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  1. It's a great way to try out a ship that you aren't sure you want to build or buy.
  2. Aye, Ed was one of the members least-connected to VCO leadership, and least-connected to the drama surrounding pirate ports. But alas, it is easier to know the clan letters in front of someone's name than actually know the player. I am a little sad he can't craft bonused brigs and frigates and such for the young pirates who join his clan... I digress, there are enough people hijacking Foox's thread here, they don't need my help too. @FooxLee The new graphics look good on your stream)
  3. I always found it weird back when pirates had outlaw battles, that forts would waste enormous amounts of shot and powder trying to kill the pirates scrapping with each other. This is a similar situation. Surely, the forts must either conserve their shot and powder and only intervene when their nation members are involved, or indiscriminately fire on both sets of invaders using their infinite supplies of ammunition.
  4. Nice. More streamers and video makers is always better.
  5. +1 Visual indicator for point gain would be nice QoL.
  6. Very interesting. Especially going Dead Slow / Sails Down instead of finishing off a very wounded frigate... I was in a fight with [HAN] Ans earlier that day, and the whole time he didn't shoot into the water even once. Nor did he shoot into his allied ship masts. But I guess in that fight he was trying to save his trincomalee, not just block your BR.
  7. Not a bad idea, it has been successfully done in other games.
  8. Good idea. I appreciate everyone's concern for new and solo players, but it should be pretty easy for them to send a mail asking to get on the friendly list if they have figured out more complicated tasks like building a workshop and buying/shipping upgrade materials. Super-new players don't even bother with upgrades, at least I didn't.
  9. I have fought many players, including the USA. Last night at Rio Seco they showed the ability to deploy ships and coordinate in combat that I haven't seen that often. They are getting stronger and fighting smarter. Good fight USA o7.
  10. I especially like the idea about a clan message of the day.
  11. Bumping thread as a gentle reminder. Global chat is by-and-large a friendly place, but there are still rare instances of personal attacks (and worse). The warnings about becoming a pariah are interesting and I thank you for them. But I have only allies in the Caribbean, not friends, so I think I shall be alright.
  12. In a perfect world, we could F5 a broadside as well as enable/disable individual decks during boarding. Hope they change it in the future.
  13. @Wraith I didn't know you dueled! Also I remember seeing that video, same thing happened to me once! Very unfortunate. @William Death Ah the good ol' days of raiding from Bermuda. A long sail but quite fun once you got to your destination! @Severus Snape Is that the battle I think it is? I saw a stream of it haha. 😃
  14. There are many great battles (too many to count). Here is a screenshot of Port-au-Prince after many, many tries getting into the PB previously. Not a good fight for me personally as it looks like I didn't do too much shooting, other than 4 masts and a rake or two. But, such is life in the capture circle. One of the last fights called by @koltes that I can remember, with many other PVP2 Pirates in attendance. This battle was likewise mentioned by Jeheil so that is probably why it sticks in my mind. These Jeheil videos are giving me serious nostalgia. Thanks for all the "biffo" @Jeheil!
  15. Raising this thread from the dead... I have sailed alongside *and* fought against the saltiest sailors that the Caribbean has to offer. I have a thick skin and don't take things personally, but the fact remains that sometimes moderation is needed (such as chat spam). I volunteer to be an English-speaking chat moderator for the War server. PM me if you need any details. Fingers crossed for the game launch!
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