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  1. What about clans/players that helped grind hostility or did the PB ? They might not be in your clan but helped take it or defend ut.
  2. And made the perk almost useless. It was a good perk for traders but now I would assume much less use it. I know I no longer do.
  3. Actually, having more ways to set access to certain levels of items/money is a great idea. Its so good that many other MMO use that feature to avoid rouge players to be able to do stuff like this. More levels in the clan and more levels in the warehouse so a clan can give some access to minor items and money/marks to new and untrusted players and limits on how much they can withdraw in a given period. It cant stop this happening completely as a long time trusted player can decide to go rouge once being allowed access to everything or if that is in fact a players plan. If Admin w
  4. I think that is fair just aslong as Traders Marks are introduced for those who trade and spend just as much time sailing and then face increased chance of being attacked as traders will be easy targets.
  5. No. Actually they reused what they could to save money and material. What we need is durability or integrity measurment that shows how long the ship has been active and how long since last overhaul in a drydock and determines what if any parts can be reused. Might be a way för admirality to determine value on captured ships. Instead of scuttling them you need to place a Price crew to get full PvP marks.
  6. Yeah, allowing clans more options on clan management is a good thing. More ranks and ability to determine what each clan ranks can and cannot do would be awesome. That way perhaps we can stop a few of the looting of clan warehouses that has occurred lately. Also for clans to be able to appoint a governor and aides for each captured port that can change stuff for that specific port would be a nice feature also.
  7. I think that if we are able to set how many crew we assign to different tasks it would be a great idea to enable options like boarding or DD. By set i meant that we can controll the numbers more precise then now. Either with percentages or preset numbers and not just all that is not doing anything else. But atm the penelties for being boarding fitted vs other options is unbalanced and some can be negated by stacking crew mods. But the mods overhaul might fix this.. And I still find ut funny that a single fish adds to your holdspace and affects speed but extra crew or lesser c
  8. DLC gives players the oppertunity to misbehave and get a clean slate. Not all do that but some seems to be doing it as recent post shows. But whatabout all the other players, is it not fair to them to allow a player to get away with that behaviour. As stated is the date of char creation the only thing that we can use to track a account with undesired track record.
  9. I think that we need to find a way to give purpose to all ways to play the game, Even for those who only wish to fight as fast as they can. However they tend to realise that having better ships and upgrades is a good thing and thus understand that it´s best to join a clan or get friends to make ships or all the other boring stuff they don't like. We also need to make sure that crafting and trading have a meaning/purpose for the nation and its course to prosperity. It's never easy to find a balance between all of the different ways to enjoy the game and to keep the rewards fair betwee
  10. I am also hoping the Economy patch addresses a few issues. However in many MMO the cost of materials often are higher then the price you can charge for a finished product as the materials are often used in learning a skill/crafting thus having a higher demand then the items you can make with said materials. More common when you have materials needed for certain skill ranges and then becomes obsolete once you progress beyond them but still applies here somewhat. We don't have same effect here since many resources are needed for many kinds of ships but still its often easier to make money b
  11. Well, hunted is one thing but being sitting ducks is quite another. I am not asking for safe passages for traders not should any trader hunter be asking for sitting ducks. Ofc there needs to be a balance for both play styles to be able to have fun and feel like both have a fair chance on the OW. Trader ships were for the mostly built to be able to go in more shallow waters then regular ships as that is good when unloading and loading goods and to go into rivers to get to major trade centres. Not all warships had the same design in mind when being built. And would it not be
  12. What about decay for ships when sailing and in docks. Ships should be less durable the more you use them and do repairs at ses. Unless you have copper plating your ship should lose speed until you can clean your hull. Crew provisions should be added and be needed for your crew to be at good morale and able to perform in battle. Be carefull what you wish for.
  13. And ships sailing or sitting in docks is not affected or becomes slower and less sturdy due to age and weather? If you wish to propose a decay mechanism then please see the logic in using it on all things in game.
