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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Beautiful Screenshots and Videos


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How do you like my interpretation of Super Yamato?

4x20 inch guns, 10 long lances on each side, 6 triple barrel 8 inch guns, 6 triple barrel 5 inch mounts, 6 triple 4 inch mounts, 30 triple 3 inch mounts, 96,000t, 27.7 knots, 21 inches of belt and turret armor, 2583 crew, the best range finder and radar (can't remember what they're called)

Screenshot (719).png

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I've made a custom battle between KMS Scharnhorst and HMS Repulse. Although I must admit das neither ship is 100% accuarte due to restrictions in the game as well as weight offset. I needed to fit Repulse with addional 6' guns cause she was to front heavy. Scharnhorst has some incurasy with the secondary battery due to 1930s gun tech aswell as the wrong super structure since we only have the Bismarck-Class Super Struc.  


In the end Repulse was chased down by Scharnhorst, which suprised me since I thought Repulse would gun down Scharnhorst from range. 

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A couple of "What ifs":

A possible look for the Bismarck and the Gneisenau if All or nothing armours were had never been designed, and 1930s BBS would have still used classic dreadnought hulls.



Ships have the same displacement and top speed as their real life counterparts.

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managed to squeeze 8 19" guns, 20" belt, 9" deck, 21" sides and 12" tops for the turrets, and 30 knots on 81730 tons1myduc.png




quad version, really don't like its look that much but the main turrets can actually shoot, would love to see the devs add correct turret models.


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