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Found 23 results

  1. I'm not trying to tell Devs what to do with this poll, but rather i want to see what the community thinks. What do you think about adding Multiplayer? For me personally, i would like multiplayer to be implemented because the option to play against someone else on the same terms is just too great compared to AI, especially with game like this, where you can apply your own naval doctrine and design your own ships.
  2. Just 2 simple questions. What do you want the ship designer to be like in the future? (For example, how restrictive do you want part placement to be) And do you feel like the designer will be updated anytime in the near future? For me personally I would want complete freedom for where stuff can be placed on a hull. I could see some players who play this game for more of its realism not being a fan of that so maybe make a setting that controls how much restrictive it is on placing stuff. Sorry for any poor grammar or spelling.
  3. Hi. I have a question about the mechanics of capturing ships that I don't know if it can be done. If I win a boarding, now I only know how to change the main ship, the one I drive, but I want to change another smaller boat that is handled by the fleet AI. For example, my main ship is a Belle Poule and my IA fleet handles a Cerberus, if I win the boarding to a Surprise I want to change the Cerberus AI. Suppose I have the complete fleet and I cannot add another, as is the case, I have to change one. Is this possible to do? How? Thanks. Greetings.
  4. I don't know where to post this so if it is wrong please forgive me... Ì heard that on Twitter there is a Service that informs us about several ongoing Events inside the game. Can someone give me a link to this as I cannot find it. Thank you.
  5. Have the devs said how realistic game is going to be? I've seen posts talking about adding more realistic stuff and others saying the opposite.
  6. So i got the game yesterday after watching a youtube video, and ive been enjoying it thoroughly so far just playing with different parts trying to get trough the academy challenges, however, when i looked at some earlier (concept?)art of this game while browsing info i saw ships with different colors of paint, will this be eventually added into the game, or will we even be able to give our ships a different coat of camouflage (like the dazzle patterns some ships had in WW1) ? Great baseline you already have made for this game, loving the designer, keep up the good work.
  7. I tried to join a Nassau PZ fight by reinforcing the weak side; In this case joining russians being ganked by brits. I guess not many people do try to join the weak side but I'm sure it must happen from time to time when people try to help their friends. The error message is one thing. This can't be the real explanation(?) as I was in a renom. I went into the russian join circle but couldn't click in. Some guy in global chat suggested that a DA-NO guy had joined the brit side and thereby blocking other DA-NO's from joining the opposite side. What is it that I don't understand here?
  8. Just noticed on felix' map. I get that carta brings in cash, but I don't get some of these other net profit port vs. net loss ports. Would someone care to explain... slowly?
  9. I have questions about penetrating mechanics against hull and masts. We have quite a few things to go by: Various admin remarks on forum, patchnotes, damage log, ricochet game visuals along with hit visuals. I don’t remember everything admin has said, nor do I remember every patch note concerning penetration mechanics. What I know: Ball can penetrate planking and do damage (visual) Ball can ricochet off planking and do no damage (visual) Big balls (giggle) will do damage even at acute angles against thin planking (patchnotes) We can observe if ball hits or misses mast. (visual) We don’t know if mast hits deals damage. (same visual for damage and no damage hits) Ball doesn’t richochet off mast (visual). Planking penetration and damage is the easiest to figure out due to informative visuals and a ton of comments made about the mechanics. Fig. 1. It could be this simple. A ricochet angle and a check for pen vs. actual thickness. Fig. 2. It could also be a ricochet angle and a check for pen vs. relative thickness. Fig. 3. There could be a cutoff ricochet angle possibly only overridden by overmatch (big balls vs. thin armor). Then a sector (red to green) where you get partial damage (there was quite a bit of discussion about lodged balls and such). Full damage occurs when ball pen > relative thickness, balls even continue and do damage to various hitboxes, structure and planking on the other side. Then there’s masts… By looking at the visuals; masts seem to be a ten sided approximation of a round log. I have no idea if the hit box looks like that. Fig. 4. We only get a visual confirmation about if we hit or missed the mast, so it’s hard to know what goes on with masts, pen and damage. The masts being round changes how mast thickness vs. ball pen would work and fig. 2 and 3 wouldn’t be realistic. Fig. 5. It could just be a registered hit with a check for pen vs. mast thickness with angles disregarded. Fig. 6. Maybe angle plays a role with ball against masts but there are no visual clues? @admin, you are a busy man so I’ve made pretty pictures for you to go “right” and “wrong” about. Maybe slap on an explanation for the angles involved and overmatch values? It is possible there are others with ideas or insight? We can go even deeper with normalization and damage dependant on exit velocity (splinters), but I doubt it’s relevant.
