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  1. As someone that works in this industry (game dev) I can attest that it's often a mixed bag with regards to who or what (IG) has acquired your current employer. At the end of the day Stillfront will be calling the shots, adjusting operational structures, and developing new strategies as they see fit. The Stillfront business model is typical of these IG's though. And by that I mean its grotesque. From their (QuEC) website. Can't get over them spelling hobby wrong...
  2. That's pretty disheartening right there.
  3. It's in the f&#kin' dev diaries, guy. From the initial posts way, way back. The entire concept of the game was designing ships how you want, from stem to stern, towers to masts, beams to berms, all of it. The fact that you're completely ignorant of the initial concept of the games design makes your entire diatribe utterly moot. Though feel free to go back and do a tad, remote, and or minuscule amount of research on what the game was initially envisioned to be. EDIT - My previous point stands regardless of your uninformed post.
  4. 1. Apparently your reading comprehension is horrendous. 2. Because the original premise of the game was to design anything you want however you want. Given that this system was abandoned due to the AI's inability to use it properly, it only makes sense to provide hulls, towers, etc that aren't completely historical. Hell, that was the initial vision of the game to begin with. Typical pedantic response. Sure, you got right on that. And you disproved nothing in my initial post. Precious time isn't needed. These hulls are already there, many of which could be consid
  5. I know that the original premise of the game of design whatever you want however you want was abandoned due to AI issues, being that it (AI) couldn't design ships properly. I understand why you've opted for the current system in use. That said, this shift in focusing only on historical hulls, towers, secondary towers, funnels, etc etc, removes player choice in the design of their vessels and limits them to prescribed ship designs that were available at the time by nation by year. For a game that's eventually supposed to be a grand campaign sandbox of naval warfare, a game where the player
  6. My HMS Hermes design. Very practical, very below the keel 50K ton design. The aft weight offset has been compensated for via offsetting the stern armor sections. Shes a tad bit weak back there but still good to go. Her 15in main guns are a foreboding sight. 20' belt armor deflects a round. Amazing armor pen and deflection sim. BREAK Welcome to the KMS Waffen Waffles. A beast amongst beasts! A tiny, shorty, squeaky, 35K ton BC with guns far too
  7. As much as I enjoy the game, you're only doing yourselves a disservice as a developer having trailers that are no longer representative of the product in its current and future form. Things like this need to go.
  8. I'd rather have them in their current form, that being abstracted, personally speaking.
  9. Absolutely loving the Alpha, that said I'd like to suggest some minor and easily implemented features. 1.) A zoom component for the camera. Something similar to the FoV feature available in Arma 3's splendid camera whereby you can adjust the camera lens to be zoomed in and out. Perhaps using the plus and minus keys on the numpad. 2.) Manual quitting at the conclusion of a battle as opposed to being automatically exited. Maybe I wanna roam around and take some screenshots or watch that last ship slip beneath the sea. I have a few more however, I feel these are the ones I'd love
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