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  1. Any time after of course. Are you trolling? Let me help you avoid doing it from now on..
  2. 1. Hostility 2. Port battle - Contested state 3. Day after - to set the timer (still invulnerable) You have to set the timer next day after port battle.
  3. if you cant fight then you will definitely be reported for griefing and wasting time.
  4. If you do nothing in that battle you will be probably reported in tribunal. After couple of such empty delaying actions you might lose your rank, because limiting other's gameplay outside of game rules is against steam eula and game rules. Attack and fight. Then try to escape if you can. Thats the only way.
  5. 23 March Escalation of hostilities in Trinidad Stockade with supply of pistols and swords captured by the Chinese instigators. Puerto de Espana Prussian artillery commander Kpt. von Neuendorf wounded.
  6. there will be no - noshows in the new system.
  7. The goal is to give clans a chance to punish those who were hiding behind fake cooldowns. This is not a permanent change. The change in RVR port battle set up will be in coding next week.
  8. next day they can start hostility in 1 day the can have a port battle so 2 days minimum anyway.
  9. Hostility is a working, but flawed mechanic and we found a better solution.
  10. My theory is this Players who do not want to exploit will play as normal Players who do exploit will exploit less because they no longer will be able to hide behind cooldowns Players who are destined to lose the ports will lose them faster as they no longer will be able to hide behind cooldowns Players who want slower RVR will attack less If players really want faster RVR we will see it immediately. Community should not be overreacting to this change, it gives more flexibility and gives tools to punish directly into the hands of nations. Exhaustion is a concern but if we believe in the votes community will not speed up the RVR it will remain slow... On the other hand speed bumps and limits are there for a reason, and if self control is impossible they will be re-implemented and RVR slowed down next week.
  11. it wont work Nation cooldown will not work because you have informal allies and can still exhaust the defender. Asking other nations Clan cooldown within a nation will not work because you can create alt clans and can still create cooldowns deleting and creating clans The possible solution is removing any cooldowns, but making hostility expensive (depending on the target port) and slow. Allowing valid and easy counters and competition. Creating fake port battles would be impossible in such system.
  12. Just agree as a community to focus on the nations that used to create artificial cooldowns. Make them pay. We untied your hands. You are now the tribunal Once you get it out of your system we will have the new ruleset ready. This change is purely done to help you be the judge yourselves.
  13. If the community is strong and survey is truly showing the feelings of the community perhaps you all can honor the cool downs even if they dont exist?? Otherwise what is the point of the survey if nobody is going to honor it until its completely blocked by rules. . The change is perfect to see if you really believe in your survey and will check if your votes will correspond to your actions. We believe in tit for tat. Its when one nation A is nice to nation B if nation B is nice to nation A. But when nation B acts against nation B (betrays for example) Nation A gives immediate punishment. Mutually assured destruction. We believe in our strong community and for some reason strong community only holds developers responsible. Time to hold players and nations who exploit the mechanics responsible. Time to act as a community and show exploiters how it can back fire against them.
  14. Could be a good idea to have no port battles until next patch, but we will run the short cooldown first.
  15. Breaking news 20 March: Chinese laborers on Trinidad who recently arrived from Macao on the British ship "Fortitute" have demanded an improvement to workers condition. Obviously this is happening because of foreign influence and the working conditions could not be better.
  16. You cant punish for allowed mechanics. You can set up a port battle and you can have other priorities on the day of the port battle. You cannot prove its fake even if it was said to be fake. Fake decoy port battles are an allowed mechanics. But - we know people started using them to stop attacks and with front line mechanics it can block RVR completely to a certain direction. As a result the cool-downs for next attack is no longer 2 days.
  17. I agree - New port battle creation will be the way better. But right now i do not want and do not like nations hiding behind 2 day cool downs because their friends pressed a couple of buttons in an empty hostility mission. Additional changes will be done to hostility generation and entry but this needs work and more testing.
  18. Nations who used fake battles to create cooldowns have called this upon themselves. Thank them for this. RVR will only become better as a result.
  19. Timers? You can set the timer at any time.
  20. There will be no cool-downs until we create an alternative to free for all hostility missions. This is the only way as we are not planning to waste time on cool=down tribunals, we better code the solution. You are allowed to set the hostility and you are allowed to not come to port battle if you want currently. Its not against the rules. Cooldowns are useless with current implementation. ps. Open battle ROE for example were not accepted initially by many and surveys did show that. But they were all wrong. Frontlines should be a hotbed of activity meanwhile.
  21. Cool-down on attacking and defending port battles temporarily removed!
  22. Auction system or a combat mark payment system will be implemented in a short time. Clan alliance long cool downs will be estimated and if not long to implement will be added removing any need for general cooldowns.
  23. cool downs will be removed until a better rule is found and hotfixed.
  24. no. We are working on the update though and expect it to be delivered in March.
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