  10. Hello Everyone. I wanted to tell/ask something. The time frame of ships in-game/that are possible to be in game are ships that are build in 1690-1820. This means we will get lots of 18th century ships , gotta love them. Dont get me wrong , i love 18th century ships , they look awesome , the sailing is amazing. They all have something great. Gotta love those ships. But what i was wondering: Why not make the time frame a little...wider? With this "wider" effect i mean: 17th century ships. Reason: I personally love the 18th century ships , they are awesome in all kinds of ways. They are natural beauties. All kinds of 18th century ship-rates have their own benefit. Its great. But.. as some other people have explained in other Topics , lots of 18th century ships look the same. With this i dont mean the collour , but the design. Example: We got the L'Ocean , beautiful ship , i sailed with it and fought with it , its amazing. Its such a lovely ship. Then theres the Santisima Trinidad , same thing , i love the look of it , its great in battle , lots of cannons , amazing. But here's were my point joins in: the design of both ships is pretty simillair. Again , dont think i dont like the 18th century designs , i think they are amazing. But because they look so simillair and we have lots of those kinds of ships , i would love to see some other kids of designs. This is one of the reasons why i love the 5th rate ship of the line: La Renommee. It has kind of the same design , but the back is way different. And i think its gorgeous. Same thing with The Ingermanland , i love the ship even more because its a different kind of design. Especially in the back. Ofcourse , how a ship looks is not the only thing that matters , how their abilities proof in battle and in sailing is a very import example too. Ofcourse , 18th century ships were more developed , but 17th century ships are good in sailing. Looking at the fact of how a ship reacts on the sea , doesnt really matter in this case. But i would love to see 17th century ships in-game. I will take some examples to show you. Le Soleil Royal (1670) I choose the photo of the back , because the back is were it matters about most in this Topic. Just look at this ship. Its beautiful and very different from the ships we have in game right now. And for those who want a back story , its their too. Back Story: She was build in Brest between 1668 and 1670 by engineer Laurent Hubac. She was launched in 1669 and stayed in Brest harbour for years.She was recommissioned with 112 guns and 1200 men when the Nine years war broke out in 1688 as the flagship of the escadre du Ponant (squadron of the West). She was said to be a good sailing ship and her decorations were amongst the most beautiful and elaborate of all baroque flagships. The emblem of the "sun" had been chosen by Louis XIV as his personal symbol. One more example: Seven Provinces (Zeven Provinciën) 1665-1694 I got the same reason for the photo from the back: Matters the most in this Topic. Just look at her.. she is beautiful. The Seven provinces is my personal favorite ship. She looks stunning , has lots of cannons , and sails like she rules over the seven seas. But thats not all.. she has one hell of a back story too. Back Story: The Seven Provinces was a line ship of 'de Admiraliteit van de Maze' with 80 cannons on board , the name was also writen as: '7 provinciën'. The ship had a lenght of 163 foot and was 43 foot wide , and had a cavity of 16,5 foot. The men were with more then 420. The ship was build in 1664-1665 on admiral site at the 'HaringVliet' of Rotterdam. The builder of the ship was: Salomon Jansz van den Tempel. It began her carreer as flagship of viceadmiraal Aert Jansse Van Ness. After that it became the flag ship of luitenant-admiraal Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter (1666-1674). She fought at 'de Vierdaagse zeeslag' at North Foreland (1666). She also fought at the 'Tweedagse zeeslag' (1666) , and at 'Toch van Chatham' (1667). And in the seccond English war. The ship also fought at 'Slag bij Solebay' (1672) , the 'dubbele slag bij Schooneveld' and at the 'Slag bij Kijkduin' (1673). In 1674 it went on expidition under controll of Admiral Michiel de Ruyter. After the death [ kiling of the Prince of orange] of Admiral michiel de ruyter it became the flag ship of Schout-Bij-Nacht Jan Van Brakel in 1678. In 1691 Johan snellen got the ship under controll. He died the same year on board. It also participated in the English/Dutch fleet in 1691 under the command of Edward Russel. In 1692 it got shot by the french and it caused a leak in the battle of Barfleur en La Hougue , the ship sailed back to port. After that it got sold in 1694. This is the reason i call her... unsikable , because she has never bin sunk . So why not 'wide' the time frame out to the 17th century?
