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  1. I just tested with the game being focused (i.e. not minimized), and after about 15 minutes (without touching the mouse or keyboard) the game showed the inactivity message but did not ring the ship's bell. There must've been a change, intentional or not, that eliminated the ship's bell sound from the inactivity message. PLEASE, add it back, along with the flashing taskbar icon warning for people sailing with the game minimized. I'm definitely not gonna spend 7 hours looking at a screen without being able to do anything other than moving the mouse.
  2. I have been doing morning trade runs that are pretty long (PvE server). Since they involve 3 hour sailing times for each leg, mostly I minimize the game and go do something else with my time. Normally this goes fine, with the game disconnect bell ringing every so often, I switch back to the game and move the mouse, everything is fine. Beginning yesterday, on the return trip of my morning run, I started getting returned to the main menu without any warning. No bell sounded, no flashing icon on the taskbar. The game simply dumped me back to the main menu with no warning. This is n
  3. I was in the middle of transporting a Seasoning Shed permit....I really hope I don't lose it...
  4. Well, I'm done. I play on the PvE server, and crafting and collecting ships was my main thing. If they are going, I'm going as well. I guess I should've expected this reversal of decision....again. First we were gonna get ships wiped, then Admin said they wouldn't wipe PvE at all because it didn't make sense, and now it's a wipe again... Whatever...bye.
  5. Yup, confirmed. Lost all ships except the ones that were being auctioned or not sold.
  6. Another item I'd like to have a confirmation for is paints. I got a couple of paints off some Deadman's Chests, and I'd like to know if the paints will survive this wipe.
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