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  1. Probably a good idea. One of the most common complaints involving sail repair is people running away unrealistically fast.
  2. +1 Some really good points! Especially about mixed fleet battles being far more interesting.
  3. I see that now, "и второй за мели - вообще будет конфета ))"
  4. Can you sail across the sandbar? The one time I tried to I got stuck.
  5. There are so many threads on here about Ingermanland ships flipping over. And at least two about being flipped over *by* an Inger. She must have a hull made of rubber since I think the Ingermanland is the bounciest ship in the game. Hope you get your replacements quickly!
  6. Since this patch has hugely rebalanced mast HP and mast thickness, it might be good to comment on those changes rather than continuing a personal crusade that's really just a holdover from an older version of the game. I will say that I am very glad they adjusted the topgallant mast HP for Constitutions and other ships that lose 2 sails from their topgallants. Also I think the slight reduction to the penetration of Double Charge is probably warranted, since ships are thinner. There's a lot to reply to, but this one bit stuck out. In every version of Naval Action you might lose 5v1, just accept it. Much better to go 1v1 the "pro", sink, and then get better. I am speaking from personal experience. If your ship is a "risk" the ship you are sailing is too expensive.
  7. Awesome, looking forward to testing lots of things!
  8. You are right, 164 seems to work for Food Supplies. I thought it was cheaper, maybe it was changed recently.
  9. I also want to add that if you did get attacked, most any captain would go for the player ship not the fleet ships, since the player ship rewards PVP marks. So while it's possible you were attacked, it doesn't make a great deal of sense for the attacker to chase down the 2 AI ships while leaving you intact.
  10. This did not happen to me, but I have a clanmate who swears he had an Endymion in his fleet, but when he got back to port from sailing it was gone.
  11. While we're wishing for things... During battle, it would be cool if we could assign the crew to move two guns from the broadsides to the stern, for example. This would be a small job that takes time and reserves a few crew, and when finished your ship would have stern chasers. They could of course be moved back, with the same cost of crew labor.
  12. It takes getting used to, but I like how lighter ships take less time to start / stop turning, it gives a good feeling of agility.
  13. I was also targeted by a force of screeners. I can assure you, 100% of the battlegroup was pulled in and 100% of the battlegroup fought!
  14. I don't think I get my damaged cannons back until I can do a hull repair.
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