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Found 29 results

  1. I let you check by yourself, the last one is specially nice
  2. Hi, Don't know if this has been asked before, but it seems we can't befriend people from enemy nations on PvE. I get that we don't want that on PvP, but why not on PvE. Why not show the enemy names. The term enemy doesn't realy mean allot on PvE we all there for some good times, not to be toxic vs eachother. This might have been asked before, so I apoligise in advance. Greetings, Spud.
  3. yes yes, I know there is a ignore function. yes yes, I know there is a report function. ^^^ that one takes a little imagination. here he likes to drag poor old little Poland into it. here he likes to talk about me in third person. Edit -- I demand insta ban hammer
  4. What do you thinck about put a Captains Profile while going to TAB then Right Click on the players name ? More less like in CSGO , this way you can give an evaluation to a friendly or ennemy captain, hopefully some captains will stop trashtalk to win some Reputation/Evaluation/Succes or what ever you want to put there.
  5. Can we please have the option to turn off battle chat. It's a bit embarrassing when people start whining when they get caught
  6. Because battle chat has become so salty is it time to remove, cross nation chat? Battle rants that include words like cnut, fcuk; and borderline racism, although make me laugh ( I know my opponent has lost it!) Must surely put off new players or at least teach them very bad habits? It also SPOILS a very great game instance. Plus (I believe) anyone you have blocked in global etc, can still be potty mouths in battle and everyone in the battle is forced to endure? Thoughts, suggestions?
  7. During my stay here I have managed round up a few players to ignore list. Made my play much more enjoyable, however.. Could we pls add that.... in addition to not seeing what "ignored" player is writing can we also please not see what other players write to "ignored" players. It kinda feels half-ignored if i can see other's replies to them. If i have them on ignore list i have no interest in what they writing or what others are writing to them. Nevermind actually, who cares. Wish I could remove this post but I can't sorry!.
  8. I have a very simple request: The ability to turn chat off. FYI: I am aware that chat can be turned off currently, but I feel the ability to turn them off individually is needed. I have frequently found myself in situations where I wish I had my chat turned off in battle. The chat can at times be damaging to the enjoyment of Naval Action - I'll include a few examples of common "chat scenarios" in Naval action - I'm sure most will agree: 1 vs 1: "If I had a better ship, I would have beaten you!" 2 vs 1: "Are you too scared to fight me 1v1 you pussy???" 1 vs 10: "Why are you running away you little prick, this is our waters! Come and fight - are you scared!!?" 1 vs Trader: "Friends..? " Because of the way this game works you can lose many hours of "productive" game-time in just one battle - nobody likes to lose a 5/5 Very Fast ship...This can cause people to react irrationally and become very offensive towards players that they otherwise wouldn't. Most games do not have this element of risk, therefore chat often becomes more personal than what's commonly seen in online games. Especially "1 vs Trader" has gotten me many times - how can you sink a guy sending that message? Basically allow us to turn off chats individually in options, I'd like to see a block chat for each "Chat-tab": Nation, Clan, Global, Trade, Help, Battle (Team), Battle (All), PMs. Possibly have the clerk list in battle-chat who has it turned off so people won't write for no reason - I think this will prevent many arguments with your enemy in battle.
  9. Hi I was in MT and had just used a labour contract. I Tp'd from Mortimer Town to Grindstone and a message suddenly appeared saying: "you have been banned from trade chat, reason:" but no reason was given, window was just blank. When I landed in Grindstone my trade chat window was no longer present. ???
  10. So obviously I can't post in chat and it gives me red writing telling me I can't post, but if someone tries to chat with me what do they see? Does the game make them aware I am banned or do they just think I'm an ignorant arse not answering them?
  11. Guest

