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  1. After today's patch, I can no longer put up a buy contract for less than the current highest bid, therefore eliminating underbids. Was this intended or a bug? Because this will drive inflation (which is already ridiculous in the PvE server) to absurd levels.
  2. WHO in their right mind asked for this? What a terrible idea. I quit this game for months after release wiped everything I had, and now they're effectively soft wiping everything again. Idiotic.
  3. Well, I'm done. I play on the PvE server, and crafting and collecting ships was my main thing. If they are going, I'm going as well. I guess I should've expected this reversal of decision....again. First we were gonna get ships wiped, then Admin said they wouldn't wipe PvE at all because it didn't make sense, and now it's a wipe again... Whatever...bye.
  4. Yup, confirmed. Lost all ships except the ones that were being auctioned or not sold.
  5. Another item I'd like to have a confirmation for is paints. I got a couple of paints off some Deadman's Chests, and I'd like to know if the paints will survive this wipe.
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