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  1. It is better now that it was before from my point of view. Players try to help each other out in OW and that is a good thing. The instant close battles was a game breaker. We could not help, so we did not care. I think the battle should be open for 3 minutes. But to long is better than to short. I also miss the big drag circle.. That made more sense to me at least.
  2. Yes.
  3. I like that they removed it. It was to easy. But I think we need the ability the put to points on the map, and make a line between them and get a course out of it with a compass. Until we get that, burning sails is back in business I guess
  4. Clan's where not deleted. So we are still stuck with an old clan leader that does not play anymore..
  5. We where in a Spanish region and looking for spanish fleets outside Ponce . The issue is that we got bored some times, so we attacked at least two British fleets while waiting for reports on spanish fleets in the region. So I can't really say for sure, but it dropped for two of us. So I'm sure it dropped from a spanish fleet at least once. So I'm confident it is random drop as usual. I remember that I got the Copper plating Permanent upgrade from a British ship. I also got expert carpenter (5%) and rum rations (10% reload), but they would not stick to the upgrade slot on any of my ships. So suspect it' was just old stuff resurfacing.. Then I accidentally tried the copper plating on the Victory perm slots after all the others refused to stay put, and that one stuck! 6% speed bonus on a Vic..
  6. I thought I should search before I posted it, but yes! Just for OW give me closed gun hatches. This is a minor detail and I get that it is not a priority at this point, but some where down the line please add it. When I see ships without cannons at all it looks so wrong and at the same time a bit stupid that we are sailing with the cannons sticking out all the time. It might improve the OW fps also.
  7. I'm putting my money on Thursday 09.00 server time, + maintenance. So 09.30 server time..
  8. Santo Domingo can be very funny. It has hidden shallows in it. A danish player got stuck in the beginning of the PB and was there all the way to the end. That should have been a very bad thing for us to lose a ship so early. But the British in their infinite wisdom decided to send two players after him. Either to kill or probably board him.. And then they both got stuck out there. So it all worked out.. We all agreed that it was in the nations best interest never to forget what heroics happend that day, so just have to @Fenris.
  9. testbed

    Raising hostility is more difficult than it used to be. We have tried raising hostility in two different 1. rate regions and we are currently doing a 4. rate region. There is no point bringing more than 3-5 players in big ships, because there are not enough AI fleets from the correct nation there to attack. So we need more AI fleets from the right nation and bigger variation in size. I also think every single region should have a massive AI fleet of 25 ships, rateed according to the PB type in the region. So there at least a reason to organize a larger group. If defenders see the hostility increasing, they might come to counter grind the hostility so there is a small chance that you get PvP. But seriously counter grinding hostility by doing PvE should not be an option!!! Players doing that should have their characther transferred over to the PvE server. Only way to counter grind hostility should be PvP IMO. And I think this deserves some thought. also. We will be sailing around looking for AI fleets withing the region. A lot of waiting in OW and the AI is faster now so you might not be able to catch up with all. So if players sailing around in a enemy region would slowly effect the hostility it would help a lot, and it is logical. And it might prevent players from raging after not seeing a single AI fleet from the right nation for 30+ minutes..
  10. It's the usual Danish luck and because the devs loves us they gave us a secret fishing spot. We just sit in the green zone outside Christiansted and fish, and some times we get refit as drop. I strongly recommend you all to come on test my secret fishing spot. Right in front of CS. You need to sit very close to the port, just in the middle of the two forts and right in front of the tower. And because it's danish it will only work if you are sailing a SOL. The bigger the ship is, the better the drop ratio gets. Warning to US citizens, this is a bad joke! If the sail over to CS is to long you could try looting enemy AI warships. The drop ratio is not as good as my secret fishing spot..
  11. That is a brilliant idea! And not just because I have been thinking the same I wanted it to rise it a lot faster, but slow and steady just by being in a region is better I think and gives defender more time react. Then traders and warships just passing through a region would help. And players raising hostility can just sit there and wait for defenders to show up for some PvP. To speed things up/pass the time attacking AI fleets could is still be an option. But the main reason why I have not posted it as a suggestion is because I'm not sure what the plan is for the hostility system . Will it stay ingame? Will raids effect hostility? I like the hostility system it just lacks the possibility for PvP. Entering instant closing missions was not a good solution, but the missions are gone and the battles stay open for 5 minutes. So it forces us to sail around in OW more to look for fleets and when we enter a battle, defenders have time to join..
  12. No way man! I'm not allowed by the danish crown to share classified information like that with other potentially enemy nations! Except for the swedish and the French. Maybe also the spanish, because the spanish are cool. If we go back in time we also used to liked the pirates end even the Americans! So as long as nobody tells the British about this, then I guess it's okay..
  13. Neeh, to much effort. Need to gather resources and craft ships now
  14. Will the current hostility grinding system be "it"? Or will it be changed some how in the future? Because right now it is painfull to grind hostility on the test bed. Each region has about 3-4 small fleets in the 300-800 br range. At least in San Jouan and Ponce regions. In the Road Town region there was a larger AI fleet to attack (1400+ BR), but it is still boring after two times. So more variation would help a lot. There is no point in organizing a larger group of players because there is so few fleets from the right nation there to attack. Would be nice if each region has at least had one oversized fleet patroling the area, that would require a "national effort" to sink. Then larger groups might prove more effective. Now it better to just be 3-4 players splitting up and attack what we can find.
  15. It's like having a perk for making your ship float. It is logical that you can't magically disappear in a cloud of smoke in the middle of the battle. You are argumentting for keeping and unrealistic game mechanic.