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    random fire

    Burn it with fire.
  2. Wer direkt zum ad hominem greift ("Heulsuse") der hat damit automatisch seinen Bankrott erklärt in der Diskussion finde ich. Das CM System ist sehr schlecht, weil wie erwartet die selbe Clanelite (und bevor man mich jetzt auch als Heulsuse einstuft: ich gehöre zu dieser Elite und bin auch Lord wasnichalles und habe Conquest Marks) wie vorher auch alle Ländereien erobert und auf den Pensionen sitzt. Das ist in gewisser Weise schick weil dieselben historischen Spannungen von arm/reich aristokratie/pöbel , die das Zeitalter von Naval Action geprägt haben auch im Spiel auftauchen aber eben sehr schlecht für ein Computerspiel sind, weil dadurch für die meisten Spieler es nicht möglich ist alle Schiffe zu fahren und alles mitzumachen. Es gibt schlichtweg zu wenig CM slots auf dem Server (weniger als 2000, und viele sitzen auf mehr als einem Slot) als das alle Spieler jemals daran teilhaben könnten und das Verhältnis verschlechtert sich immer weiter je mehr Spieler dazukommen (scalability). Es ist mir zuviel "dann sollen sie eben Kuchen essen" dabei wenn Kritik abgebügelt wird. Das stimmt, und grade am Anfang jetzt braucht mach nicht mal grosse Schiffe, aber da fehlt noch die Wahrheit, dass das nicht so bleiben wird, denn die grosse Mehrzahl an Regionen ist nur mit SoLs zu kriegen (wenn sie verteidigt werden) - für die man CMs braucht. Klar gibts auch Shallow PBs aber das sind dann die kleinen Stücke des Kuchens um die sich der Pöbel dann prügeln darf um nach oben zu kommen. Fair is anders.
  3. Will XP we have gained per ship (slot unlocks) stay after release wipe?
  4. Snoopy


    Essex is an excellent knife fighter, it's the 18pd supersized Belle Poule. It outturns the Trinc and can get under her guns - and she has 12pdr on the weatherdeck. In the previous Surprise raking meta it was on of the few heavy Frigates that could cope. But yeah not having chasers is terrible and for a ship that is decent close hauled she has odd tacking behavior - almost feels like a bug but I prefer to think the sailing master messed up and yell at him why we have missed stays .. again.
  5. FWIW Jingles ("high" profile gamer/youtuber of sorts) has mentioned Naval Action two days ago (vid link). One of his videos was what actually brought me into this game during Sea Trials, and since he hasn't said anything about NA in two years his views may be indicative of what many people will think about NA "on first touch" - and it echoes the negative Steam reviews.
  6. Please don't use "arena is in development" when people are talking about problems (imagined or perhaps even real ones) in this game. It makes it evident you ran out of arguments.
  7. Snoopy

    28 ships in PB

    Many people were sitting outside of the port and clicking as fast as they could to get in - race condition?
  8. Keep in mind that insurances are just another word for cheaper ships - they slash ship prices to exactly their cost. For example a 10% fee of the ship's value (like in Elite Dangerous) also mean you have cut ship prices by 9/10. Not that I necessarily mind this, but the current balance of pvp marks etc will take a hit, so it's not something you can do easily.
  9. What is still puzzling to me is how we can scrap a system that was working well enough (loot screen + tp to port) and was announced by the devs on steam as fixing the revenge gank problem (which it did) we end up scrapping all of it, and predictably, get revenge ganking again. No other game forces you to endure corpse camping (without the option to log off!) like this, and no loot screen also means we have to have the irritating loot mechanic in the instance.
  10. I wouldn't mind faster slot unlock items in the premium shop.
  11. I, for one, welcome our new Spanish Overlords. It was their turn.
  12. what's with the font?
  13. I think the system is good - and I'm usually against most types of grind: You can still sail every ship and unlock the most important skill slots so it's not a road block like the "must sail Pavel or else" system we had for a few weeks. Unlocking more slots is only a marginal increase in fighting potential but provides an incentive for long term players to come back to smaller ships and populate the OW with them. It's a one-time grind, a progression. Well hopefully, we don't know what happens when they introduce another ship in the middle of the tree.
  14. As long as raids remain elusive, I'd be all for opening up every port to PBs again.
  15. I'm talking about "it's mathematically impossible for 99% of players to achieve this", not about handing out stuff. Like I said progression is ok, but it has to be achievable by more than a tiny fraction of the player base. You have the same number of pension slots on a server with 100 people and on a server with 100000 people. If you don't see this a problem, then, well, maybe you don't. Why build game content that only very few players will see?
  16. Because you are limiting a good chunk of the content (PBs, SoLs). Why do this artificially? PBs have always been popular without a loot funnel. How about: everyone has to sail first rates, everything else is locked behind marks. And now we limit the availability of these marks to a few slots. Would this be fun?
  17. Clearly, I am an optimist. Otherwise wouldn't have stayed here for so long Conquest Marks and "becoming a lord" as progression is fine, but having finite supply is wrong is all I'm saying. Eventually everyone should be running around in epics.
  18. Then the system is flawed. Servers would have a fixed amount of pension slots, it doesn't scale with population and the vast majority of players will see none of it, maybe the odd payment in Conquest marks by the 1% owning elite. Too much of a Feudal Simulator and breaking the "you can be anything" paradigm of gaming. Who wants to play a serf?
  19. Good system, I think. Pensions wont be awarded twice for a port, no matter how often you defended the place, correct? It seems it's possible to perma-flip a region with a willing ally to get everyone in your nation on the pension list for that port.. abuse or intended? (I'm thinking a good thing to give new players a shot without 'elites' jealously defending their perch) Or will only the last PB determine pension assignments?
  20. Flavor and choices / builds are good, rare modules in the game is just providing an excuse to somebody who lost.
  21. Patch notes are all good, mast thickness/hp++ still needed though (not just tops+topgallant)
  22. Yes you can. If you haven't played yet you have two shots at choosing your nation. before redeeming anything, delete your current char, pick nation after redeeming your stuff you can use the forged paper redeemable. You were given one and you can purchase more at any time - they are not cheap though. Forged papers require you to have a bit of cash to close outposts etc.
  23. Elephant in the room: Will slot unlocks be wiped @release?
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