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  1. In the proposed system, what happens in the uncommon (but certainly not rare) case of your target initiating a battle vs AI to escape/delay pursuit in the open world? Will the karma system only work when joining a battle between two players? Or will following your target into an AI battle result in karma loss?
  2. Jarlath Morrow

    Repair bug

    907 repair crew??? Weirdest bug I've seen in a long time.
  3. BASTD is actually changing nation? I can't find a single one in game that has made the switch. I guess maybe they are very very slow.
  4. Port battle zones are back, awesome! I was going crazy trying to find the setting for it and I couldn't get it to work, oops. Great map and great tools!
  5. I sincerely hope that you get in touch with him, and I sincerely hope that Waldron listens to what you have to say. Understandably, what I expect to happen is an entirely different matter.
  6. You can see your progress to the next craft level if you hover your mouse cursor over the red medallion at the top of the craft menu. Hope that helps!
  7. Loki looks like a great feature but I have yet to try it. Can you put some cracked red eye orbs in my account? I would farm them but I can't find the arena. 😃
  8. I like the end of the video. Don't like the bug though.
  9. Aye, Ed was one of the members least-connected to VCO leadership, and least-connected to the drama surrounding pirate ports. But alas, it is easier to know the clan letters in front of someone's name than actually know the player. I am a little sad he can't craft bonused brigs and frigates and such for the young pirates who join his clan... I digress, there are enough people hijacking Foox's thread here, they don't need my help too. @FooxLee The new graphics look good on your stream)
  10. I always found it weird back when pirates had outlaw battles, that forts would waste enormous amounts of shot and powder trying to kill the pirates scrapping with each other. This is a similar situation. Surely, the forts must either conserve their shot and powder and only intervene when their nation members are involved, or indiscriminately fire on both sets of invaders using their infinite supplies of ammunition.
  11. Nice. More streamers and video makers is always better.
  12. Very interesting. Especially going Dead Slow / Sails Down instead of finishing off a very wounded frigate... I was in a fight with [HAN] Ans earlier that day, and the whole time he didn't shoot into the water even once. Nor did he shoot into his allied ship masts. But I guess in that fight he was trying to save his trincomalee, not just block your BR.
  13. Not a bad idea, it has been successfully done in other games.
  14. Good idea. I appreciate everyone's concern for new and solo players, but it should be pretty easy for them to send a mail asking to get on the friendly list if they have figured out more complicated tasks like building a workshop and buying/shipping upgrade materials. Super-new players don't even bother with upgrades, at least I didn't.
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