    chat ban

    I know that there's a thread where we can get info on why we were chatbanned. But I don't think this was made deliberately and I rather suspect it may be a technical error.
  12. There should be a chat function that allows allied clans to type to each other. This will simplify group-making and clan-communication. It could be labelled "Allied Clan Chat." Think its a good idea?
  13. Because of the recent testserver changes. This might fit well. Complete chat Overhaul no global chat no nation chat In port: - real time Chat between all present captains is allowed - you can write on the port blackboard to leave a message this message last 2rl days has a total amount of xy letters and just one per captain per each port is allowed. - writing to other captains not located in the same port takes time. Message arrives xy mins after being sent and only when the captain enters any port. But the receiving captain will get a notification that a post ship will arrive soon. In OW: Real time Communication between all captains of the same nation in viewing range is allowed. Everything else is forbidden. In Battle: Same as OW
  14. Dear Devs, I have been playing Naval Action for a week now and have been struck by one deficiency which could be simply corrected. During in-game there have been numerous occasions that other players have replied to my chat messages and comments. However, if they are fighting during my comment and wish to respond to my comment later, it could be 30mins or more after then that they finally reply. Needless to say, the chat log will have moved on quite some distance by then and I have usually missed them. Likewise, I am not always aware if I receive a PM from someone. I thought, rather like Facebook and other such social medias, it might be an idea to have some kind of low lever audible alert whenever the player receives a PM or a response to their chat during play. This would have the benefit of players not having to constantly scan the chat logs for any replies when they would rather be gaming and scanning their respective ocean horizons. However, care should be taken to ensure that the audible alert is not too loud, high pitched or in any other way annoying to the player.
  15. I don't know about the rest of you generals out there. But i for one find a big part of my gaming experience comes from engaging with the community. Asking and answering questions, sharing tips and tricks, discussing different approaches and such and such. For this game tho, i feel it kind of lacking. Sure, there is this forum, and the Steam discussion group. But what i really want is a faster way to communicate, in a group. So, for the last week or so i have been hanging out in the steam-group chat, and what i've noticed is that people come and go pretty quickly. I belive mostly becouse the UI is horrible for steam chat, it's for the most part empty, and it's very intrusive. So, after checking with Col_Kelly he suggest i put up a poll to check if there are more people feeling the way i feel. Go vote people! Would you like a discord or some other chat service?
  16. I do not know if this is already suggested, I could not find any posts. Good day to you captains, I think we should have two national channels, one economy channel (trading etc.) and one for warfare (pb, spotting etc.) The server really needs this to stop the everyday drama that is the national chat, pvp and pve whining about not helping eachother and everything just turns into a salty flaming fest. With two seperate channels there will no longer be players screaming like they're on a market selling their goods through warfare commands and such. - Hornigold
  17. Can you guys have a look at this connection report and see what's wrong? Seems every time i log in after my connection times out Anything related to chat breaks. Repor numbert: NAS-231133
  18. Since Sweden kind of is in a civil war right now the national chat is flooded with clans fighting each other (mostly drunk vs KF). but for the majority that don't care about that the chat is practically unusable right now. this makes it really hard to communicate between the players since the chat is, for the most part, the only way to communicate between random players. its hard to start, for example, a fleethunting group when you cant use the main chat. Therefor i propose a second national chat. in this chat no diplomacy or clan talk is allowed, so its easier to find traders, shipbuilders and groups to hunt with. think it would help the, at least the Swedish community, alot and new players as well where they can ask questions without being called noobs and so on. its actually gotten so bad that people are leaving Sweden because of this. Sry for bad english, Mods has my englishbook
  19. I last was online last night grinding missions and crafting chat was working when i logged off, i came back on today to find i now cant chat in any chat box? some say its a chat ban but for what and why and by who i feel if i have been chat banned i at least should be told why as i have done nothing to justify one. in game name Capt Nathan, eu pvp 1.
  20. i logged in after few days maybe 4 days and suddenly when i try to type it says 'Access to chat has been limited' have i been muted? i dont think i offended someone ._. or its just a bug?
  21. Good morning. It has recently struck me that messages can pass me by in chat, it's difficult to keep track on everything that's going on, and especially then if something is directed at you in the flow of nation chat f.x. My suggestion therefore is: If anyone includes your player name, either by just typing it or if they choose the reply option, the message for the player with that name will be highlighted in a specific, easy spotted color, like cyan or red, alternatively it could also be bold.
  22. I've searched high and low to find a thread like this, but can't seem to and it's such a simple idea somebody must have made a thread before this one. If such is the case, lock this thread while pointing to the real thread please, cheers guys also if this already exists I've yet to find it, I had to take a break around September and came back just as you updated onto steam early access. Shouldn't players be able to create their own group chats, without forming a group? It would be of great help; for example when taking a port and part of the main fleet breaks off to form a scouting and blockade fleet while a port battle is in process. Currently I'm seeing lots of chatter when it comes to port battles in the factional chat windows, which can be used for many things other than PBs. So shouldn't a player be able to open his/her own chat channel and invite other players involved in an operation, a group of friends, etc so they keep the main channels a little less full. Naturally this is not an issue now but if the amount of players per server increase national/factional channels are going to have multiple conversations going on in them, when you could just create a temporary, or permanent chat channel to have a multi-person conversation. There is group chat but it isn't ideal for the reasons discussed above. PS: If I've missed this reach through the screen, bash my head off my keyboard a couple of times and delete the thread. Cheers.
  23. I closed the chat tabs to see if reopening them would fix some lag in a battle, and now I can't even open them again. (My chat box is still open.) How do I do I bring them back? (I'd ask in-game, but obviously I can't if I can't open the help chat tab.) Cheers, Admiral 8Q
  24. I lost my ingame chat. How do I get back Nation/Help/Global? My chat box is there, I just can't seem to open any "chat-rooms" so to speak.
  25. Каналы связи для тестеров: Ventrilo: 1) ru.ventriloservers.biz:3812 (без пароля) Сервер предоставлен разработчиками. На сервере присутствуют в основном русскоязычные тестеры. Teamspeak 3: 1) (без пароля) сервер Калача. Основная альтернатива вентрилы для русскоязычных тестеров 2) (без пароля) сервер Mirones. Данный сервер сейчас основной для всех англоязычных тестеров 3)aphrodite.ts3-serveur.com:20244 (пароль - edr) сервер PIerrick de Badas. Раньше был основным для англоязычных тестеров. Сейчас - запасной аэродром
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