you want, and using the page up/ page down keys, you would be able to elevate it, while the game would automatically generate an appropriately sized barbette for each gun. This would get rid of the visually unbecoming oversized barbettes that you see on so many ships in the game. This feature would include secondary guns as well. For example, you might want to build superfiring 7 inch guns at the flanks of your superstructure. Secondaries could
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