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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. I lost my Hercules due to a bug in Patrol zone. I was hunting a Cerberus and he exited Patrole zone and kept firing from there without any penalty to him. After approximately 8 mins I went after him and I lost my hard earned Hercules due to timer countdown hitting 0 and the Cerberus, for all I know, could have stayed there forever firing at me until I sank. The screenshots provided should be enough to compensate me my Hercules back, it doesn't matter what upgrades were fitted on her, I'd just like my tutorial earned Hercules back. I've sent an in-game bug report but I don't know how or if I can get any answers that way. Best regards, Pegasus Prime P.S. Date and time are in the screenshot names (22.01.2020. aprox 05:55-06:15)
  2. i lost my locean bc i was 5 min outside from the PZ and the Lgv who was more than 5 mnin outside survived it. so wtf is this shit? you can see it at round about 4 hours 15 min in my livestream . i lost the l ocean full long guns with 500 hull repair 1500 rum and 150 sail repair. why is it possible that a stupid ai can survive longer than we player?!
  3. Every battle in the patrol zone, if you try to fight there with a group of people, ends up being zerg zone. Why was the time to join changed from 2 minutes to 10 minutes? Only to let Russia enjoy the patrol, while other nations can't? Before this it was really fun, now it's only a "let's farm the 20k damage, even though we know they will outnumber us immediatly". I got the sensation that this game could be really fun, with some really small changes... Here is an example:
  4. Well. I have now sailed around Aves patrol zone for hour, NPC ships at coast never venture in it. So i cant get any compat marks. At this time it seems no players were here either, thats why im scanning all around for NPC. Is it really necessary "hardcore" gameplay to make players wait hours for targets? @admin Its enough hard allready to find NPC targets at OW and now at PZ too...
  5. This method is fully built into the in-game rules. If you do not like it, the rules should change: Step 1: Find a Patrol Zone in an area where First Rates are common - La Mona Patrol is probably the best Step 2: Take a Frigate or Light-Frigate into the Patrol Circle, and attack a L'Ocean or Santisima (900 BR Each), make sure to be Downwind (!) Step 3: Sail Downwind until you reach the circle edge, while putting some shots into the Enemy (get Sail Damage to mark it as your kill). Step 4: Right before the Enemy is likely to turn, sail outside of the Patrol Circle, but keeping yourself tangent to the circle so you can return in time. Step 5: When the Enemy ship follows you clearly outside the circle, turn so it can intercept you and commit to a turn + fire broadside behavior. Step 6: Survive the barrage and re-enter the Patrol Circle enough to Reset the clock. Step 7: Exit the Patrol Circle again and wait for the Enemy's 5 minute clock to run down to 0. This ensures the Enemy ship stays outside the circle, and since you reset your own timer, the other ship gets sunk first and you win. Your timer stops after winning. Congratulations, you just Killed a First Rate. You can now loot the corpse. Repeat Steps 1-7 until you reach 8100 points. To get the most Dubs, perform the last battle in the last few hours before Reset, since the tie-breaker is the last person (!?) to reach 9000 points. PvE Server Testing: 6th Rate Test: ~2700 points, won the ladder (didn't bother to max). Mercury with no skill unlocks and no mods. Lost one ship - mistake, took a broadside from too close a distance. 5th Rate Test: ~4500 points, won the ladder. Surprise Sab/Sab got the most kills, no skills or upgrades required. Lost a Surprise to timer mistake, Lost a Trinc - unable to return upwind. 4th Rate Test: Killed a L'Ocean with an Aggie on accident, discovering this method. There are paths that are quire possible with heavier ships. but 3rd rate and above is trivial to just win by Boarding/Fighting. Boarding Help Method - alternative method that is also likely used: 1. Make a L'Ocean with Boarding Spec and take Barricades and other defensive skills, Marines, etc. 2. Fight a Lone Santi/L'Ocean and start the fight by softening the rear armor by 25%, then immediately boarding. 3. During the boarding, do not use any attacks, and Defend whenever your crew goes low enough for the AI to Counter-Attack. Slow down the killing of enemy crew. 4. The smaller ship gets behind the Enemy and starts raking from optimal distance and position, starting with hull damage, and then switching to Grape for crew. 5. If the smaller ship does more Crew and Hull damage than the Helper, it will get the kill even if the larger ship wins the boarding. Can be enhanced by allowing the smaller ship to work down the sails with Chain initially, scoring extra sail damage which adds up for to secure kill. This can be done in 30-40 minute fights or less. This is simple enough to do with an Alt-Account / Dual-Box. Suggestions: 1.Make Weekly Ladder Fights 1v1 only, do not score kills in fights with friend or fleet ship help. No help, 1v1 only. (This disables the Boarding Help method) 2. Make the AI Ships Immune to the Patrol Circle timer.
  6. I can understand basic cutters are used to sail to far destinations to open an outpost afterwards. I can NOT really understand why players use basic cutters in patrol zones. I don`t believe they don`t have enough resources or money to take an appropriate ship and do some PVP. I guess the only reason is,because it is allowed to do so. Please remove the ability to enter or start battles in patrol zone with basic cutters. Thank you.
  7. No, this thread is not about complaining about the RoE of the patrol zones. Instead, I had the following idea: Let players ingame vote for the next patrol zone area (the following day) and the ship rate allowed. E.g. Vote for a patrol zone, for example hispanola channel. Then vote for the allowed ship rate (1st - 7th rates) Benefit: more variety Con: dev time
  8. During patrol missions, ships spawn in shops. As soon as they are spawned, they are all bought by players, to immediatly sell again with huge profits. There is nothing to prevent this, but it hurts th patrol missions. Like I can buy Snows from shop during Nassau Patrol, immediatly sell them on contract giving me a good profit. Bought for 53k, sold for 150k. For example below from the Tumbado Patrol Event. As you can see Renomees, Frigates and also Cerberus all bought from shop and currently being sold by the same players. I never blame the players, they can do this. But game should prevent you from doing this. My Suggestion 1: When ever there is patrol event, the shops around the patrol events sell the ships with same price but as shop stock is depleted it will be resupplied in a short amount of time to number of 3. So every 3-5 minutes there always be 3 ships of Frig, Cerberus, Reno at the ship shop, for Nassau 3 Snows, 3 Navy B, 3 Mercury etc. So it will be meaningless to buy them all and sell for profit, if npc stock is zero, it will be supplied in a very short time. This way people will be more willing to participate in event, as they can buy a mediorce ship with the normal price. My suggestion 2: When it is patrol event, supply shops with heavy wood ships like from oak, wo, lo instead of bermuda, fir etc. For example you can not compete with rich enemy players who can fight in heavy expensive ships like Heavy Rattlesnake. None of the ships in shop are a match for Rattle, but at least they will be stronger. Same goes with frigate class, as light wood frigs are useless in patrol events. My Suggestion 3: When ever repairs and rum supplied by npc in certain ports, it is immediatly bought and like above sold with profit. Let the shop supply small but continous amounts of repairs at a higher price, example: 500 hull for 1500 gold / 500 rig for 1300 gold / 1000 rum for 250 gold. So that nobody can manipulate the market like buying all repairs and selling them for 3000/3000/1000. But if this guy is producing he can sell 1499/1299/ 249 and still profit. So the NPC shops spawn prices and spawn rates can control the market manipulations. @admin please consider when you have time. Let's keep more players in the events.
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