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  1. the boarding has a limit on 3.5 knots again? where is it stated.
  2. i have just informed the admin of the following. this patch is maked the game beyond feasble. mind i am not a hugger in pvp. aswel i not realy search pvp. i only join it when its protecting my lands. but i just told him. if my ship have to remain at half sail.for a battle instance. at all time. i not see the point to continue my journey. all this patch did was make gunnery enclopedia and ship handling book more valueble. as i need to sacrifice. another 1 / 2 slots on boarding protecting. read: i always tried make sure i didnt slow to the boarding speed. hence. if the oponent managed to get me there it was fair game too him as i would always said. so i sailed whitout. using ship balancing and gunnery books. and the second point where they fixed income for 1st & 2nd rate. (realy was it realy needed ??) i have a ongoing discussion how i have too wait for the big patch cause they refuse fix the 4th rate mission in mean time also maked me more mad. so i unninstalled after i was watching it for the last 2 weeks if any improvments come whitout too much wil to make anyplay. . if they want too get rid of huggers fine but not over 5th/4th rate players back. i would say make musket fire a thing whitin 60m of a stern?
  3. oh i agree it should be hugging considered against. but right now its literly any tanky ship whit 1 side of chain and she is primed. i wish the developers. would increase the fired at morale. if a ship is in full boarding modus crew should take a dmg multiplier. . when receiving a broadside this wil bring into game. the command "dont let her get close enough to board damn u reload faster"
  4. it should be reduced too the middle way. 6,5 knots.
  5. actualy this pay's more revenue. then op 1x purchase ships. for example 5 different paints. and yes make it tradeble. it only open the market. for the gamer whitout much spare cash. get his hand on dlc. and the game whitout time can get ingame currency / good. player base wil be stable / increase as this is hapening. in a beter way to spend the money around.
  6. should not hunt deep in enemy waters.... its not called griefing. its called. being dumb enough to expect no revenge around. in a enemy zone if i go to danish waters and sink one. i pray they are too late grouping up a revange fleet. but i expect them todo so.
  7. Can i just propose something? Let the 1st lt aboard ure ship every once in while make a marking where u are. Every 12 min or so
  8. the problem arises.basicly because nations / are to weak. to engage. based on playerbase. it should have remained a 4/5 nation game.
  9. No its not, she is right on target. what u want is a racemonster by default. my semi tanky endiomions also by default start at 12.30. and i havent went full tank and endio's are race monsters. from there nature.
  10. No simply no you need to think about a wood change if u want faster.
  11. u need to think different i notice many people choise one of 3 builds. fir fir speed no armor. teak teak speedy little armor. teak white oak slow / tanky. there more woods / combinations. all whit + and downsides. u want a faster connie u need to give up some tankyness. i also make the choices. based on my wishes. i slowed down some of my ship to gain more armor.
  12. Connie was in history also not a good turner. She was a unbreakble fortres to the lower/equal guns.she was against. her speed was not formidble . she was a goodsolid heavy gun deck. whit a superior armor. her speed was on par. but definitly not the fastest. she maintained her speed due too the fact her heavy wood. didnt slow her down as much as regular oak would have done. but it didnt give her the speed u guys arepleeding for. for that her hull shape is not designed for speed. she is too bulky connie was superfrigate. on par whit fighting a older/low lvl lineship or 74. endiomion was a tallship above being a frigate. which gave her speed also on top of woodchoice. at the same price of armorment los. keep in mind ships like constitution, victory, zeven provincien where also heavily romantic's due too morale boost. not saying she did not fight the battle. but minor propaganda was used example. captured 3 merchants. 2x rice 1 potato in newspaper. 1x rice. 1x potato, 1 time spices. or ship xx vs ship xx fought a battle ship xx shot 1 mast. other party strikes color battle xx totaly dismasted her. i read the known battles from both side. in wich u can see consti was a solid stable gun deck whit excelent gun alignment. and a superior gundeck. and a super armor
  13. maybe a compromise. say a certain number (hard number add or minus a random percent between 0 and 10% ) so u can think that u up against 290 crew it might be less or more
  14. like i told before. last 4 missions are rated 4th rate 3rd rate 2nd rate 1st rate. the 4th rate used to spawm Consti's sometimes a aggy. at proper target for 4th rate. atm it only spawn frigate if lucky. renomee te most. cerberus at badluckx.
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