  11. So I recently read an admittedly quite irate review on the steam store page in which the player said that in order to get first rate ships you are required to play PvP as it requires a currency you get in PVP. Is this the case? I was under the impression that you could get a first rate in PVE either by gold purchasing it or by crafting with converted PVE currency?
  12. I would like someone to tell me how you have created these gorgeous 3d models.
  13. Guilty-pleasure-super-edgy Sorry, not sorry. And now, serious face: I remember the idea of the privateer career parallel to the naval career was put forth as ways of playing this game. I just can't remember why the naval career path was cancelled, and I do think I pay attention to the goins on in here. Anyone know or remember? I mean, I can guess that it has something to do with the economy being offended by it. I may be naive, but I'm frantically looking for ways to avoid the eco time sink and the faint memory of the naval career popped up.
  14. Morning everyone. I have a question and a suggestion at the same time. If this is a European pvp server, why updates are made in the middle of the day, why not do it first thing in the morning in the European time zone? Would not it be more convenient to do it on a schedule that would not affect the gameplay of the majority? A greeting to all.
  15. So, as we all know, over the past 3 weeks the devs have conducted 3 special events that give you the opportunity of getting a deadman's chest and the chance of getting one of the new blueprints. However as we know there has been some dissent among the community regarding these events. My personal opinion is that these events are a fantastic idea and were conducted in a "satisfactory" manner (others may disagree). not writing a hate post or anything, but is there any hints that the devs could give that might point a change in the events, or even the dissolution of these events. Thanks:strugs
  16. Hello everyone I´m new in this forum and I have a question about the requirements for download Naval Action. I have a Windows 7 with a 32 bits of OS, could i play this game? I readed in Steam that it requires a 64 bits of OS, but, also it said that 32bit OS versions are possible but not supported. What does this mean? Can I play then or not? I appreciate your assistance.
  17. Is there a way to lock in the speed of free cam movement (the one activated by the "Home" button)? When I go into that mode, the camera movement speed (WASD) is slowest by default, which requires vigorous mouse wheel spinning. Any way to default this to the fastest movement?
  18. Hi, I bought the in the morning ca. 10 am, 23. Jan. And stated playing the same day, on two different servers. The funny thing is some of my friends whom bought the game that day got two redeemable ships, and i did not. I was just wondering if the redeemables just were for some random people, or what. I'am just asking out of curiosity, because it would really be nice have those redeemables, like my other friends. Btw. I just love this game Kind regards.
  19. Hi guys, I want to buy this game but I don't know if it's on mac. I know gaming on mac sucks, I am getting a PC later however I would like to start to play this game on release and not in a few months time. Thanks!
  20. How far have you tinkerers come? Is anyone churning out trincos or connies anytime soon?
  21. These two sail settings give the same speed running with the wind: Is that correct for the fore/aft ships in game? I ask because bermuda rigged modern sailboats get a little extra speed out of splitting the sails to maximize the "barn door" effect, with or without a spinnaker... or so I'm led to believe.
  22. I would just like to know what the different shots do in the game.
  23. Hello, This question might be obvious, and to be truthful I can't remember if I asked this before xD. Will pre-order buyers receive full access to the full release game? (again, if I have asked this before please excuse me for being forgetful) Thanks
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