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  1. Warnings of Black Plague were ignored! Now world will bow before them. (Just Kidding).
  2. For some people it's time consuming. Devs never balance this game. They lean towards people who play for at least 3 hours. So, those who only have 1 hour to play will need months and month to unlock and reach ship perk slots others already have unlocked. This creates very unbalanced world and to make it work for everyone I suggest to add books. So, those who only have hour maybe will find the right book that they need and speed up the process. You can still fight and unlock slots, but we need something that will reduce the time. Every other MMO has it and use it. Also, answer this
  3. And? you will get others books that you can sell and he can trade the ones you need to you if he got 2. Once system settles in it will be nice non stop process of selling and buying books to unlock perk slots. Unless you enjoying this mindless grind. If you think about current gring system and it's purpose, it's designed only to keep people on server. Let's say you did grind 4 weeks in Brig and unlocked everything for Niagara, will you sail Brig ever again? No. This system did not change anything or added any new content to this game unfortunately.
  4. Hi all, I am not going to spend time explaining why grinding each ship to unlock another's slots is just ridiculous, but I will have to say that it can work if Developers add items that would help players speed up the process. I am suggesting to add Books. You will simply read, learn and unlock. It's quite realistic because captains always had a small library on their ships. Capturing another's ship you would discover nice collections from time to time. How it works: Each ship will need 5 rare Books (all tomes) to unlock all slots. Let's call them Weatherworn Books. They will b
  5. Could you possibly add Patch notes link to log in window? something similar to World of Warships launcher thing...would be helpful.
  6. I told you to wipe them last year before they spread, it's too late now
  7. Smelter Structure could be handy but would require limestone. I like the idea. I agree I have couple hundreds sitting without use.
  8. https://www.maptools.com/tutorials/plotting/protractor Here, It's always the best to use land mass. This way you can make corrections, readjust and sail again. Placing end point in the middle of nowhere is risky. For example when hunting ship wrecks I draw the line over the shipwreck icon and try to stay straight on 'red' marker , but still get little error. What I found works best with that is 'Home' free fly camera that will let's you find sunk ship expanding your view range. If it's a long sail error usually can be up to 2 miles (NPC spot distance). 1 inch length on the map = ap
  9. Watch your speed under compass and angle 'with the wind' when it starts moving , at the same time try to keep it nice and optimal. Remember your heading first, then follow wind direction (wind at your back) and always try to follow it as it moves (counter clockwise) and at the same time keep your final destination direction close. Once your ship reaches close haul and you start loosing speed, flip through and readjust your heading to your final destination. P3 in your case (less turning)
  10. Yeah, you have to empty player stock in order to see NPC price. Adding simple history tool would make it much better. Track 30 days of sales. Market needs a lot of work btw. ex.
  11. When in clan activity window would it be possible to add - Player's Name 'Docked in 'Port Name' instead of just 'in port'. Thanks.
  12. If this was illegal then Devs would never allow you to purchase 2 copies. You can't blame anyone, but them for such profitable decision. If you are a customer and you paid $80, you would use every game breaking way to achieve the best output that would benefit you. If game mechanics allows it , you use it (privately).
  13. It's nothing new and this has been used in many other games, for example potbs and was soundly allowed. If you don't break the game it should be fine. By breaking I mean you don't cause massive market shift of PB interruptions etc.. you are simply and privately enhancing your gameplay because you paid double or as we like to call it you are pay2win player.
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