  14. Well Most traders have faster ships then 8-9 knots even when loaded and some have escorts. And I am tired of pvp players suggesting changes that should not apply to traders because reasons... Any changes will affect all battles and thus need to be balanced for all possible ships and playstyles. And atm there is several things that can be changed to improve chasing and evading players on OW. More shallow areas for smaller ships to try to outrun a chaser. Traders can go closer to shore then larger warships to avoid being attacked if OW had more such areas. More s
  15. Yeah but No. Its the same for a trader that gets away or uses a escortship. Once first battle is over you can be retagged at the same location from same attackers or those waiting. Its a bad mechanic atm but any changes needs to be balanced. To easy to get away after a battle is bad for the game and to hard to get away is also bad for the game.
  16. After reading 4 pages I understand that its not a easy call. On one side is the learning curve vs fun and in the other side is realism vs fun. I for one started playing with no map aid and thus has learned sailing without tools but use them on longer voyages to check my headings. Perhaps we can find a middle way that allows players the experience to get lost and learn how to navigate and also get help from a feature that is aiding those that need help. A part of the tutorial perhaps?
  17. Great . Then a action like that would result in a negative effect on trade and commerce for a captured port reducing income by quite alot as merchants tends to avoid in dealing in such areas. There is a reason that the conqurers tend to leave such civil matters unchanged to avoid turmoil and unrest. But I am all for clans getting more options but take the bad with the good in that case.
  18. I think its funny that "hunters" wants to reduce the safe zones so they can hunt there prey=traders easier but most "hunters" have no ideas to make it better for traders or make it a fair fight. If you change the balance towards the Pvp players even further you will have traders leaving and no one wants that right? I am tired off the focus spent on pleasing the PvP oriented players at the cost over Traders and PvE oriented players. If you have more content for traders and PvE oriented players you will have more targets to hunt so why not find ways to please them but with a balance. I do n
  19. Greetings! It seems that the perk Fleet Optimization no longer affects your fleet ships. Is that a feature or a bug from the hotfix of today?
  20. I understand the reasoning to lessen the grinding, however most players will tell you that often in games the path to reach the top level is the fun part they share with friends. Once you reach the peak you start another grind that can also be rewarding in gathering top end eq (ships/skill books/etc) in our case. But there is a fine balance to finetune with grinding. This is why so many areas is MMOs are empty areas once people have levelled or grinded past it. There is simply no reason to be there once you gained reputation with a group/area or collected all the oddly shaped leafs you ne
  21. Interesting proposal. Just one small objection typ. What if a wreck spawns in a area like just outside a enemy Capital or port?. Even if I sail there at once chances are high that it has been looted. What if you open a bottle and dont have time right then?
  22. Care to add any more info to how blueprints will change? And why not have MINT added as a clan building instead. make it so clans can pool resources and a clan officer can use those to build it and clan members can then in the port where the Clan Warehouse is located use it.
  23. I think this is a interesting option. May I add that perhaps this is a golden opportunity to look into expanding the outpost system. Currently they all provide the same service and the only cost is to add another one or to close and reopen them. But what if there where levels for outposts just like when you increase the size of your warehouse size. Ofc Larger warehouses means that you pay more tax/upkeep Level 1. Basic facilities. Allows you to teleport to and from this outpost and store minimum of goods and ships Say Max 2 ships and no Large Vessels and/or dock fee for yo
  24. This is a good way to get lower level players to leave the starting area. Most other mmo have a red thread moving you from area to area by using storyline or by reducing your gains so you are forced to seek harder opponents elsewhere.
  25. Hopefully we can replace missions with better content. Task a player with the transport of a member of the governors staff that needs to inspect a port or deliver despatches to outlying forts to check on suspected ships that might have been sighted. In short missions that dont always require battle. Or intercept a suspected smuggler that might surrender when fired upon or might try to fight you. But I agree that there is plenty of targets for high level players.
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