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  1. Jarlath Morrow

    Repair bug

    907 repair crew??? Weirdest bug I've seen in a long time.
  2. In your description of port battles, what do you mean by "exit timing"?
  3. BASTD is actually changing nation? I can't find a single one in game that has made the switch. I guess maybe they are very very slow.
  4. Port battle zones are back, awesome! I was going crazy trying to find the setting for it and I couldn't get it to work, oops. Great map and great tools!
  5. Ah sorry, I misunderstood Spanish Town to be a 50pt port. I stand corrected.
  6. @Koveras You still didn't explain what bonus you get from 55pt port that is so important. I believe that all nations except for Poland have access to crafted 50pt port bonus ships. It sounds like what you are describing is that new players will have a hard time getting crafted ships - this is a legitimate worry. But I'm not sure it's a real problem. My nation (pirates) is not particularly organized, but we still manage to get most of the clans on the friend lists for crafting bonuses. If we can do it, anyone can!
  7. I just cannot believe that being competitive in RvR has anything to do with not having 55pt crafting ports. Leadership/organization, numbers, having lots of ships, speaking the same language, and many other factors are all much more important to RvR success. What bonus do you get from a 55pt crafting port that you cannot get in a 50pt port that will necessarily decide the outcome of a battle?
  8. With the new severe speed loss from structure damage, it seems to me that chaining sails and demasting are less important than ever. More important than before are the relative wind positions at the beginning of battle. I'll refrain from doing the poll since I haven't been in enough combats since the change to really stake out an opinion. But these are certainly interesting questions.
  9. I sincerely hope that you get in touch with him, and I sincerely hope that Waldron listens to what you have to say. Understandably, what I expect to happen is an entirely different matter.
  10. You can see your progress to the next craft level if you hover your mouse cursor over the red medallion at the top of the craft menu. Hope that helps!
  11. Loki looks like a great feature but I have yet to try it. Can you put some cracked red eye orbs in my account? I would farm them but I can't find the arena. 😃
  12. I like the end of the video. Don't like the bug though.
  13. It's a great way to try out a ship that you aren't sure you want to build or buy.
  14. Aye, Ed was one of the members least-connected to VCO leadership, and least-connected to the drama surrounding pirate ports. But alas, it is easier to know the clan letters in front of someone's name than actually know the player. I am a little sad he can't craft bonused brigs and frigates and such for the young pirates who join his clan... I digress, there are enough people hijacking Foox's thread here, they don't need my help too. @FooxLee The new graphics look good on your stream)
  15. I always found it weird back when pirates had outlaw battles, that forts would waste enormous amounts of shot and powder trying to kill the pirates scrapping with each other. This is a similar situation. Surely, the forts must either conserve their shot and powder and only intervene when their nation members are involved, or indiscriminately fire on both sets of invaders using their infinite supplies of ammunition.
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