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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Beautiful Screenshots and Videos


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pictures of my recreation of Bismarck from a few months ago. 


Ai ship that gave me one hell of a fight. 


And a image of a british cruiser going supernova at the start of my latest campaign, I really like the way the sun and the glowing from the flash fire look inside the smoke. 

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While watching the action of battles in my campaign, I have noticed that a lot of work has gone into animations of ships sinking,  Also ships that suffer catastrophic damage from ammunition explosions.  I don't get to see the ammunition explosions often, they occur mostly toships I'm not following closely.

It would be nice to have a playback or rewind function to watch some of these events.

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18 hours ago, Marshall99 said:

It seems that I can't attach any pictures. I tried linkpicture, imgbb, files.fm. But non of these work

Try this very easy method.

- sign up on Imgur

- upload the images you want to Imgur.


You will NOT CREATE A DIRECT LINK, instead you will do this simple thing:

- right-click the image you have uploaded

- choose open image on new tab

- copy the image adress from the new tab and paste here in the comment as a simple text.


*NOTE: if you see "blob" or something similar in the image adress is because it is not available yet in the servers. In this case, just close the tab and open again the image on a new tab.

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Some new pictures from the new 1.3 update

them storms make for some epic backdrops

SMS Baden founders in heavy seas as an unknown leviathan looms in the distance.


USS Leviathan reveals itself from the mist to annihilate a hapless German battleship, SMS Wittelsbach.


SMS Tirpitz moving to intercept the Leviathan, in what would be its final engagement


SMS Geneisenau illuminates the night sky with a gigantic explosion after Leviathan detonated its fore powder stores


The Leviathan finally succumbs to its wounds and slips beneath the waves after sending Baden, Wittelsbach, Tirpitz, Geneisenau,  and countless other vessels to Davy Jones' locker. 

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9 hours ago, PhoenixLP44 said:

what is this ship. how much file editing did you do. 

He applied the transport hull to a German BC I guess. Increased the hull size and also added more sections. It is all done inside the "parts" file.

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